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"Suggest" and "archive" both link here. Take care to add names under the correct heading!

  • This section is intended to identify extraordinarily influential or interesting citizens.
    • Before even thinking about suggesting some page, you need to check that the page doesn't have any notices on it and it's nice enough to have a link from the main page (if the page is poor, no matter how known person is the suggestion will be rejected)
  • Feel free to suggest yourself, but adding yourself directly is not considered a valid method of becoming a member of this group.
  • When suggesting you are encouraged to explain your reasoning as it will help in the addition process.
  • The Uber Editor and Wiki Admin teams will examine suggestions and add them to the added list.


  1. Mr Woldy
  2. Calvacanti
  3. Ahsan Shahbaz
  4. Pheenic
  5. Irenfrea
  6. Gobba
  7. Meiko
  8. Jelly9473
  9. Vincent Truglia
  10. Benn Dover
  11. Karl Khan
  12. Hassan Pesaran
  13. Grgo
  14. EternalFlameOfFreedom
  15. SpeedKing
  16. Clevinger
  17. Jewitt
  18. Daniel Thorrold
  19. Lonestar
  20. Ano
  21. Hammas Amer
  22. Timeoin
  23. Blazix
  24. Jude Connors
  25. Mikhail Alexander
  26. Heero Blaze
  27. Joachim von Bremen
  28. Quicksilver
  29. Emerick


  1. George Lemnaru - Game admin and his page is very funny. Good for humour one day ;)
  2. Ryoushi - A well-written history of a minor player in the eRepublik world.(S)
  3. Rachsuchtig - A citizen who has proved that effort leads to many successes.(S)
  4. Emorfion - Israeli citizen. Acted as the main part of major conflicts of the Middle East War. Faught for Israel, UAE and Egypt. He was first Israeli to have peace talks with the eRepublik Arabs after the adding of the Arab states, and the influence of TAGE.(S)
  5. Daniel Parker Former CP and last person to wear the title Prime Minister in the Netherlands.
  6. Ipath - Former CP, Game Mod etc read more at wiki page :P
  7. Monsieur Guillontine - Rising politician in Belgium, has done a lot for the community and is one of the few active members in Belgium. (S)


(S) = Suggested self (A) = Added self

Rejected biographies