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Cavalcanti (aka Cav) was a Brazilian journalist and former President of Brazil. He was internationally known by his newspaper articles. Cavalcanti was a citizen born in Northeast of Brazil, on 30 March 2008. He started his political activity in Comando Brasileiro party, one of the biggest parties of that time. In his early months, he spent his life just working, training and eventually voting, without any political activity.

On 21 June, he created a newspaper called O Hoje (The Today in Portuguese), where he started writing informational articles and curiosities about the New World. Later, he wrote several articles more focused on national and international politics. On July, he left Comando Brasileiro, at the time a small party with no more representation in the Congress, and joined the USB. On August Cavalcanti ran for Mayor of Salvador, capital of Northeast of Brazil, supported by the USB party. The election result was very tight and Cavalcanti lost the election by 23-22 to Gabriel Meflusar… (More..)