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Ano was born in Indonesia and was a 2 clicker for a long time. With the introduction of Serbia, he became more active player. After occupation of Serbia by Croatia, Ano turned from a civilian into a soldier. He served 1 month (May 2009.) as a soldier of 1st battalion of 1st brigade in Army of eSerbia.

Next month (June 2009.) he was appointed as Commander of the 5th brigade in Army of eSerbia. On the 15th of June Serbia TO-ed Croatian party Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka and renamed it to Srpska Demokratska Stranka. It was a start of a TO which was finally made on the 25th of June. Serbians and Hungarians won the majority of Croatian congress and ruined the country. Fifth brigade voted on the both elections and their commander was a congress candidate also (was not elected)… (More…)