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Emerick was a prominent American who lived for over two years. During his time with us, he was a popular writer, a statesman, a senator, a president, and finally, a legend. As a writer, he interviewed the movers and shakers in the early era of eRepublik- people such as Nave Saikiliah and Alucard Bloodlust. As a statesman, he oversaw the early days of ATLANTIS and the entirety of Operation: French Toast. As a senator, he was a respected member of the community who advocated a more streamlined and less bureaucratic government. As president, he led the charge against PEACE GC's invasion of the United States in the Great War of 2009. And as a legend, he saved America's souls by being the driving force behind bringing Dioism to America. President Woxan's announcement that America was accepting Dioism. … (More…)