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Ahsan Shahbaz was a citizen of Pakistan, a famous Pakistani Politician and Former President of Pakistan. He was Former Vice President of Pakistani Republic Party, and former President of Pakistan Democratic Coalition. During his early days, he was Party Vice President and member of the Pakistani Republic Party. Ahsan Shahbaz was credited for the alliance between Diamond is Unbreakable (later known as Vento Aureo) and Pakistan Democratic Coalition. On 5th November 2009, he was appointed as the Secretary of State in the cabinet of Pakistani President Glade. On 5th December 2009, he was again appointed as Secretary of State, before he went on pilgrimage and took a break from active politics.

During BGBW's term as President, Ahsan Shahbaz decided to take a break from the world of Politics and went on Pilgrimage for sometime in the Northern Mountains of NWFP Region of Pakistan. He, however, returned back from Pilgrimage as a changed man. On his return, President Pak_Land greeted him with joy. Many Pakistanis Believe that it is due to his pilgrimage that Pak_Land was elected as president. (More...)