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Welcome to the Military Portal

This page is still in it's early stages, but in the future, lots of things are going to be added! For now, leave any comments or suggestions on the talk page to make this portal as good as possible!
Map courtesy of Gobba
AustraliaAustraliaIndonesiaPhilippinesMalaysiaThailandIndonesiaIndonesiaSouth AfricaJapanIndiaIndiaCanadaUnited StatesVenezuelaBrazilArgentinaChileUnited KingdomIrelandPortugalSpainFranceNetherlandsBelgiumGermanyCzech RepublicSlovakiaPolandNorwaySwedenNorwayFinlandRussiaTurkeyIsraelGreeceCroatiaBulgariaSerbiaItalyAustriaHungaryIranRussiaNorwayNorwayNorwayChinaPakistanPakistanIranIranIranIndonesiaSingaporeSwitzerlandSouth KoreaDenmarkUnited StatesBosnia and HerzegovinaRussiaIndonesiaRomaniaMexicoMexicoAlliance map of The New World
EDEN (Erepublik Defence & Economy Network) is a military alliance consisting of twelve (12) countries and popularly accepted as the successor to ATLANTIS due to its high concentration of former ATLANTIS members and its inherited anti-PEACE sentiments.
Phoenix is a military alliance created on the 4th of December 2009. It was originally founded by fifteen countries, all of which were former PEACE GC members. PHOENIX was thrust into WWIV almost immediately after its creation.

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Selected Article
Resistance wars are wars started in conquered regions in order to liberate them from the occupying nation's control. If you are in a region that doesn't belong to it's original country, you may start a Resistance War if you have fought in the past and have the amount of gold required.

Resistance Wars may only be fought by citizens currently located in that region, and the defending country's alliances are not activated. (More...)

Selected Biography

Blink-az was an Indonesian citizen, he was an infamous tank. He was regarded as one of the strongest tanks in the history of the new world. He was the first Indonesian to reach the rank of Field Marshal. He is now dead as he was permanently banned by the administrators of the game (More...)

Selected Picture
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Soldiers are often left in eager anticipation as the proposal timer ticks down to midnight.

Made by Bong.

Did you know?
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  • ...that there are wars going on right now? Now is the best time to test your might and gain battle experience!
Selected War

The ATLANTEAN-French War, colloquially known as World War II, was a global military conflict which involved a majority of the world's nation between ATLANTIS and PEACE members. The war is remarkable for being the second instance of multiple war declarations on the same country.

The starting date of the war was on December 7th, 2008 when Spain declared war on all PEACE countries, but the war started after USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden declared war on France. (More...)


S = B × 2

  • S: the trainee's strength gain
  • B: the trainee's bonus received from training, where s is their strength:
    • If 0 ≤ s < 1, then B = 0.50
    • If 1 ≤ s < 2, then B = 0.25
    • If 2 ≤ s < 3, then B = 0.10
    • If 3 ≤ s < 4, then B = 0.05
    • If s ≥ 4, then B = 0.02

F = Q × R × S × W × 2

  • F: the soldier's force
  • Q: the quality of the soldier's weapon:
    • If the soldier has a weapon, then Q = 1 + (Quality ÷ 5)
    • If the soldier has no weapon, then Q = 12
  • R: the soldier's rank (1 + (Rank ÷ 5))
  • S: the soldier's strength
  • W: the soldier's wellness factor (W = 1 + [Wellness - 25] ÷ 100) )

To-Do List
There are plenty of things that you can do to improve the Wiki's military coverage. For example: (More...)
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