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Here, I am going to try and amass as much data as possible to add to the portal. Anyone and everyone is welcome to make suggestions and add useful information. Cheers.

Alliance Map

AustraliaAustraliaIndonesiaPhilippinesMalaysiaThailandIndonesiaIndonesiaSouth AfricaJapanIndiaIndiaCanadaUnited StatesVenezuelaBrazilArgentinaChileUnited KingdomIrelandPortugalSpainFranceNetherlandsBelgiumGermanyCzech RepublicSlovakiaPolandNorwaySwedenNorwayFinlandRussiaTurkeyIsraelGreeceCroatiaBulgariaSerbiaItalyAustriaHungaryIranRussiaNorwayNorwayNorwayChinaPakistanPakistanIranIranIranIndonesiaSingaporeSwitzerlandSouth KoreaDenmarkUnited StatesBosnia and HerzegovinaRussiaIndonesiaRomaniaMexicoMexicoAlliance map of The New World
Map Legend (Taken from WikiProject Maps)
Color Colorimetry ( hex / RGB )      Used for
R:0 G:0 B:0

Label colour
R:160 G:128 B:112

  Major political borders. Country, state, and province borders.
Light brown
R:208 G:192 B:160

  Other minor political borders.
Light yellow
R:255 G:255 B:208

  Territory of interest (or one of four choices for four-colour maps).
R:247 G:211 B:170

  Surrounding territories.
Medm blue
R:158 G:199 B:243

  Bodies of water, oceans or lakes.
R:24 G:33 B:222

  Lake or ocean's coasts, rivers, if necessary.
R:0 G:0 B:66

  Primary color for ATLANTIS territories.
R:150 G:150 B:255

  Secondary color for ATLANTIS borders.
R:47 G:115 B:180

  Primary color for PEACE territories.
R:255 G:255 B:255

  Secondary color for PEACE borders.

Alliance members


Icon-eRepublik.png Neutral




This formula calculates the strength increase (S) received through training.

S = B × 2

  • B: the bonus received from training, where s is the trainee's current strength:
    • If 0 ≤ s < 1, then B = 0.50
    • If 1 ≤ s < 2, then B = 0.25
    • If 2 ≤ s < 3, then B = 0.10
    • If 3 ≤ s < 4, then B = 0.05
    • If s ≥ 4, then B = 0.02


This formula calculates the force (F) a soldier has when fighting against both wars and resistance wars.

F = Q × R × S × W × 2

  • Q: the quality of the soldier's weapon:
    • If the soldier has a weapon, then Q = 1 + (Weapon quality ÷ 5)
    • If the soldier has no weapon, then Q = 12
  • R: the soldier's rank (1 + (Rank level ÷ 5))
  • S: the soldier's strength
  • W: the soldier's wellness influence (W = 1 + ( [Wellness - 25] ÷ 100) )


Selected Pages

These are my current choices. If you think these should be changed or rearranged, let me know.
Possible Additions
  1. John Daker/Mosheninkov/Nicolae Carpathia - The founder and first Secretary-General of PEACE
  2. Victor Petrescu - Current record-holder of political takeovers
  3. DKN - Major strategist and wartime president of Germany
  • Wars
    1. USA-Canada War - First war where foreign countries played the largest role
    2. World War I - First major war between PEACE and ATLANTIS
    3. World War II - Second war where multiple countries attacked a single country
    4. Romania-Indonesia War (Or World War III) - War between the game's two largest empires of the two alliances
    5. UK-Belgium War - First instance of a merger and often thought to be the first takeover, coined the slang Belgiuming
Possible Additions
  1. France-Switzerland War - First war where two countries attacked the same country
  2. Ibero-American War - First war stopped by "blocking" and a famously unprepared takeover
  3. Pakistan-Iran War, Pakistan-Indonesia War - First[?] instance of wars used to strategically rearrange countries' regions
  • Did You Know?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E