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Your strength represents your fighting ability in eRepublik. In order to be an effective soldier, you will need to train on a daily basis to keep in shape.

When fighting in a war, your strength is the fundamental factor that determines the amount of damage you inflict upon your enemies. It is multiplied by your weapon's quality, your wellness, and then doubled as a bonus. (More...)


Using a weapon will improve the damage given to your opponents during war. When fighting barehanded, you can only do half as much damage as you normally would, so it is wise to carry a weapon of as high of quality possible into the battlefield.

The damage you deal will increase as the quality of your weapon increases. Also, every fight consumes the highest quality weapon that you have in your inventory. (More...)


Hospitals are needed in regions in order to heal soldiers after they fight.

After you fight for the first time in a day, the Battlefield will display the "Hospital" button, which will direct you to the region page. Hospitals can only be purchased with the proposal of the president of the country and with Congressional approval. (More...)


Resistance wars are wars started in conquered regions in order to liberate them from the occupying nation's control. If you are in a region that doesn't belong to it's original country, you may start a Resistance War if you have fought in the past and have the amount of gold required.

Resistance Wars may only be fought by citizens currently located in that region, and the defending country's alliances are not activated. (More...)


A Political takeover or coup is when a highly organized group from a densely populated country moves into a separate country gains political power by out numbering other citizens in an election.

Takeovers are usually done to gain the presidency during the General Elections, but are also done to gain political parties and the majority of congress. (More...)