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Top Priorities

Master List

Portal Layout

  • Ask the Wigs for their opinion on how the page should be styled
  • Figure out how to color the Portal namespace in a manner similar to MediaWiki's Help namespace

Portal Sections

  • Write a friendlier introduction that sums up the purpose of the page
  • Add an explanation of the Military aspect of the game
  • Add a brief definition of wars and resistance wars
  • Look for a solution to possibly shrink the size
  • Write a tutorial for updating imagemaps
  • Make an imagemap of Europe
  • Create imagemaps of individual countries
  • Make the World imagemap and Europe imagemap link to individual country imagemaps
  • Correct the formula once the replacement for trivia is implemented

Selected Content

Portal:Military/Selected Articles
  1. Portal:Military/Selected Article/1
  2. Portal:Military/Selected Article/2
  3. Portal:Military/Selected Article/3
  4. Portal:Military/Selected Article/4
  5. Portal:Military/Selected Article/5
Portal:Military/Selected Pictures
  1. Portal:Military/Selected Picture/1
    • A
  2. Portal:Military/Selected Picture/2
    • B
  3. Portal:Military/Selected Picture/3
    • C
  4. Portal:Military/Selected Picture/4
    • D
  5. Portal:Military/Selected Picture/5
    • E
Portal:Military/Selected Biographies
  1. Portal:Military/Selected Biography/1
    • Cicero - Reported to be the first tank
  2. Portal:Military/Selected Biography/2
  3. Portal:Military/Selected Biography/3
    • zocky - One of the most famous strategists
  4. Portal:Military/Selected Biography/4
    • blink-az - A permanently banned infamous tank, purported to be the strongest
  5. Portal:Military/Selected Biography/5
    • Jemtlandica/Misho - A particularly loud tank and strategist
Portal:Military/Did you know
  1. Portal:Military/Did you know/1
    • A
  2. Portal:Military/Did you know/2
    • B
  3. Portal:Military/Did you know/3
    • C
  4. Portal:Military/Did you know/4
    • D
  5. Portal:Military/Did you know/5
    • E
  1. Portal:Military/Wars/1
    • USA-Canada War - First war where foreign countries played the largest role
  2. Portal:Military/Wars/2
  3. Portal:Military/Wars/3
    • World War II - Second war where multiple countries attacked a single country
  4. Portal:Military/Wars/4
    • Romania-Indonesia War (Or World War III) - War between the game's two largest empires of the two alliances
  5. Portal:Military/Wars/5

And that's the current list. Any questions? - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 16:30, 11 March 2009 (UTC)