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Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It borders Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, Romania and Russia. It's capital is Warszawa.

Its cores are: Mazovia (capital), Little Poland, Mazuria, Great Poland, Pomerania and Silesia.
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Partia Wolnych Ludzi is a political party in Poland.

It is still the biggest party in Poland, although not the strongest in Polish Parliament. PWL history began at the beginning of our independence. It was founded by BuzzY in the early days after Poland regained its independence.

From the very beginning, PWL had one idea, freedom.
Current Government
President: Rapaport

Prime Minister: kamysje

Governor: Iroh89

Minister of Defense: Kasia59

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kherehabath

Minister of Education: Hormonek
Selected picture
Polish Parliment.jpg Polish parliament during voting. It is placed in Warszawa centre
Did you know?
Congress of Poland does not always has only 5 parties?
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