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Welcome to the eSerbian Portal

Selected picture

Flagball of Serbia.


Did you know?
*eSerbia was added to eRepublik on 11th February 2009 as the 50th country in eRepublik.
  • eSerbia has population more than 20.000 players.

World News

  • Belarus has been deleted from the world map by the ABC alliance.
  • Poland took the victory over twelve regions of France.
  • Spain conquered Paris.
  • On day 1,242 the ONE alliance is controlling over 60 regions.
Selected biography

Lipec is a citizen of Serbia. He has been President of Serbia for four terms. He plays a big role in the Serbian community.

Lipec was a member of the Sacuvajmo eSrbiju.

Lipec owns the newspaper Sr. Bin.

Lipec has received 8 Media Mogul achievements. Read more here...

Local News

To Do List
Keeping update the Serbian pages. Translate all the eRepublik wiki articles to Serbian.