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Welcome to the United Kingdom Portal

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Top Tips
We know eRepublik can be daunting, but help is out there!
  • Check out what government support schemes you can take advantage of here!
  • Our biggest recommendation for new players is to find us on Discord, where you can converse with fellow citizens and easily find support!
  • Joining a Party or Military Unit will also put you in contact with a community and people to help.
  • The UK has lots of material on how to play eRep, including a tutorial here
  • Remember, the best way to find support is to ask! The UK has mentors, you can pick one from the eUK mentoring hub
Selected biography
Citizen5860424 v2.png

FragUK is a fighter in the United Kingdom, where he is the player with the most experience points. (More...)

From the Archives...
*The Home Office regular news update sheds light on government structure, and helpful information for newer citizens to stay happy and healthy and get involved in the eUK.
  • The Ministry of Defence Public Orders paper displays daily military orders for citizens of the United Kingdom, aswell as information on how to join the British Army
  • Mr Woldy's newspaper, the Peoples' Gazette contains a plethora of humorous, informative and varied articles by the great eUKer - a good read whenever he publishes!
Calendar Events

There are three dates to add to your Diary when it comes to participating in Democracy in eRepublik!

  • Party President elections take place across the eWorld on the 15th of each month.
  • Congress elections take place on the 25th of each month.
Only members of a party will vote in Party President elections, whereas every citizen will be asked to vote in other elections. For further information on what these roles do, check out the Politics page and for info on what rules we use to fill the gaps in game mechanics, check out the List of laws of the United Kingdom.
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Did you know?
From Erepublik Wiki's newest articles:
  • ...that the United Kingdom is one of the largest countries based on population?
  • ...that the United Kingdom has only attacked another country on two occasions, them being Icon-France.png France during Operation French Toast and Icon-Ireland.png Ireland due to the Nitnaa Agreement?
  • ...that the United Kingdom has its own forums which is the place the entire community meets, found at this link?
  • ...that in the United Kingdom, the Country President is usually referred to as Prime Minister on the forums and in-game?
  • ...that the United Kingdom Armed Forces are divided into three branches, namely Royal Guards, The Royal Navy and the Special Forces?