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Judazs won for the second time the elections and is the President of Portugal. A new party managed to get in the Congress. Their name is Partido Renovador Democrático (PRD). Because of this PDS lost his position in the Congress.


Judazs won for the first time the elections and becomes the new President of Portugal. Judazs is now the leader of Partido Deixa Andar (PDA). Judazs was in charge of PReC but he decided to join PDA because PDA and PReC have the same political "direction" (far-left) but mainly because PHuSiOn9 wasn't in the main seats of PDA.

This month was complicated for Portugal. Admin decided to put a limit to the amount of currency printed and deleted more than 3 Billions PTE from government accounts which made huge damages to the Economy of Portugal and resulted in an change to the Tax system. From a really long time Portugal was almost a free tax country. Due to this new rule Portugal had to put the VAT tax to 50%, Import Tax 1% and Income Tax to 5% (in September 20th Judazs changed these taxes).

Because of this Judazs wrote Open Letter to Admin which motivated a lot of Portuguese people to spam the forums to alert the admin. Some users were banned for spamming. But the most important thing is that this situation united a lot of Portuguese users.


Socrates won this month and he is the new President of Portugal. He had already been a President before (in January 2008). Socrates succeeds Alister after he said in his journal that he wouldn't run again as the President of Portugal. The elections this month were strange. For the first time a candidate is banned. The candidate of NRB, Curius Nerva, was in 2nd place in the elections dispute. On the elections day many citizens were born and voted. Most of them voted for the NRB. In the end of the day the admin decided to ban Nerva and a new candidate was chosen. But in the end who won was Socrates followed by AngelofSorrows.

This month a lot of changed happened as a new party was born and got, in his first month, got 5 congressman (NRB). Also the Vice-President was PHuSiOn9 but he also resigned this place. So Socrates invited Judazs to be the new Vice-President. This is the first time in Portugal's history that 2 different parties are in the government (Socrates is from PDA and Judazs is from PReC).


Alister won again but the elections were disputed. Diogo Sena (from SDP) had more votes during the day but in the night people decided to vote for Alister and this made him the new President. Also it is rumored that Alister could have easily won if Commandos had the ability to vote (they couldn't as they were in Hungary in a mission) and most of the Commandos members are PDA members/PDA supporters. But even without the votes from Commandos he managed to win. But the strange thing is that Diogo Sena hadn't made any proposal or press release of what we was pretended to do. By this time many people criticized SDP for the lack of proposals and ideas.
After Diogo Sena lost the elections he resigned from SDP. But he later revealed that he resigned the the party leadership because of his vacations. Obviously this is bad because if he had won he would have an inactive President (see here).

This month nothing really important happened except that a new party born NRB (Nova Républica Bazulista) and has quite a few members and it will gain a few Congress seats due to their amount of members.
Also Alister announced that he won't continue his mandate next month and Socrates was the chosen one. This month Alister decided to rise the import taxes of gifts and food from 0% to 99%.


Alister won for the first time one election (last month he was President because PHuSiOn9 couldn't fulfill his mandate. This month was important because Alister (with the help of PHuSiOn9) created the PENICO contract. Also ALister decided to continue with the taxes set to 0% on all industries. This is good because that way people from other countries can export to Portugal so the benefits of this are huge as Portugal won't have lack of anything as we had before. Also salaries increased a lot again. DrogbaPT said that his salary was above 200 PTE each day!


PHuSiOn9 won the elections again. By this time the food crisis is finally surpassed and Portugal has enough in stock satisfy (almost) all Population. PHuSiOn9 decided to keep the taxes to 0% because not all industries were in good shape but the main industry was in good health. By this time PHuSiOn9 was starting to make ministries to help him because the plan SIEG ALHO needed more people to make it functional and to start the exportion project.
So the companies that were in the SIEG ALHO plan were ordered to export some of his stock so Portugal could make some GOLD. Many people by this time were protesting against the plan because they considered that the plan was only good for the "friends" of PHuSiOn9.

Of course PHuSiOn9 wasn't favoring anyone as the companies chosen were the ones that were successful before the plan and that had good amount of workers.


PHuSiOn9 won the elections for the first time (in the previous month he was the interim President but he didn't win the elections). This month was extremely important because PHuSiOn9 created a new plan. Plan main objective is to make Portugal a Super-Power like the previous plan made by tostex but also to make the Portugal economy to stabilize as it was in a bad shape. Like the previous plan the government was going to give money to the chosen companies to make the plan successful. But this time PHuSiOn9 is going to change a few things and make it more effective. The plan name was "Plano SIEG ALHO" .

In the beginning of this plan Portugal salaries increased a lot. DrogbaPT was gaining 7 PTE a day when the salaries rise to 50 PTE for him. Obviously the products price rise too but now it was possible to buy several things with just one salary. This was bad because the market was empty most of the day as everyone was trying to buy all products. It even reach to one point where Portugal had a high quality food crisis as Q4 food was quite rare to find on the market and it was needed to maintain wellness on who worked in Q4 companies. Even low-quality food was low in stock many times but Pakistan eased the pressure on the food companies because they put more than 1000 Q1 food in Portugal.

Because of this the government decided to put 0% on ALL taxes and some companies started to export to Portugal. This helped a lot Portugal in this crisis. In the end of the month, the plan was finally being beneficial and not harmful because food companies started to have more food in stock.


Draconem (from SDP) won for the first time the general elections and it's the new President. Draconem, like lribeiro81, didn't have much time to make a lot of things mainly because he couldn't fulfill his mandate. His life couldn't let him play so Portugal got, again, the same situation - a country without a President. By this time Portugal lose some of his importance in the New World and it was not any more in the top five more populated countries. Currency wasn't in the top 5 more valuable and economically Portugal was losing its power.

There were political tensions because several members were always discussing and insulting. All of this lead to Portugal decay. Meanwhile on 14 March, Draconem is replaced by PHuSiOn9 who was a PDA member so PDA got the power again, like they did in December. And PHuSiOn9 was a very good President.

PHuSiOn9 announced what he was going to do some improvements for the country. You can see it in more detail here -> Portugal/PHuSiOn9 Plan

Also the war module was about to come and the economy was in a bad shape and many economists feared that if Portugal is attacked or attacks the economy would simply crash.


lribeiro81 (SDP) won the elections and it's the new President of Portugal. lribeiro81 only won with 1 more vote than PHuSiOn9 and the most funniest thing is that the last vote was from the lribeiro81. He was the last one to vote in the last minute because he got late at home and when he logged on he voted in himself. In that time PHuSiOn9 weren't friends and obviously PHuSiOn9 was frustrated from losing.

lribeiro81 didn't do a lot for Portugal because seven days after he was elected he had to resign his place. Reasons for this it's because his real life got too complicated and he couldn't be President anymore. lribeiro81 didn't want to leave Portugal without a President so he decided to give his password to tostex. Meanwhile lribeiro81 resigned his place as the party leader of SDP and joaofs was the new party leader of SDP. tostex was Interim President of Portugal but was using lribeiro81's account. Admins didn't like this so they decided to give the Presidency to joafs (party leader of SDP) on 11th February. Apparently joaofs didn't want to be President so he resigned his party seat to tostex. Because of that admins decided to give tostex the leadership. So Tostex became President of Portugal on 12th February. But there was a problem again which got solved really fast. tostex was mayor of Coimbra and since you couldn't be (in that time) Mayor and President at the same time admins gave the mayor seat to braposo.
Finally Portugal had a President and it was tostex.

tostex did do a few things for Portugal. He created a plan called "Portugal Super-Potência". This plan objectives was to decrease unemployment and deflation and increase GDP.
To fulfill this objectives tostex selected a few companies (who had export licenses) in Portugal and they had to sell their goods only in the others markets which they had export license. Also tostex gave a few benefits to these companies but obviously these ones had to sell their GOLD to Portugal. The other companies who weren't in the plan had their lives easier because there wasn't so many companies competing with each other. The plan only worked for a few time because some companies didn't abbey to the rules.
So the plan was canceled and nothing else happened until the next elections.


Socrates (from SDP) won the elections and become the new President of Portugal. Socrates created an external forum which is a place where all Portuguese can talk and debate several situations. Socrates had several ideas and his ideas were:

  • Economical advise to all companies to prevent GOLD wastes in markets that give no profit in some industrial areas.
  • Establish Mutual Defense Pacts with Portugal neighbours and all the countries that want peace and prosperity.
  • Emergency plans in case of war. Gives financial assistance to the weapons industries to increase their stocks and to give weapons to all citizens in a cheap and effective way. The same may happen to the food industry if necessary.

Socrates also financed the first hospital (which was sold by Veterinary) for Lisbon. It was the first hospital that Portugal had. Nothing much was done because according to Socrates "we were still learning how to play the game".

In the end of the mandate Socrates decides that he doesn't want to be re-elect again because some users said that without having a company or being congressman/mayor/President there is nothing to do. So Socrates wants to show that there things to do even if you are a simple citizen.



First we need to know what happened in November. krostyf was born in 30 November and created his party (PDA) at an unknown date. It is known that he created his party with the help of PHuSiOn9.
So on 1st December PDA was the only party created and since there was only one candidate for President krostyf, he won. Also the only congressman were PHuSiOn9 and krostyf.

In December two new parties were created SDP and PFZ. As PHuSiOn9 and krostyf were very young, they didn't done a good job in leading the country.
They have printed 1 PTE one day, and on the following day they burn it. They didn't listen to any of the suggestions given by the others parties. Also krostyf did some bad things like selling weapons to Spain and not selling them to Portugal when it was more important to sell it in their own country [1]. Other things he done was put in the market exchange the sale of PTE for GOLD and then later GOLD for PTE. In the end he decided only to sell PTE for GOLD. He also started to print some PTE to devalue PTE. For the first time in Portugal krostyf rose import taxes but not to 99% but the exact value is unknown. He also started to lend some money to one company in order to help it. But the thing didn't go well so krostyf decided to ask back the money and he decided to never lend money again because of the bad result.

In the last days of krostyf as President he decided to steal some Gold from Portugal. Although some of the people in that time say that it wasn't confirmed that in fact he really stole some GOLD.
But PHuSiOn9 said to DrogbaPT that he stole some of the GOLD but returned it through donations but they had to pay him some PTE first (PHuSiOn9 was close to krostyf so it's one of the most reliable sources from that time.)


Foreign Ambassadors in Portugal and their country (End of 2008).

Country Ambassador
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Nadzy
Icon-France.png France Itzlo
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia isnuwardana
Icon-Japan.png Japan diaseguinte
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan Sandtux
Icon-Romania.png Romania AndreiMocanu
Icon-Spain.png Spain n/a
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Vincent Dias
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Bremer