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Citizens can win unique prizes with the Power Spin.

General Info

Power Spin
  • Every citizen gets one free spin per day
  • For Icon - Money.png 500 CC you can spin again and each following spin in that day will cost Icon - Money.png 100 CC more than the previous one.
  • Winning a Jackpot unlocks the next available Jackpot
  • The Jackpot progress and spin cost are reset at the beginning of each day (00:00 eRepublik time)
  • The Power Spin is available randomly on certain days, usually during the last two days of each month


All prizes are instantly awarded.

Jackpot Prizes

Each time the wheel lands on the jackpot, the citizen will get a different prize each time it lands there:

After winning the Level 3 jackpot, the jackpot is reset and the next jackpot reward is Level 1

Current prizes

On days 4326-4330, 4483-4486, 4544-4545, 4605-4606, 4697-4698, 5366-5367 and 5518-5520 the prizes were:

Special events

During some special events there are additional rules that affect the power spin:

Day 5821 - 5823 (Halloween)

To the usual prizes were added two other prizes:

Day 5395 - 5397

 Between Day 5,395, 00:00 and Day 5,397, 23:59 Battlefield Heroes will receive extra-rewards that they can use in Power Spin.

Battle Hero: 1x Free Spin
Sky Hero: 1x Free Spin
Campaign Hero: 5x Free Spins

Free Spins are Temporary Items and expire at the end of each Day. Unused Free Spins do not carry from one day to the other. 

Day 4235-4240

Day 2230

First power spins


  • Boosters you win will be stored, so that you can activate them manually. You activate damage boosters from the battlefield page.
  • When winning the same size energy center, the duration is extended for 7 days. Example: Winning +200 Energy Center for 7 days second time will mean that the duration of the +200 center will now be for 14 days, the third time the duration will be for 21 days, etc.
  • The prize "Free Spin" lets the player spin again for free, thus it has no impact on the prizes and on the cost.
  • The prize "Free Spin" appears not be awarded any more.