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Presidential candidate is a citizen supported by at least one party president for the upcoming presidential elections.


A light window box with search option, available for party president to find a person to support as a presidential candidate.

Available on the party homepage only for the party president. After accessing this, the party president will use a search box where all eligible citizens to be a country President (Level 18 - minimum 410 Experience points) can be searchable.

The search results will be listed alphabetically and near each name, the experience level will appear together with his/her avatar. The username of the citizens in the search results list will be clickable. On click, the citizen will be considered the presidential candidate of that party and an alert is sent to the candidate ("President <name> of <party> has decided to support you for the next country Presidential election. Do you accept?") to which the candidate can accept or reject the proposal.

When the citizen accepts the proposal, he/she is proposed as a presidential candidate and the candidate's name will automatically appear on the party homepage in the 'Our next candidate' section.

Withdrawing nomination

The only one who can withdraw the candidate's name from the competition is the party president by clicking on the 'Cancel' button next to the candidate's name.

Note: Nomination will be automatically withdrawn if the proposed candidate gets banned or dies.

Important dates

The party president can nominate a candidate between the 7th at 00:01 of the previous month and the 2nd at 23:59 of the actual month. In other words, as soon as the previous presidential election ends and until the 3rd when the candidates are locked for the elections.

List of presidential candidates

It is important to differentiate two different lists of presidential candidates.


The proposed candidates are put on a list that is being compiled from the 7th until the 3rd. It can be viewed from the party page, under country presidency tab, show candidates list button.


On the third of every month, the final list of presidential candidates is compiled. This list consists of a maximum of five candidates supported by the national party presidents of the top 5 largest parties that participate in the election (actually supported a candidate). This is the list that citizens will end up voting on.


These are the proposed candidates:

Candidate A is supported by Party 1 (the largest party)
Candidate B is supported by Parties 2 and 17 (the smallest party)
Candidate C is supported by Parties 3 and 5
Candidate D is supported by Party 6
Candidate E is supported by Parties 7 and 16
Candidate F is supported by Parties 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14
Candidate G is supported by Party 13

In this case, parties 4 and 15 decided not to support any of the candidates. Bolded are the largest parties that support a certain candidate. The final list will consist of candidates A, B, C, D and E because they are supported by the largest parties that supported a candidate (parties 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 respectively), while F and G are rejected (parties 8 and 13 respectively).


I can have 10 parties supporting me, but if one of them doesn't end up being one of the top 5 that supported a candidate, I won't be a presidential candidate in the elections?

Correct. To be sure you will be a candidate, a safe bet would be getting a nomination from one of the top 5 parties. However, it does happen that the largest parties sometimes support no candidates or support one of the candidates from the other top 5 parties; like in the example above.

A citizen was on the final list of presidential candidates, but it is not on the ticket on election day. What happened?

The most common cause is that the citizen got banned or died.

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