Presidents - June 2009

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These presidential elections have been held on June 5, 2009 (Day 563).


Icon-South Africa.png South AfricaNo elections held; country was conquered

North America

Icon-Canada.png CanadaJacobi (New)
Icon-USA.png USAscrabman
Icon-Mexico.png MexicoSplik

South America

Icon-Argentina.png Argentinagalle13 (New)
Icon-Bolivia.png Boliviacountry was added on June 10, 2009 to the New World
Icon-Brazil.png BrazilCavalcanti
Icon-Chile.png ChileIliaco
Icon-Colombia.png Colombiacountry was added on June 10, 2009 to the New World
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguaycountry was added on June 10, 2009 to the New World
Icon-Peru.png Perucountry was added on June 10, 2009 to the New World
Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguaycountry was added on June 10, 2009 to the New World
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuelaleireleire


Icon-China.png ChinaSnayke
Icon-India.png IndiaDavid Forde (New and Only)
Icon-Indonesia.png IndonesiaMasila (New)
Icon-Iran.png IranPreuX (New)
Icon-Israel.png IsraelSadeh Badeh
Icon-Japan.png JapanKokawayoshi Makoto
Icon-Malaysia.png MalaysiaNagyzee (New)
Icon-North Korea.png North Koreaatropates (New) (Impeached)[1]
Took office on 7th of June: Afanasiy Drago(New)
Icon-Pakistan.png PakistanDio Brando
Icon-Philippines.png PhilippinesBig Boy Bulley
Icon-Singapore.png SingaporeJohn Jay (Only)
Icon-South Korea.png South KoreaNo elections held; Believed Yonai Keiko stayed in the office
Icon-Thailand.png ThailandAlbert Neurath
Icon-Turkey.png Turkeypoker (New) (Impeached)[2]
Took office on 10th of June: cenk703 (New)


Icon-Austria.png AustriaLynari (New)
Icon-Belgium.png BelgiumNo elections due to the union with Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands - Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovinatoroman (New)
Icon-Bulgaria.png BulgariaEalendil (New)
Icon-Croatia.png CroatiaIVAN RADMAN
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech RepublicFranz Kafka
Icon-Denmark.png DenmarkDale Marks (New)
Icon-Estonia.png EstoniaS33vald
Icon-Finland.png FinlandJorma Ollila (New and Only)
Icon-France.png FranceMoritanIsBanned (New)
Icon-Germany.png Germanyshoot (New) (Impeached)[3]
Took office on 7th of June: Gobba (New)
Icon-Greece.png GreeceJaguaros (New)
Icon-Hungary.png HungaryShaok (New)
Icon-Ireland.png IrelandNithraldur
Icon-Italy.png ItalyAntimo
Icon-Latvia.png LatviaNamejs (New) (Impeached)[4]
Took office on 7th of June: red-fox (New)
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuaniacawx (Only)
Icon-Netherlands.png NetherlandsJazar - served as president of Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands
Icon-Norway.png NorwayEha Pappkriger (New)
Icon-Poland.png PolandFartman (New)
Icon-Portugal.png PortugalArbus
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of MoldovaSturmwehr (New) (Impeached)[5]
Took office on 19th of June: OchiReci (New)
Icon-Romania.png Romaniasmif
Icon-Russia.png RussiaTihinen (New)
Icon-Serbia.png SerbiaLipec (Impeached)[6]
Took office on 24th of June: Arcibald Rajs (New)
Icon-Slovakia.png SlovakiaMattCom (New)
Icon-Slovenia.png SloveniaStiH (New)
Icon-Spain.png SpainCharrito (New)
Icon-Sweden.png Swedenjbmalin (New)
Icon-Switzerland.png SwitzerlandDwarfZG (New)
Icon-Ukraine.png UkrainePetiB (New)
Icon-United Kingdom.png United KingdomKumnaa (New)


Icon-Australia.png Australiatim09 (New)