Prestige points booster

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A +1 Prestige Points Booster
A Prestige Points Booster is an item that when used increases the prestige points received when fighting.

How to get one

The most common way to acquire one is from a gift or power spin. Some others are acquired during special events and they have a duration of 3 or 5 minutes.

How to use it

It can be used just like any other booster, from the menu on the battlefield or from storage. Several can be activated in succession to extend the duration.


The booster increases the prestige points awarded when fighting by 1 for each 10 energy for 10 minutes. This effect is cumulative with such things as the bonus from epic battles additively, meaning that the total prestige gained will be 3. It lasts 3 minutes (if from a gift) or 10 minutes (if from a power spin).

Storage and expiration

This booster does not count toward the storage quota so citizens can pile them up regardless of the storage size. Citizens should pay attention to the expiration date of certain prestige points boosters, as some of them have it, while others do not.