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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 7 July 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Flag-UK.jpg London
Sex Female
Faith Lidoxa
Newspaper A Timely Bitch
Congresswoman of Turkey
2 October 2008 – 24 October 2008
Party president of People's Democratic Voice
11 October 2008 – 24 October 2008
Preceded by Vanjaturk
Succeeded by Giray Garriscus
Congresswoman of Alaska
26 November 2008 – 25 March 2009
Succeeded by ghvandyk
Director of Welcoming Committee
6 December 2008 – 5 January 2009
Succeeded by scrabman
Vice president of USA
6 January 2009 – 5 February 2009
Preceded by Justinious McWalburgson III
Succeeded by Joe DaSmoe
Chief of staff of USA
8 February 2009 – 22 March 2009
Preceded by Benn Dover
Succeeded by Hokiehigh
Director of Welcoming Committee
8 February 2009 – 22 March 2009
Preceded by scrabman
Succeeded by ClammyJim
Party president of United Independents Party
16 March 2009 – 15 April 2009
Preceded by NoneSuch
Succeeded by Ansen
Vice president of USA
22 March 2009 – 5 April 2009
Preceded by Kyle321n
Succeeded by Moishe
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

PrincessMedyPi is the street and pen name of Luscious Smith, an orphan who was abandoned at an American nunnery. Her newly found birth certificate shows that she was born to Geoff Emerick, father of Emerick.[1] She is most famously known for her political career in the United States of America, including her stints in congress and as of Party President of United Independents Party. During her career, she was named one of the 50 Most Important eAmericans[2], voted the best congresswoman in the USA[3], and made a deity by a small religious cult that worship in The House that Pi Built.

The United States of America

Growing up poor, Luscious yearned to be something more than a coal miner's daughter. She dreamed of the day she would work her way out of poverty and become someone of importance in the eWorld. She spent her childhood days pretending to be a princess. When she became a teenager, Luscious left the comfort of the nunnery to explore the real world.

After leaving, she found it hard to find work. She transformed herself into PrincessMedyPi and began working the mean streets of Salem to get by. She began publishing A Timely Bitch, but she was largely unsuccessful. Her fortunes changed when she met Phaedrus Lidox while she was working at an upscale party. He gave her the financial assistance to move to Turkey, where he knew she would prosper.

Turkey and Mexico

In Turkey, Princess quickly befriended some of the area’s sex kittens and began a promising career in the food industry. Her paper A Timely Bitch took a strong stance against the administration for the unnecessary banning of innocent ABK members. Here, she finished her spiritual quest and converted to Lidoxa.

Lord Papagentes Phædrus Lidox Atadünya This citizen is a proud Lidoxan.

She has been blessed by Phaedrus.

After the assassination of Phaedrus, Princess ran to Mexico to help avenge her sugar daddy’s demise and helped ABK’s sister party, El Gran Partido del Burrito, protect Mexico during the Ibero-American War. She was awakened one night to find some prowlers on her property. Since it was a time of war, she assumed it was the Spanish. However, she shot and wounded two innocent Portuguese by mistake. Luckily, nobody died in the battle. The understanding Portuguese helped her back onto her feet, and she made her reparations to the soldiers she had injured.

Return to Turkey

After the war, flush with embarrassment, Princess was whisked away to the Greek isle Lesbos by Kip Mudson for recuperation. Kip then moved her to Heraklion to become his Personal Aide and Press Secretary after assuming his Mayoral duties. Her paper A Timely Bitch became much more successful than its predecessors. Here, she met her future husband, tekyoldevrim. They were the second Turkish couple to wed[4], and their union joined together the divided MHC and ABK parties. Their marriage vows were subsequently used in other marriage contracts. Princess moved to Ankara to join her husband after a crushing defeat in the September 2008 Heraklion mayoral race.

In October of 2008, Princess was elected to Turkish congress with her husband. This marked the first time in Turkey's history that a couple held congressional seats. That same month she won the party presidency of Ambrotos Byzantium Kratos. She immediately changed the name of the party to People's Democratic Voice and changed the mission statement of the party. She aimed to create a party that would be inclusive of all ethnic groups inhabiting the land.

On 24 October 2008, an exhausted Princess resigned her political positions and moved to Iran for a political sabbatical. After merely three days, she returned to Turkey to help lead the nation through civil unrest. In the November presidential election, she ran a competitive race but eventually lost to BattalGazi. After her defeat, a restless Princess sought a new home, a place where she could make a difference. She was persuaded by some American man candy to emigrate to the US. Upon her departure to America, her marriage to tekyoldevrim was terminated.

Return to the USA

Princess was recruited to the USA as part of United States President Benn Dover's "I'll bring you wimminz" campaign platform. She was quickly welcomed into the US by the men inhabiting the land. While men seemed to fight over her on a daily basis, upon her arrival to the eUSA, Princess was consistently seen entering the home of then Vice President Justinious McWalburgson III late at night. She was reportedly sleeping her way to the top of the US political system, which mattered little to her constituency, as she was (and to some extent still is) their premium wimminz.

In November 2008, PrincessMedyPi began to assimilate into the USA. On November 17, 2008, she participated in the great event known as the Captain Planet roll.[5] Pi became the first regional representative of Alaska and threepeated her election to that post. During that race, she became informally known as MedyPalin. During this time, she became friends with a lot of movers and shakers, and developed a crush on Propaganda Now reporter Sid Carson. She became the President of the Official Sid Carson Fan Club. Pi also developed a reputation for her rather large chesticles. In December 2008, Benn Dover named her Welcoming Committee Director for the USA.

In January 2009, Pi successfully ran a campaign with Justinious and became both the Vice President of the USA and its First Lady. She married President Justinious on 17 January 2009 [6]. At the end of this term, Justinious' laptop battery exploded, and Pi assumed what she thought would be an easy few days to fill in his shoes. However, she was mistaken. Upon the fall of The Party in Korea, Franco drained the treasury, trashed the USA Forum, and closed #us. With the help of many amazing US citizens (like Killing Time and Jewitt), she led the charge to re-stabilize the US economic and communications systems. It was at this time that she worked with Killing Time and scrabman to start the current eUS forum. Throughout this time, she had been working with NoneSuch, scrabman, and Emerick on a new version of the eUS Constitution, but all of their work was lost with the demise of the original forum.

Around this time, Justinious and MedyPi began shooting the first American podcast called Is This The Real Life. In February 2009, Uncle Sam was elected into office, and he appointed MedyPi as his Chief of Staff and reappointed her as Welcoming Committee Director. That term, she also became the Ambassador to Finland. In February of 2009, Princess joined The Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review and helped create a multi-partisan voters guide to help the voting constituency of eUSA.[7]

In March 2009, Pi ran as scrabman's Vice President in the US presidential race. They eventually lost to Uncle Sam. When Sam was re-elected to the White House, Princess retained her posts as Chief of Staff, Welcoming Committee Director, and Ambassador to Finland. Pi also won the Party Presidency of the United Independents Party, and the membership skyrocketed and took the party ranking to #4. This month, she also repeated her post on the ICCCR. Towards the end of his term, Uncle Sam was impeached, and Pi also assumed her duties of Vice President.

 you're p smexy too 

In April 2009, PrincessMedyPi ran in the most crowded presidential election in the US. Her platform and campaign were dubbed "Sexy Lulz." It began on the US forum as a joke with the likes of Chisholm and Nathan Woods. The idea was to run a campaign that was fun and not too serious to give the eUSA a bit of spunk. Armed with photos of herself in a corset and Tiacha as her running mate, Medy set off to become president but found herself on a crowded ticket that even included some of her previous supporters, like Nathan Woods and John Jay. In the end, she lost, and the reign of scrabman began in the eUSA. A lot of her constituency was rather downtrodden by her loss, but they still continued to support her. About PrincessMedyPi, Jamarcus said "She has inspired alot of eAmericans including myself to get off our butts and do something exiting with our eLife. IMHO she should have been President already..." [8] In April she also served as the co-chairwoman of ICCCR with Tiacha.[9] After becoming jaded by the political structure of the USA, MedyPi finally embraced a part of the eWorld she had never yet experienced: the military.

In May 2009, Pi joined the Marines. Upon her arrival into the fold, she was gifted a pink Hello Kitty assault rifle by Commandant Eugene Harlot. She remained a faithful soldier up until the aftermath that followed the liberation of Central Greece. After spending ten gold to fight at the end of Central Greece, Pi woke up the next morning feeling pretty great. She logged into the US military forum to check for her new orders and found that she was banned. Thinking it a bit odd, she contacted Harlot only to find out that it was he who banned her. Someone had leaked information about Central Greece, and she was one of the prime suspects because of her strong ties to PEACE and GLaDOS. This eventually led to her administrative privileges being stripped from the eUS forum. Even though this had transpired, many of the power players of the eUSA still sought her advice and let her participate in somewhat secretive operations. Publius even recruited her to help with an attempted PTO in France, and there she earned another congressional medal.

Eventually, PrincessMedyPi grew weary of the eUSA and began a world tour. She ended up rage quitting her post as a global moderator on the eUS forum by deleting her account. Months later, Harlot explained that she was burned in the hunt to catch Michael Collins, who had been leaking confidential information about the eUSA. However, by then the damage was done, and Pi had vowed never to come back and participate in American society.


The first stop MedyPi took on her world tour was to that of the luscious UK. Her decision to move there was mainly motivated by her desire to be by the side of her long time love and companion, GLaDOS. On 7 September 2009, Princess became an official citizen of the UK when her application for citizenship was approved by Necrosis. There, she became the Queen of the UK, and faithfully stood by the side of her man.

 queen of my heart ... she is like my ecommon law wife 

On 12 September 2009, she became a paratrooper. While in the UK, Pi enjoyed browsing the forums and spending time in the UK chat. The UK had become her home, and she knew that after she took some time for adventure that she would return. On 9 October 2009, she snapped her consecutive work day run at 359 days, a streak which Justinious described in personal communication as showcasing her "persistence, endurance, and sex appeal." She stayed in the UK for nearly two months until she received an interesting proposition from Geno Garon.


Medy's thrill for the game had started to die down because she was extremely busy in real life. However, she was approached in October 2009 by Geno Garon. He had asked her to come to Japan and take the helm of Orange Party. As a favor to Geno, Pi hopped on a plane and got there as soon as she could. On 31 October 2009, she became a citizen of Japan when her citizenship application was approved by Ember Firespiral.

When Dokomo won Japan's country presidency in November 2009, she became the EDEN/Brolliance Diplomat for Japan. With her strong ties to then US CP, Jewitt this made the task quite easy. Later that month, she also became the Party President of Orange Party. Burned out from in real life, and no longer wanting to deal with politics, she left Japan for the shores of a place much warmer and friendly.


Jaded and looking for a new stop on her world tour, PrincessMedyPi was approached by her dear friend Arthk about coming to Portugal. Mellie happily obliged and became a citizen of her new nation on 6 December, 2009. Upon her arrival, she was granted an honorary moustache and joined the ranks of such great Portuguese men as Arthk and euphonix. While in Portugal, Pi resumed her life as a fighting machine. During this time MedyPi joined the global elite and became a member of The Care Bear Squad.[10]

After a few months in Portugal, Mellie faded into obscurity. PrincessMedyPi was rarely fed, and on occasion would begin to die. Until one day, she mysteriously washed up on the shores of a different nation...

The United States

In Spring 2010, Pi mysteriously appeared in the United States and became a member of SEES. This caused panic and speculation to tear through some of her existing social networks. She promised her constituency a big surprise if they would be patient. They did not trust her judgment, so she disappeared into obscurity once again.

On Friday, 18 June, 2010, Pi signed on to IRC and began getting many requests to come back to the game. After consuming a half a bottle of red wine, Mellie issued a challenge to her fan club.[11] She determined that if they really wanted her back that they would work for it. Once the challenge ended, MedyPi decided what she was going to do...

Return to the UK

After much internal dialogue, Pi returned to the place that she really felt at home: the UK. Sporting a new avatar, she moved to the UK on 20, June 2010 and was immediately granted citizenship by John Bartlett. Hours later, she joined the SAS and the United Kingdom Reform Party. In July 2009, she took posts as the Lead Foreign Affairs liaison in the UKRP as well as the national ambassador to North Korea.

Fun Facts About Princess

PrincessMedyPi first used Turkish supermodel Tuğçe Kazaz as her avatar.

She is a beast at Dice City Roller.

She is a lowly wiki editor: User:Princessmedypi.

She is said to have received a laughing-orgasm (laughgasm) from an as-of-yet unidentified source.

She has a will. [12]

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