Pro Patria

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Pro Patria

General Information
Country Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Abbreviation PP
Forum [1]
Founded 05 December 2009
President Nameisis
Members 126
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats (0%)
Succeeds Austosas saules partija
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian
Pro Patria is a political party in Latvia. It was created in 5 December 2009 by taking over Austosas saules partija.


Pro Patria was established in 5 December 2009 by a long-time president of Latvia, Nameisis. The party soon became the 4th largest in the country and attracted several congressmen. Pro Patria supported Kurzemes Kungu Klubs' candidate Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps in the presidential elections and he won.

PP won the first congress election they contested, in December, by gaining 11 seats in the parliament. In January Pro Partia and Nacionāldemokrātu partija both supported Kaspars09 for president. He won by a small margin. During the congress elections four parties battled for 3rd place in the rankings which meant one party would not participate in the election. This party was Pro Patria. Kaspars decided not to run for another term as president so Pro Patria and NDP supported Tempus Rapa candidate Jezups von der Vucins who won with the smallest margin in the history of Latvia.

Party presidents

Term Name
December 5, 2009 — present Nameisis

Congress elections

Month Won seats Place
December 2009 11/40 1st
January 2010 did not participate

Presidential candidates

If the candidate is in italics, he was a member of another party.
Month Name Place  %
December 2009 Kaspars09 1st 32.76
January 2009 Jezups von der Vucins 1st 44.23