Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty

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The Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty was the document written in Jah Exodus by Esteban Delgado, president of the Black Lion Front and then mayor of Polokwane, which declared independence from the Croatian government in South Africa and established the Independent South African Republic on September 7, 2008.

We, the sovereign and unchained citizens of a free and strong South Africa hereby call upon the law and those who hold it sacred to ensure peace, justice, and fairness to hold the South African government guilty on the counts of treason, tyranny, election fraud, corruption, lying and libel.

On the count of treason, the crooks who hold positions in government have attained those positions by method of an alien coup. The non-Africans in government have migrated to and arrived on the shores of South Africa during a time of war and defeat, when the nation was at its weakest politically and economically. Namely Proud Africa, which is a Croatian nationalist party, the people committing said acts of treason did so by overthrowing the establishment of democracy created and run by the South African people for the South African people. The South African Republic is no more for the represented people of this republic are not represented by South Africans nor are they represented in the interests of South Africans. This coup was a struggle for power and domination of our nation by a foreign people for their own benefit and to fulfill their lust for power and enrichment through a foreign nation's governmental system. On the count of treason, the Croatian people in Proud Africa that run South Africa direct their allegiance and will to themselves and unfounded Croatian nation rather than South Africa. They elected themselves and represent themselves.

On the count of tyranny, the South African government, referred to as the state, has directly downpressed the will of the people through despotic means. State wealth amounting in 80 gold and 5513.93 ZAR has been stolen from the state treasury, the people's money borrowed through taxes, by president zocky of Proud Africa and been arbitrarily destined for sale outside of the state in return for a hospital. This was done regardless of the lack of support outside of Proud Africa, still in debate session, and without the people's general consent. Although the public opinion was split, the war module was suspended so South Africa could not enter any international conflict and need hospital use, the option of allocating funds to create a national hospital company and create jobs in the process was still on the table, and the actual government was not legitimate and had no right to exercise power because of election fraud, the transaction of funds still occurred. President zocky also managed to propose and pass a change in food taxes, which he had no right to do because of the illegitimacy and illegality of his bureaucracy.

On the count of election fraud, the democracy and republican system devised and held sacred in South Africa has been stolen and savagely murdered by many parties in South Africa in more than one way, but has been approved by the resulting crook officials who managed to gain power through such unlawfull means. The first method of gaining power was by swarming the polls with non-African votes, such as country-less Croatians in the Proud Africa party who voted themselves in rather than relying on the will and choice of the South African. The second method of gaining power way by illegal use of unregistered votes, or multiple accounts. This method was used to boost membership in at least three foreign parties vying for power in South Africa: Proud Africa, Recover Africa, and People Union Party of South Africa. It was Recover Africa and People Union Party of South Africa that doubled party membership just before election day through illegal means in order to find their name on the ballot and remove the Black Lion Front and party president Esteban Delgado off of the list, one of the only parties in South Africa if not the only party that was both a party of South African citizens representing South African citizens and a party of absolutely no illegally-attained multiple accounts. We believe that given Proud Africa's immense number of votes which surpassed their party population and their pin-point ability to track down multiple accounts, all of which were in other parties, they masterminded a scheme to take the Black Lion Front, the biggest competition, off of the ballot before voting day by introducing two new parties on the list which would post no threat, especially since their votes would be used to enrich Proud Africa's campaign. Recover African and People Union Party of South Africa were also to blame for their own enrichment of votes through illegal means given the bans of over fifty accounts and suspension of party presidents.

On the count of election fraud, the government placed in power was created illegitimately because of participation of multiple accounts in the election and expulsion of legitimate party candidates out of the political race because of them. Only in the last minutes of the election day did the Black Lion Front show up on the ballot, hours after most voters had made their choices. Although the admin banned over fifty multiple accounts, the Black Lion Front and any other parties which deserved to be on the ballot were not on for 24 hours and did not receive the same chance at being chosen by the people as did the other parties. Nevertheless, the Black Lion Front received three votes within the last minutes of the general election within the very short time allotted. The Black Lion Front would also like to thank the allies from Free Africa who joined our party to help put us on the ballot. Proud Africa, being the only party in the South Africa which calls the elections fair and the results true and legitimate and denying and ignoring these truths are charged and pressed with accusations of election fraud, destabilizing the democratic system in South Africa, and stealing power, the sovereignty, and the self-determination of South Africa by undemocratic means and thus placing themselves as a minority dictator in our nation.

On the count of corruption, President zocky of Proud Africa has given paid, unapproved, appointed government jobs to political allies and meaningless jobs to political enemies in hopes of managing dissent and gaining approval. These jobs are exclusive because they are appointed by a president who has no power to do so and has never gained any legal power whatsoever yet they are being paid by the taxpayers of this nation, the same people who are excluded out of government. Therefore, citizens are paying public government cronies to dictate and downpress them without their own consent.

On the count of corruption, President zocky of Proud Africa has on numerous occasions asked Esteban Delgado, the president of the Black Lion Front to resign as elected party president and give him, zocky, unelected power in order to become president of South Africa in exchange for five gold. Delgado has denied all of zocky's deals and told him to never ask again. On numerous occasions, zocky told the South African public that he will rule the nation in the coming month, and when the citizens reminded him that he had to be a party president to do so, he replied that he will become one by any means possible in order to gain power. This he did efficiently by founding Proud Africa and used the party to gain power, but never a majority or any of the people's vote.

One the counts of lying and libel, President zocky has lied about the counts of corruption in which he tried to buy power from Esteban Delgado by paying five gold in exchange for party presidency of the Black Lion Front. Further, he and fellow members of Proud Africa, namely Sucko and Tomislav both congressman, the latter banned twice in the past two weeks for abuse against South African, have accused the victim, Delgado, of lying and slandering Proud Africa. The saved message is here unaltered: "hello my friend do you want 5 golds ? this is only private thing ! just leave me place of party president ! you will be my right hand , when i become president dont ask how ! for better africa my friend ! listen i was party president , i have 4 companies , i was vice president of germany ! please my friend we can make deal ! now you cant win but leave me that and we will win , on fair way ! hope for quick answer." Sucko, a public figure, is also charged with libel against a private citizen, Leif Archaix on other separate accounts, all while in office.

For the reasons stated above, we the Black Lion Front, the coalition parties in the South African Independence League, and the people of this great African nation do not recognize the fascist dictatorship as the legitimate government of South Africa. They are all illegally elected organized crime gang absorbed in their self interests dominated by lusts for power that reach far beyond absolutism, imperialism, or simple coup detats.

We, the South Africans call for our independence, sovereignty, self-determination, and system of democracy.

We, who run the local provinces of Limpopo, North-West, and Gauteng declare independence from the federal government and have declared ourselves sovereign and free of tyranny and dictatorship.

We, the people living in these free provinces have founded together the Independent South African Republic, a new country run by the people for the people democratically and with respect.

Although the regions of Free State, run by Free Africa, and Mpumalanga, dictated by Proud Africa are currently labeled as disputed territories, they are also part of the new independent country as soon as the people and their mayor makes a declaration.

The Independent South African Republic is the only legitimate South Africa with the only legitimate government.

We, the congressmen of the South African Republic, illegally elected and installed in government by chance, who notice the government's illegitimacy and destabilization of democracy, boycott the government and vote against all illegal proposals in a united bloc.

The provincial government of the Independent South African Republic is made up of the mayors of each province who exert equal power and independence.

The defense forces of the Independent South African Republic are made up of anyone who fights for our cause and on our side for independence, sovereignty, self-determination, and freedom from tyranny, foreign rule, downpression, corruption, and dictatorship. The unofficial army is referred to as the Armed Forces of the Independent South African Republic (AFISAR), and will protect South Africa and the South African people at all costs.

For freedom, democracy, independence, self-determination, and an end to fascism, tyranny, dictatorship, downpression, foreign rule, imperialism, injustice, and all other destructive forces that pose a threat to South Africa and its people.

Esteban Delgado
President of the Black Lion Front
Mayor of Polokwane, Limpopo in the Independent South African Republic
Co-Founder of the South African Independence League

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