Procreate and Populate Party

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Procreate and Populate Party

Party-Procreate and Populate Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation PaPP
Forum [1]
Colors Blue and White
Founded Day 696
Dissolved In year 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Succeeds eAustralian Labour Party
Succeeded By Poison and Perish Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Procreate and Populate Party was a party in Australia.


The Procreate and Populate Party seeked to increase population and the general wellness of all Australians for their personal growth and the economic and security well-being of Australia.


The Procreate and Populate Party was created from the unused eAustralian Labour Party by Paul Hamon. It was lost as a party from the June 2010 Prime Minister elections, after which former Indonesian citizen, and PTOer Sandygee renamed the party to the Poison and Perish Party but, in October 2010 it saw its return.


The Procreate and Populate Party was originally created by Vladimir Petrovic as eLabour in June 2009. It was a relativity small party for it's first few months in politics and never threatened to break into the top five Australian parties, as it's membership hovered between 5 and 15 members. However, Paul Hamon started large recruiting drives and soon the party had close to 50 members, and he then became Party president.

Just before the October 25 elections Paul Hamon renamed eLabour to the Procreate and Populate Party, and soon thereafter it became one the top five Australian parties. Despite facing severe media criticism for having very little policy and candidates with little parliamentary experience, PaPP secured 20% of the seats in parliament.

The Procreate and Populate Party continued to grow fast after the elections and moved from 5th to the largest party in Australia despite frequent media attacks. On Day 740 and only 44 days after it's formation the PaPP membership became the largest party in Australia toppling the long standing reign of the Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP).

Unsuccessful Impeachment of Paul Hamon

Paul Hamon created an advert that made those who clicked on the link "Join PaPP" to automatically join PaPP. He took down the advert soon afterwards when he realised he may be in breach of eRepublik ethical practices. He sought out Admin to confirm his suspicions and was consequently fined 0.5 forfeit points. The Australian Parliament debated the issue at length in which Paul Hamon apologized for the incident. The five people affected by the advert who were also messaged on how to resign from the party. The Australian Parliament subsequently tabled a motion to impeach Paul Hamon which failed.


In July 2010 the PaPP was then recreated from the The Southern Cross Party, after Party president Timeoin stood down from the position to allow Majester to recreate his beloved party.


In October 2010 the party was retaken by Paul Hamon with help from MTP, AMP, ARP and ACP at this time the new blue PaPP logo was issued to celebrate!

PaPP Party Policies

Health & Wellness Education

PaPP believes that all new players deserve a fair chance at high wellness. We work to ensure that newer players are educated on how to maintain their wellness, rather than given needless handouts. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a year.

Increase Population

Citizens can directly help recruit babies into Australia. More citizens make for a secure and prosperous Australia. PaPP will work to directly recruit new citizens and direct government efforts towards this critical endeavor. We support the government's efforts with the Department of Baby Boom, and have members actively promoting the game.

Increase Retention Rate

We will increase retention rate by actively engaging newer players in showing them the ropes and pointing them to all the resources the Australian government provides. Why have health and mentoring programs and then not publicize them and allow our babies to die? The more babies that grow up, the stronger the Australian economy will be leads to a stronger Australia for all.

Rank & Skill Australia

Australia's security can be improved by aggressively improving the Rank & Skill of the average citizen. A high ranked and well skilled Australia is a strong Australia. Skilled citizens are productive and happy citizens. High ranked citizens are better able to defend Australia. We would like to encourage all citizens to train using Napoleon if they are able to.

Cabinet Power and Responsibility

The PaPP believes that the Cabinet is the most important part of the Australian government, and we believe that minimal interference should be placed on them by the Senate. The separation of the Cabinet and the Senate is important in ensuring that our political machine runs smoothly.


We believe in a strong military with high levels of funding, which is possible through our focus of education rather than handouts. We support the actions of our allies, and endorse the deployment of our military overseas. Sending lower level troops on overseas deployments will assist in their development, both through experience and education. A major overhaul is needed to formalize our military, and ensure newer players have the best possible experience in the relevant sections. Militias are an excellent resource for the defense of our nation, and should be encouraged at all times so as to lessen the burden on our budget and our expanding military. Funding for militias should be reserved for damage based payment only, but is a crucial part of an effective military force.


Lower taxes are essential in the growth and development of our nation. Our nation will emerge as a world power when v2 arrives, due to our Titanium resources, and we need to be prepared to manage a large economy. Import taxes should be very low for manufactured goods, but high for raw materials that we possess - this will increase our tax income, encourage lower prices of goods for players, and will not harm our profitable industries.

PaPP's Missions

PaPP Donations and Gifts

Inspired by the work of ausEaid (Australia's first charity), PaPP runed charity called PaPP Donations and Gifts. Supporters send donations for distribution to fellow Australians in need. This differs from other charities, in that PAPP-DG actively seeks out new players who are usually unaware that help is available.


The 90+ Family Trust hold a collection of business that help to educate and train people. They offer jobs for people of all skill levels or for people that would like to train in new a skill. The 90+ Family Trust Organization was administered by the PaPP founder and former party president Paul Hamon.

Contact Information


The PaPP discussion forum was open to all PaPP members and could previously be found here, on the official Australian eRepublik forums.

Facebook Fan Page

In an effort to expand the population of Australia, the PaPP asks that Australians use the 'Suggest to Friends' on the Erepublik eAustralia fan page. The PaPP believe that every single person helps to build Australia into a better place. Any gold raised from using this referral link,, when new members obtain level 6 will be donated directly to the PaPP Donations and Gifts organization.


Presidential Elections

  • October 2009: Did not participate.
  • November 2009: PaPP supported the TBP candidate Cerridwen Voeland. She won the election with 53% of the vote and was also supported by the ANP, AI and the ACP.
  • December 2009: PaPP nominated Garven Dreis as a presidential candidate.
  • January 2010: PaPP supported Timeoin as a presidential candidate.
  • February 2010: PaPP nominated Paul Hamon as a presidential candidate.
  • March 2010: PaPP nominated Majester as a presidential candidate.

Senate Elections

Party presidents

Date Term Began Date Term Ended Party president Avatar
16 October, 2009 15 November, 2009 Paul Hamon Citizen1730452.jpg
16 November, 2009 15 December, 2009 Paul Hamon Citizen1730452.jpg
16 December, 2009 15 January, 2010 Majester Citizen1465091.png
16 January, 2010 15 February, 2010 Majester Citizen1465091.png
16 February, 2010 15 March, 2010 Paul Hamon Citizen1730452.jpg
16 March, 2010 15 April, 2010 Xerenity Citizen1813705.jpg
16 April, 2010 15 May, 2010 Bass Junkie Citizen1658382.jpg
16 May, 2010 15 June, 2010 Pedramt Pedramt.jpg
16 June, 2010 PTOed Sandygee Citizen12605.png
16 October, 2010 15 November, 2010 Paul Hamon Citizen1730452.jpg