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Professor Evil

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth November 2008
Date of death 2013
Residence London, United Kingdom
Newspaper Independent Choice
Director of Foreign Affairs of Movement for Democratic Unity
27 November 2008 – 20 February 2009
Succeeded by dobis, Ryan McCullough
Congress member of United Kingdom
26 December 2008 – 20 February 2009
Preceded by Rayf Drayson
Congress member of Philippines
26 March 2009 – April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Professor Evil was a citizen of the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom

Evil was born Richard York in London UK in 2008, although he moved over to the US in February 2009 along with friend Patrick Reckitt to start a new life. He became an active politician in the UK for the Movement for Democratic Unity, being elected into Congress twice and serving as the party's Director of Foreign Affairs.

He was also active in the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving as an apprentice and even serving as defacto Minister during January 2009.

In the United States

On moving to the USA, Richard York became a member of the United States Workers Party before moving to the American Imperialists. He left the party after a failed leadership campaign, and became active in the campaign to unite Canada and the United States as a single entity, known as the United North American Empire campaign. He served as PR director for the group.

UNAE Concept and History

The United North American Empire/ "Union of North America", or UNAE, was a political vision involving the North American continent as one sovereign state. Essentially, this entails a merger between the USA and Canada, similar in operation and management to the defunct merger of the United Kingdom and Belgium.

The merger would turn North America into the most powerful nation in eRepublik, greater than any in game and able to present a united front against any danger.

The idea of a unified continent first sprung up in the wake of the US-Mexican war, and suggested as an alternative to pure American expansionism by George Thomson.

UNAE Committee

In March 2009, a committee was formed to gain support for the united North American ideal. Its members list included the founder George Thomson, director of PR Richard York, Sir Allen Powell, DylanB, Casyon, Axel Kaiserfaust, SirEkim, Franklin Roosevelt, Gaius Julius, pyroelectricity and Joseph Norton.


The UNAE committee was disbanded when it's leader, George Thomson, moved to the Philippines

In the Philippines

York was an early member of Big Boy Bulley's Filipino Progressive Movement, the campaign by UK citizens to bring the Philippines to its feet. Not long after this, he became inactive and his character died.


York was reborn in May 2010, a year after leaving. He has resumed his newspaper and plans a return to politics with the currently dormant Movement for Democratic Unity.


Richard York wrote the Libertarian Voice, a somewhat popular newspaper devoted to right-wing economics. During his term in the House of Commons, he renamed it the Bath Times in honour of his South West constituency.

Richard later became one half of Watchman Radio with Liberal Social Democrats President Patrick Reckitt.

He has written more articles for his newspaper, now named the New Libertarian.

As Professor Evil

York returned to eRepublik and the UK in late November 2012, more than two years after his death. Joining the UK Reform Party, he has resumed writing his newspaper and getting involved in politics.

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