Progreso Argentino

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Progreso eArgentino

Party-Progreso eArgentino.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation PA
National rank 4
Website Official site
Forum Forum link
Colors Blue, White
President Maguilla
Secretary General JuanFra.
Councillor alm1983
Spokesman gercabanay
Members 69
Congress Occupancy 5/40 seats, 12,5 %
Orientation Center

Progreso Argentino (Argentine Progress in English) is a political and social project that includes all those people who look for the progress of the Nation of Argentina.

Progress Argentinian is marked in the New World as a center orientated party, although it is considered to be apolitical - their only goal is the progress of Argentina, regardless on the orientation. Members of this party believe that it is possible and feasible to join together people of different ideologies inside the same party when a common goal is the progress of a nation.

Alliances have been made often with both Left-Wing and of Right-Wing parties to come to the presidency.


"We have something in common: we think differently"

Party President Lists

Argentine presidents affiliated to Progreso Argentino

  • Reina Borg (May 06th, 2009 - June 05th, 2009)
  • krakonico (August 06th, 2009 - September 05th, 2009)
  • Giputxilandes (October 06th, 2009 - November 05th, 2009)
  • Barbak (November 06th, 2009 - December 05th, 2009)
  • Dante-arg (January 06th, 2010 - February 05th, 2010)
  • candymanson (March 06th, 2010 - April 05 th, 2010)
  • Sargun (April 06th, 2010 - May 05th, 2010)
  • Sir Westerley II (June 06th - July 05th)
  • Barbak (September 06th - October 05th)

Congressmember of Progreso Argentino

Period Seats Congressmembers
March 2009 9 Jose de San Martin, Cicuta, T,Giputxilandes, kurtkbain, Reina Borg, Alejandro FM, Dante-arg, elio pez
April 2009 3 GermaZZ, Giputxilandes, Atila el Huno
May 2009 7 Giputxilandes, Atila el Huno, Dante-arg, Paulweller, Barbak, tincho_69, GermaZZ
June 2009 9 lolaleader, Giputxilandes, GermaZZ, Cicuta, Barbak, grandemond1982, GaToWiN, krakonico
July 2009 8 krakonico, batian123, The Thorondor, Javo hunter, Ricardo Ivoskus, Reina Borg, galle13, grandemond1982
August 2009 7 Rodrigo Emanuel Eiriz, Sir.Max, Esteban Paez, galle13, Ricardo Ivoskus, Fernando Gonzalez Arrili, GaToWiN
September 2009 12 candymanson, Rodrigo Emanuel Eiriz, Esteban Paez, Fernando Martin Prialet, Fernando Gonzalez Arrili, krakonico,

Duketucumano, mdz701, brunitoc2, Nicolas Ferrara, Sargun, juliankapolio

October 2009 11 Esteban Paez, candymanson, Dante-arg, kurtkbain, Bloody_1, paleki, El Gran Lauti,

Gaius Cassius, juanirn, Sargun, Fernando Martin Prialet

November 2009 11 Esteban Paez Sir Westerley, candymanson, krakonico, paleki, brunitoc2, xShuMy, jeremias visintin, tenki

Sargun, Fernando Gonzalez Arrili

December 2009 13 bordolix, candymanson, xShuMy, Gabriel 1982, Sargun, krakonico, Bernasca, paleki, miguelo77, Barbak,

RodrigoEE, PetecoKraus, Gurthang

January 2010 14 candymanson, Sargun, Clorofila, pau_lgi, paleki, Gurthang, bordolix, Jopre, Gabriel 1982, Nico Peluffo,

miguelo77, Sir Westerley, mig89, xShuMy

February 2010 10 Sargun, Pastillero_2010, paleki, candymanson, Cardo, Dante-arg, pau_lgi, Lautaro Viscovi, Sir Westerley, krakonico,
March 2010 10 DUFTY, paleki, Clorofila, Pastillero_2010, Don Churchill, Fernando Gonzalez Arrili, Le Yoli Paez, maatt88,

Jopre, Nicolas Piega

April 2010 12 candymanson, DUFTY, paleki, nicolas_vergara, Cocomiel, alm1983, Gaston47, Cardo, Nicolas Senestrari, Jopre,

Gabriel 1982, Pastillero_2010

May 2010 10 nicolas_vergara, DUFTY, Sargun, paleki, Clorofila, Le Yoli Paez, candymanson, gabrielhuma, Cardo, seba-geek ,
June 2010 8 Fernando Martin Prialet, Juan_Domingo_Peron, Juuliancito, Gewayllan, Le Yoli Paez, Don-Pato, nicolas_vergara, ivnar
July 2010 11 Sofia de Williams, Fernando Martin Prialet, Juan_Domingo_Peron, Juuliancito, Le Yoli Paez, Don-Pato, nicolas_vergara, Nautrax, Barbak, Sir Westerley II, seba-geek
August 2010 8 paleki, Nicolas_Vergara, Juuliancito,LautaroViscovi, Juan_Domingo_Peron, Don-Fourier, kronx, Nautrax
Septemer 2010 7 nicolas_nergara, Juan_Domingo_Peron, Don-Fourier, paleki, brunitoc2, Juuliancito, Estelrrig
October 2010 8 paleki, Nautrax, nicolas_nergara, Gewayllan, Juuliancito, xShuMy, Don-Fourier, brunitoc2

Other notable congressmen from periods after October 2010:

  • leokano (2012) - 5 times in Congress