Proud Africans

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Proud Africans

Party-Proud Africans.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation PA
Founded unknown
Dissolved June 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By party
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Proud Africans was a leading political party in South Africa. In the 3rd v1 congress elections Proud Africa won 4 seats in parliament. After South Africa was conquered by Indonesia, party become a part of Indonesian politics and the name was changed. At last count, the party had 14 members.

Members of Congress

December 2008:

  1. ql96lp
  2. bigirl
  3. supko
  4. coty

Party Presidents

This is the list of known party presidents: