Purjolök Ops

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General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
President tulipap
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeded By FRONT
Orientation Center-Right

Purjolök Ops (English: Leek Ops) is a heavily criticized party in Sweden.

Today Purjolök Ops is now the party FRONT.

Party Mission.

Purjolök Ops' main mission is to make Sweden a great power through strategic, well though-out, but almost constant war.

This will be possible because of Sweden's recently large human resources; we will take turns to fight so there always will be fresh soldiers. In the war against Denmark and Germany hundreds of soldiers never got the chance to fight, even if they had 100% wellness and more than 5.00 in strength. There are simply too many soldiers compared to the number of war we are starting. This problem will completely be avoided if Purjolök Ops are getting the power.

Another sub target in Purjolök Ops is to make the economy of Sweden stronger and a developing market. To accomplish this target is war a conclusion. During constant war the consumption of food, houses, gifts and weapons radically increase. The market will explode and the economy of Sweden will flourish.

The occupying of areas will get many positive consequences. One fact is that we will get more inhabitants which can fight on our side. Everyone would, of course, not like to fight for us but many would not be able to relinquish, the need of fights is today too huge. The second advantage is that the supply of resources will increase when the companies in the countries we have occupied are producing for us. This can't be stopped since everyone needs their salary.

Purjolök Ops sees very critical in the mutual protection pact with Norway. We believe that Norway will do more good in the ownership of Sweden. They have already too many regions and we have to attack today before it is too late.

Become a member of PURJOLÖK OPS to make Sweden become a great power!

(Members are guaranteed work in ”SWEfood” or” Purjolök Skyskrapor”. They are also guaranteed higher salary than non-members)

(Purjolök = Leek)


Due of that the Party's Congressmen is in-active and the Mission is so criticized so is Purjolök Ops a "bad Apple" in Sweden.

Not to forget, so is the mission in the views of many other politicians in Sweden untenable. Like that fact to have War 24/7 in eRepublik is seen as impossible.