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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth Oct 19, 2009
Day 699 of the New World
Date of death 2012
Sex Male
Newspaper Lonely Island
Congress member of Denmark
26th December 2009 – 22nd January 2010
Ministry of Home Affairs Apprentice of UK
8 April 2010, Day 870 – 8th May 2010, Day 899
MoHA, Wiki Department of UK
8th May 2010, Day 899 – 8th June 2010, Day 931
Vice Minister of Information of Sweden
9th June 2010, Day 932 – ?
Congress member of Sweden
26th June 2010, Day 949 – ?
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

QWERTY95 (Day 699 ) was a citizen of the Sweden. He was also born before as Mappo, until he got banned. QWERTY is also known as Maposaurus.

He was an active part of the Icelandic Campaign.


1st time in Sweden

QWERTY95 started his life in Sweden since he was the Vice Minister of Education in Sweden. After a while, he gave up his post to be a two-clicker for a month, after that he returned. SwedenCitizen took his post.

Avatar of SwedenCitizen.


QWERTY95 felt that he was no longer having fun in Sweden, so he left Sweden and went to Denmark, to work on a company owned by the Icelandic Campaign. He stayed in Denmark for two months, being active on their forum, and a month after his arrival he got elected to the Congress. QWERTY95 had good ideas for Denmark, but real life came in the way, and soon he lost his spirit for Denmark also, it was too small for him. So he left the Congress a few days before the election and took a ticket to the United Kingdom, where two of his friends, Lionbeard and Devioux where living.

United Kingdom

As soon as QWERTY95 came to the United Kingdom he got his citizenship accepted by Lionbeard. The first thing he did was to join British Empire Party. He tried to be active on the British forum, but QWERTY95 did not like the British forums at that time, he got over it later. He was active on the United Kingdom's IRC though. A day after his arrival he joined the Royal Navy, and he was active there until the dissolve, having the peak rank of Leading Rate on HMS Cardiff.

On day 855 QWERTY95 left the British Empire Party, since he did not have fun there anymore, and he believed that the party was self-dying. Three days later, on day 858, QWERTY95 joined the United Kingdom Reform Party (UKRP).

On day 870, 8th of April 2010, QWERTY95 became a part of the Wiki Team in the Ministry of Home Affairs in the United Kingdom.

On day 899 he became an Under Minister of the Wiki Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs in the UK.

He left the UK on day 932 (9th June 2010) to move back to Sweden. He left his duties in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Army as well as his membership in the UKRP.

The Royal Navy

As written QWERTY95 was a member of the Royal Navy, served as a Leading Hand on HMS Cardiff.

On Day 869 QWERTY95 won a Q3 Weapon in a competition between HMS Cardiff and HMS Cutlass.

This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

He has received the following Military Decorations.

Insignia - Royal Navy - Able Rate.png For the rank of an Able Rate

Insignia - Royal Navy - Leading Rate.png For the rank of a Leading Rate

Great British Campaign Medal Great British Campaign Medal (EDEN Invasion of the United Kingdom)

Royal Navy Service Medal Royal Navy Service Medal

Army Air Corps

When the new British army organization came into effect, QWERTY95 joined the Army Air Corps (helicopter). He served as a Private for a day in the 9th Regiment and was then promoted to the Lieutenant Colonel, the commander over the 9th regiment due to the first commander, biain's resignation. On day 931 he resigned as the Lieutenant Colonel of the 9th Regiment, also the army, as he was moving back to Sweden.


Insignia - British Armed Forces - Private (Army).png - Insignia for the Private rank
Insignia - British Armed Forces - Lieutenant Colonel.png - Insignia for the Lieutenant Colonel rank

2nd time in Sweden

On day 931 he moved back to Sweden, of various reasons. He was feeling a bit homesick after half a year outside of his birth country, his friend Graytuna became active once again and one of his other friends, SwedenCitizen, became the president, so he felt that it was worth coming back. The day after his arrival he got his citizenship accepted, and a couple of hours later he became the Vice Minister of Information[1].

On day 949 QWERTY won the congress election in the region Jämtland Härjedalen[2].


QWERTY95 was one of the leaders of the Icelandic Campaign. He had the highest number of posts on the forums and he is also one of the forum administrators.

Foreign Affairs in the Icelandic Campaign

QWERTY95 is the head of the Icelandic Campaign's Foreign Affairs project, which is made to make future connections between Iceland and other countries. He was the Icelandic Ambassador to Sweden, France and Thailand.


During his entire eRepublik life QWERTY95 has been a small businessman. He had a Q4 Weapon Company, been owning 50% of a Q1 Weapon company and was a part of a cooperation with a Q3 Wood company. He was also the manager of the Icelandic Companies, Q1 Ticket in Denmark and Q1 Weapon in Sweden.

QWERTY95 was also investing in the ERX.

Today all of the companies mentioned above are either sold or dissolved.


QWERTY95 is described by the people around him as a very serious player at the most time, but sometimes he can be very spontaneous. He was seen as very strict who likes following the rules.

Jennifer MacLeod after QWERTY95 yelled out that he had a monkey in his groin.


He was an active wiki editor, and he has won one reward for his work.

Friends of QWERTY95


One of QWERTY95's closest friends is Graytuna. They have worked together since the start of The Progress Party, and with other projects. Among them are Atlas University and New Future.


Since the early days of the Icelandic Campaign QWERTY95 has worked together with Lionbeard. Together they are managing all of the Icelandic organizations and most projects. In the United Kingdom they are also in the same party.


QWERTY95 got in contact with Kristinn with the Icelandic Campaign. Kristinn is an Icelander in real life. They are often seen chatting on IRC in the channel #Iceland on the Rizon network.


QWERTY95 has newspaper known as the Lonely Island. Earlier the newspaper was used for a black market industry called Maffe Enterprises, but after the shutdown of Maffe QWERTY95 took it over as his personal newspaper. The newspaper has four releases. Before QWERTY95 changed the newspaper name into Lonely Island the newspaper was named after himself, Qwerty95.



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Hard Worker (x8)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Super Soldier (x3)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x1)