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The QuickTipp is a eGerman state lottery initiated by former president The German Eagle and GeBe. Unlike the eGlücksspirale, people who participate in the lottery cannot win donated prices but cash (DEM). It was first announced on 6th December 2009 and first realised on 9th December 2009. It is managed by the eGlücksspirale Org. All announcements were published in the ESpiralenpost, the official newspaper of the eGlücksspirale. Since 30th December 2009 rules of the QuickTipp have been changed. Before that date, participants had to choose numbers between 1 and 9999 and only the correct number would have won the current jackpot. Today, participants chose numbers between 1 and 5000 and if the drawn number is not tipped, 10% of the jackpot is donated to the participant whose QuickTipp was closest to the drawn number. QuickTipp is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Everyone can participate until he/she in no way responsible for the procedure.


Everyone can buy as many tickets for the lottery as he/she wants. Tickets/Tips can be bought for 2 DEM/piece by donating the money to eGlücksspirale Org. The tips are numbers between 1 and 5000, chosen by the participants. The players fill out a form to inform eGlücksspirale Org about the chosen number(s). However, tips are considered as not valid until eGlücksspirale Org receives a payment matching the number of tips from the participant.


The drawing takes place in the public eGerman IRC-Server. Lhasa made a script, that automatically gives out a random number between 1 and 5000. Before the mentioned script is started by GeBe, all valid QuickTipps are published anonymously. So a fair and transparent drawing is assured.

Giving away

After the winner(s) of the current jackpot is raffled out, 10% of the revenue from sold tickets is donated to the state-owned Bundesbank and 90% are part of the jackpot of the next draw. All winners receive their money by donation on the very same day or one day later.


Draw Jackpot Drawn Number Winning Number Won Amount
9th December 2009 100,00 DEM 4084 none 0
12th December 2009 145,00 DEM 5082 none 0
16th December 2009 190,00 DEM 8031 none 0
19th December 2009 204,00 DEM 7508 none 0
30th December 2009 232,70 DEM 4126 4568 23,27 DEM
2nd January 2010 240,03 DEM 4253 4216 24,00 DEM


The Team of the QuickTipp consists of: