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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungarian
Date of birth 24th November, 2008
Date of death immortal
Residence Central Hungary
Sex Female
Newspaper Legendarium
Congress member of Norway
December 25, 2008 – January 6, 2009
Congress member of Hungary
January 25, 2009 – March 5, 2009
April 25, 2009 – May 25, 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary
January 17, 2009 – February 5, 2009
Preceded by Adam Zahovay
Succeeded by Kovacskoko
President of Hungary
February 5, 2009 – March 5, 2009
Preceded by Hekkat
Succeeded by Morreau
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


 I am Quicksilver. 

Quicksilver is one of those great characters of eRepublik, who indubitably played a great role - one that shaped the past and future of the New World. She is controversial (but who isn't?), extreme (never much for average solutions), stubborn (when it came to defending truth as she perceived it), and slightly chaotic (and she believes that this is what leads to out of the box ideas) - she is a great journalist, politician, diplomat and general troublemaker of Icon-Hungary.png Hungary. Long after the undeserved ban, she still roams the paths of the eRepublik community that she so loves still - and haunts her arch-enemies, the admins whom she hates passionately.


Quicksilver was born in Southern Great Plain (Szeged) in Romania, at the end of November 2008 ( Day 370 of the New World ). Went to Hungary after a few days and then to Norway, where she lived till nearly the end of the year 2008. Returned to Hungary in December to run for Congress. Moved to Switzerland at the end of March because of political attacks. Moved to Indonesia after the Theocratic war on Italy with which she did not agree. Moved back to Central Hungary, then to Nunavut, Hungary in May. Relocated to UK in July and got UK citizenship, again because of attacks from political opponents. Moved back to Hungary in September - to Heilongjiang, to the iron fortress of Hungary. Because of her ban, she could not move from the region when it was returned to China in April 2010, so she resides there against her will that he futilely asked from administrators.


Quoting Quicksilver on a matter of friends and the community of eRepublik:

"During my two years on erepublik, I got to know some wonderful people. I loved some for their intelligence, some for wits and humour, some for being my favourite enemies, some for a barely identifiable feeling - but without them, my e-life would have been a lot poorer. My memory for names is quite poor, but I think I can remember most of them. This is what erepublik is really about, not the wins, losses, wars and whatnot. PEOPLE. People on erep, people on the chats, people IRL - making connections that span the huge gaps that exist among us both in real life as distances and borders - and both in our mindsets, religions, philosophies and beliefs. erepublik made such connections, just like IRL does. It just made possible different ones, from all over the world.

Dsalageanu, who was a friend from the other side; an adversary and a good friend at the same time, a man of humor, wisdom and sharp intellect. Erwin_Schauman, whom we argued bitterly and deeply on the chats, but still gave me such well-thought advice sometimes. chebbba-waffles, the whirlwind of the chatrooms too, who by her very presence defies any negative mood and pessimism. Adam_Zahovay, who was - despite of being half as old as I am - the one I looked up to as a newbie. ghishae, the wise but witty conversationalist, whom it was always easy to confide. Nalaja, whose rock-like stability and tactfulness in the political arena I always envied. Han_Solo, who can be - and who was - both a worst enemy and a best friend - sadly ending our relationship in the enemy-role. Misho, whose humor brought me to tears with laughing - and whose deep analysis of economy and gameplay made me sit up, think - and nod. rlazol, who was a friend at first sight, and with whom I always talked over the most complex topics - admiring his razor-sharp mind in the process. vegaicm, with whom I met and talked rarely, but all those conversations I remember as pure diamonds. montaigne, who was one of the later acquaintances, but in whom I found a kindred spirit that loved diplomacy and journalism the same way as I do. sebahmah, with whom I loved that dangerous dance we danced when we were both in power; argued, and even rowed many times, until finally, we couldn't make up the widening gap any more... I feel sorry for that too in retrospect. Manitou, the unflappable Szekler, whose cutting remarks I could always expect on any topic. Masila, with all my Indonesian friends, who were so strange sometimes, but so easy to be with.

Make no mistake - I knew and loved and admired many more people on erep. I still feel fortunate to meet so many good people - and so few really bad ones. But they are far too many to list, and my memory, being how poor it is, I forgot a lot of names - but not the persons who went with them."


Political career

Working in the Norwegian mining colony, she ran for Congress in Norway, Black Earth region in December, 2008, and won the seat with 8 votes. Lost the seat when moving back to Hungary, to fight in the threatening Romanian-Hungarian affair.

Party-A KARD.jpg

In January, 2009, fed up with the stale political life of the existing parties , she became a founding member of the renewed party of A KARD, together with Feherlofia Koppany and sanya18 - the party, that put forward the idea of gameplay over IRL ideologies, and international military strategy instead of internal politicking. Run for the Hungarian Congress in January, and won the seat with a huge majority, 92 votes. Participated in the January government, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, after Adam Zahovay renounced the position. Actively participated in the peace talks with Romania.

Candidates for the Presidency in February, and wins the elections with 172 votes against Shaok (142) and hatasu (10) with the coalition government of KARD-SZP-PPL. Candidates for party presidency of the KARD and won it in May. Run for Congress in March, and won the seat in Western Transdanubia. Resigned Congress and temporarily finished Hungarian political career. After returning to Hungary, run for congress in Central Hungary and won the seat.

Military career

Citizen1232749 v2.jpg

Member of the Hungarian Army, with the rank of Colonel. After moving to Switzerland, member of the Theocratic Holy Army, with the rank of General. Reaching the rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal in May, no army affiliations. After moving to the UK, he became member of the UK Paratroopers. Returning to Hungary again no army affiliations.

Quicksilver created the irregular military unit Láthatatlan Légió (Invisible Legion), that mainly took index-generation soldiers, lesser in strength than usual army units accepted. The intent was a mobile army that could not only fight wherever needed, but also serve as elite voting force, casting their ballots at the last minutes of the elections, where it was most needed. In this, the unit was overlapping the similar voting corps that kovacskoko proposed and started to build up as MoFa in her government. She left the army when she moved to Switzerland, and it became to be independent of her in all matters. The Invisible Legion cam into the limelight during the Hungarian Civil War, which was mainly organized by them.

Diplomatic career

Started her diplomatic career in hekkat’s government, first as undersecretary, responsible for the ambassadorial system that she re-created from its ruins, and chosen new, active players for the positions. Became MoFa after Adam Zahovay renounced the position. Creator of the so-called 400 golds peace-treaty, that was almost accepted by both Romania and Hungary. At the time the treaty was considered to be beneficial to both countries, and would have turned the history into another track, as it offered possible cooperation between the inimical nations. After becoming President she negotiated with Romania's President, dsalageanu for a new peace-treaty that would have satisfied the index-boom population too, but the terms that Romania offered were not enough by then, and she refused to sign it. The peace with Romania came up once more in Morreau-s presidency, but it was also not successful.

After becoming President she actively pursued new possibilities in international diplomacy, including cooperation of Hungary, Sweden and Poland to take apart the back then neutral Germany, for its high grain regions that these countries all lacked. The plan was aborted, because of internal opposition from the parties, and because PEACE wanted to have Germany as a member.

Citizen1232749 v3.jpg

She also actively participated in PEACE affairs and planning during the Asian campaign that pushed back Romania and gave Indonesia its prize region, Western Siberia; until moving to Theocracy, which turned away from PEACE during the early summer of 2009.

Ever since, she kept her informal contacts with various countries' presidents and important players even after accepting no position in the Hungarian governments, and tried to help out with the often lame Hungarian diplomacy, but she gradually drifted away from formal governments and planning, and lately only uses her contacts for pure friendships, independent of the game.

Economical career

Created a few orgs and companies, but gave up an economical career, because it never interested her.

Journalist career

Quicksilver considered herself as first and foremost a journalist. This career was that she started first, that interested her most, and in which she was almost universally accepted as a world-class writer. There are many who question her political, diplomatic or even moderator work, but only a few questions that she was a good journalist.

Quicksilver is the owner and sole writer of the Legendarium (eRepublik paper link). With more than 4 thousand subscribers from all around the world, Legendarium was long the most subscribed newspaper in the New World. One of eRepublik's most famous article series, The Glory and Fall of Empires was published in Legendarium. Ever since her ban, she started two new newspapers (Moon-Circle org - Quicksilver neveben; acerola org - Quicksilver's News, because she loves writing, but admins (and moderators) do not love it that way, so they banned her orgs too with the papers.

Legendarium v2.jpg

Society building career

The instigator of the most successful recruiting campaign of eRepublik, an article in the online newspaper index.hu, which effectively made Hungary’s population to increase five times. The main organizer and instigator in most of Hungary's recruiting campaigns ever since, writing many of the recruiting articles and succeeding in a number of articles and game-descriptons published. Representing the Hungarian community in local TV stations as well as the National Radio, MR1 Kossuth Radio.

One of the organizer and instigator of the community meetings. Quicksilver organized the first-ever Hungarian community meeting (eRepublik Hungary eTali), the first-ever Hungarian-Romanian joint meeting in Szeged (Adversaries secretly meet in Southern Great Plain, Truly a First), and many international meetings since (Hol vagytok székelyek?). Regularly attending almost every meeting in Hungary, be it the regular monthly Vaskapu-meetings or in Pécs, Győr and Szeged - or even Temesvár (Szeged-Temesvár).

Team leader in the Hungarian translation team, responsible for translating eRepublik into Hungarian. Together with sanya18, Feherlofia Koppany and Szombati mise, the translation of eRepublik into Hungarian was done far before it was implemented, and although it was not perfect as they had no test-server to see the translations live, they did the greater part of the work.

Quicksilver is also an active member of the community where it comes to teach and inform the new players. By being on the Hungarian chat almost all the time, by writing informative articles about many aspects of the gameplay, and translating such articles, by writing and updating wiki-pages, by organizing lessons and giving lectures in the university chatroom, and by mentoring new players she does her best to tutor and help them to learn and love the game.

Ban career

Quicksilver was asked to be a moderator when the Home-based Moderator project started. She has been an active moderator for almost half a year in both actual work and participating discussions about existing and proposed new rules - contributing a lot of free work towards the betterment of eRepublik. This activity proved to her downfall - because of criticising a controversial ruling (the Szekler Legion case - that was later revoked by admins) she was kicked out of moderation, and banned many times as a user on shaky excuses* (detailed below). Admins decided to persecute and ban her* (detailed below), and only one fair admin's actions saved her from a permanent ban. Threatened by admins and moderators* (detailed below) alike and banned permanently at her birthday, 9th November, she tried a few times to achieve a fair ruling, but it proved to be impossible, as admins considered themselves to be perfect* (detailed below), and were not willing to communicate on any channels*.

Proof for this section:

- made-up excuse was from admins that Quicksilver disclosed information from the moderator forum - but she did not do that, another newspaper published the section that they accused her with.

- made-up excuse was that Quicksilver flamed because she did not do that - one only has to check any of her articles, that it has never been her habit to flame - because propaganda or disagreement with admins is not flaming.

- persecution was when they accepted the appeal but did not delete the FP.

- persecution was when others got half FP for wearing the szekler avatar, only Quicksilver got 1 FP for the same, so they could perm ban her.

- persecution was when she got 'empty' warning (and half FP), that contained no reason or quote as the reason for it - and appeal was denied too.

- persecution was when her appeals, that among other things contained these facts were denied without any consideration.

- persecution was when Game moderators harassed and provoked Quicksilver in PM-s that she reported to admins - and was banned for it.

- besides the appeals Quicksilver wrote dozens of e-mail to admins, explaining these things that she first thought are mistakes, and sought out admins in various channels, but none of these met with any willingness from admins to discuss matters and solve misunderstandings.

These quotes are from an e-mail much later (screenshot) in which an admin said this about Quicksilver's ban, showing what she thought about its unfairness:

 Was your penalty applied fairly? Most probably not 
 Were you mistreated by this ban? Probably you were 


Citizen1232749 v4.jpg

Quicksilver was permanently banned in 20th November 2009. Most of the Hungarian Community and many players from different countries asked the admin team to reconsider this decision, but open letters and articles only met with deletion and punishment of the writers. Therefore her friends could only express their opinion by continuously donating gifts to her, that resulted that even after seven months of being banned, she always had her wellness in the 70+ range - later in the ill-fated V2, she also retained health, as donation again became possible. Much later when admins made it impossible to donate, she has lost wellness and eventually died.

Quicksilver never started a new character, only used her existing orgs (Mensa HungarIQa, Moon-Circle and acerola) to take part in the community, and write her articles. Unfortunately, admins and moderators did not like her orgs any better than herself, and so the orgs met the same fate as her - leading to her eventual leaving of the official media of erep, and only following it on the IRC channels, outside the biased admins' jurisdiction. She was forced to register a new character again, after admins' announcement of the deletion of orgs and her orgs' bans. The forced and not really wanted re-registration saw the 'birth' of Quicksilver's Ghost - a character who is nothing else but a ghost, in all manner of speaking, and since then also finished her eRepublik life - disgusted finally with the obtuseness and unfairness of admins.

The ashes of Quicksilver were finally brought home on 22nd September 2010, and with military funeral honors they were interred in Central Hungary, the Erepesi eHungary Graveyard cemetery.

In May 2010, admins again showed no respect for great characters, and removed the avatars from some. Thus Quicksilver also lost her avatar, which only remains to be seen here, on the wiki.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 11x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 6x Congress Member
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 4x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 7x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 1x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 27x Society Builder