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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
Date of birth 12 May 2008
Day 174
Date of death 2010
Residence Lisboa
Sex Male
Congress member of Portugal
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


ROCA was a citizen of Portugal who moved to South Korea in 2009 as part of the Theocratic movement.

He was for several times the Economy Minister of Portugal and a successful company manager of Portugal. He was part of the Theocratic movement in Switzerland. ROCA has won 3 Super Soldier medals and his military rank was Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal.

His objective in middle term is to get a few "Battle Hero" medals and get close to the military rank of Euphonix and Darkplayer82 who are his idols in the New World.

His Story

The Start

ROCA was born on 12th May of 2008. When ROCA joined the New World he wanted a job. FCarvalho gave him one and his salary was 4 PTE. ROCA was happy but after looking at the marketplace he saw that food Q1 was 6 PTE (which was something strange to him but it was in the time of Canada's war).

Then ROCA decided to buy a newspaper for 5 gold (which was a good deal compared with the other newspapers that were on sale) which is something he regrets for because newspapers could be created without any cost at that time. ROCA spammed a bit the news until Euphonix told him to go to the Portuguese eRepublik Forum and read a few things.

After doing these silly things ROCA decided to help out new players so they wouldn't make the same mistakes as him. He even joined a system called "Tutorado" that helps out new players.

The Era of the plan "SIEG ALHO"

At this time PHuSiOn9 was in charge of the country and he created the plan "SIEG ALHO". The objective of this plan was to fight Capitalism, the inefficient industry, settle minimum wage, fight poverty but above all put an end to the waste of gold.

Yet ROCA still wanted to run a company so he created a gifts company in Spain. At that time he thought it was wonderful because the Spanish citizens would work for him and the Portuguese would gain wellness. But still being a new citizen ROCA didn't realize that the Import Tax was set to 99% so his project wasn't viable.

He returned to Portugal and seeing that there is a low offer of gifts in the market he created a company named "Sesamo Gifts" and later renamed to "Rua Sésamo". His objective was having a little profit. For days he spent all his profit on buying gifts to send to his workers and inviting new citizens to his company. He realized a few things like 100 Wellness makes a huge difference when working instead of only having 50 Wellness.

Although ROCA wasn't against the "SIEG ALHO" plan he couldn't agree at 100% with it. The State tried to steal him some workers but he managed to steal some workers from the State. After a few time he decides to sell his company to the state and he was invited to be part of state managers. He was invited because at that time he was one of the few managers or even the only one who had profit (in that time the Portuguese companies were having a hard time surviving but it was all part of the "SIEG ALHO" plan). He did not accept the offer, because he feared not being taken seriously. But when PENICO was created he joined the team[1].


After PENICO was over and changed the strategic plan of Portugal, ROCA met Darkplayer82, Dio Maksas and Dio Akira which taught him how theocracy works. ROCA moved to Switzerland and joined Theocracy.
Upon his return from a break, he owned companies around the world to finance his new activity and help Theocracy in the battles throughout the world in everything that is needed.


SALOMON TEMPLE is the newspaper owned and published by ROCA.