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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth October 11, 2009
(Day 691)
Date of death Winter 2014/2015
Residence Serbia, Southern Serbia
Sex Male
Newspaper Rachsuchtig's Axioms...
Congress member of Chile
Secretary of Defense of Chile
December 6, 2009 – January 6, 2010
Served under leanix
Succeeded by Brian.bans
Minister of Education of Chile
September 6, 2010 – October 6, 2010
Served under RonixxD
Preceded by Purohueso
Succeeded by Armando Naval
Ambassador of Chile
Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Chile
Served under Jimo.joaq, Cazador.espectro, PsyCokenin
Preceded by Jean90
Succeeded by Moxvidal
Party president of Movimiento Americano Social
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Rachsuchtig was a Serbian citizen of the New World.

Personal Information

(October 11, 2009 - 2014) Rachsuchtig (German of Vengeful) was born in the New World after the 2009 Baby boom in Chile. During his earlier life, he worked and trained hard until he got the right level, enough to start being an active player. Made that choice, he started to be known as Rach in public life.

He played in Chile an important role in politics, diplomacy and administrative management of the Chilean Forum. He was 13 times congressman for Chile, assumed many secretariats, was an active diplomat and member of the eRepublik Chile Forum Staff. In mid-May 2012 he left Chile forever, in order to seek his own dreams in Serbia.

Rach, the politician

The political awakening of the "Vengeful" player.

After he started to plan his political life when he reached the level needed, Rachsuchtig looked for a right wing party to represent. Then he chose the Chilean party named Partido Nacional Republicano (PNR). He ran for Congress in November 2009 almost like an independent candidate inside the party, with the slogan Make way for the New Generation, a little political movement supported by new players who ran for Congress for the first time. Even more, his presentation was underestimated by the old players. However, he obtained an historical voting, reaching the 2nd highest voting in the entire country, with 59 votes.

Once he earned a seat in Congress, he began to write about politics in his newspaper, which he called "Rachsuchtig's Axioms...", especially during -Chuck Norris-'s government. Besides, he wrote about Chilean society and events as a social critic while he was in Chile.

After leanix was elected President of Chile in December 2009, Rachsuchtig was named Secretary of Defense by Gaeloyolas, former Minister of Defense in Chile. In the last days of this government, there was a big weapons robbery from the Chilean Army, where the president and the minister of defense were involved.

Rachsuchtig worked as a link between the citizens and the remaining Government until he was removed from his office.

Departure and return to Chile

In late April, Rach came back to Chile to become congressman once again for the PNR party. Curiously, this time he got just 3 votes, rather than the 2nd majority like the first time. This probably happened because of the decreasing of the active population in Chile. Months later, he moved to Brazil to work for Archangels Unit.

In September 2010, RonixxD became President of Chile, and Rach, while in Brazil, assumed the Ministry of Education, working to create a more informed Chilean society, and educating the new citizens of this country.

After several months working and living in Brazil, Rach decided to come back to Chile in late November looking for a seat in the Chilean Congress, this time representing the Movimiento Americano Social party in Norte Grande. It was a success, and Rach continued representing the people over the months, with outstanding results. He was elected Congressman several months in a row, until he was requested to move to Zona Sur in June 24th, which was conquered by New Zealand that night, in the Chile-New Zealand War I.[1]

The diplomatic career

In March 2011, Rach became the Chilean Ambassador in Greece, showing the diplomatic skills he acquired through the months. In June, he became the Chilean Ambassador in Croatia, and he continued his work as an ambassador in Greece as well, until September 2011.

In July 2011, as Jimo.joaq became president, Rach was nominated Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Deputy MoFA), administrating and guiding the embassies to strengthen the relationships between Chile and the rest of the New World. He continued his work during Cazador espectro government, until the end of the month.

During the following months, MoFA's did not care about the Embassies and their potential, until Rach was nominated by PsyCokenin to take care of them once again in April 2012. He decided to change the way he worked with the ambassadors (only through the forums), creating an Ambassadors Team through massive PM's and a more IRC-oriented work, thus giving them -almost all of them newborns- a better gaming experience by sharing information live.

Party Icon

Rach, tired of the way his party, MAS, was acting in Chile, decided to give it a fresh air, a new beginning. Thus, Rach ran for Party Presidency in August 2011, winning the elections against supergol. During that month, Rach and the most active party members achieved something impossible for months: became the #1 Party in the Congressional Elections. Under his ruling, the MAS party got 25% of the Congress seats, becoming the 1st preference in August 2011[2]. Besides, after 1 week in charge, Rachsuchtig and his fellows spammed the young citizens (and reporting the multi-accounts) to reach the very 1st place in the Chilean Parties Ranking. Some goals achieved by Rachsuchtig during his presidency: Party's Q3 Food Company upgrade to Q4, Congress majority, #1 Party in Chile, reactivated the party contests and neutralized a possible Peruvian Political Takeover.

In September 16, juanchomono became Party President, after a successful month with Rach in charge. The party went once again into a kind of hibernation, until Rachsuchtig became Party President in March 2012. The MAS party was in a very decadent state, being 5th in the national ranking, way below the place Rach left it in September last year. So he wrote a long-term work program focused on bringing back to life the MAS party and the FAZ (Fuerzas Armadas Zippystas, Zippyst Armed Forces, devoted to Zippy, Chilean God) Military Unit as well, through giving the new players more opportunities, helping other small parties, giving useful information about the game, and so on. He wanted to see his party at the top, and to turn the FAZ in an elite unit for the Chilean Community.

Thanks to dhvalden, who contacted a reporter to write an article about Chile and eRepublik[3], Chile had the most massive Baby Boom in its history in early April, with almost 7000 new players, and the FAZ was the most preferred MU, reaching more than 1000 members in a few days. Thus, Rach and his team worked hard to help the new players, teaching them the basics and giving them hope (Chile was in a war against Argentina by those days). The FAZ became the most powerful unit in the whole country since then. Besides, and thanks to the reputation Rach and his mates gained during the process, a lot of the newborn joined the MAS party, which helped to reach the 3rd place in the national ranking. This allowed Rach to be reelected in April, thus giving him the chance to keep the good work; this month the party reached the 2nd place after his election.

Definitive departure from Chile

After the elections on April 25, Rach was heavily criticized after getting just 3 seats in the Congress. Players which didn't do anything to help the party to rise during the last month of work just came out of nowhere to comment about Rach's capability to be Party President, by posting those comments on the party's forum or bullying him on the party's IRC. Besides, Rach was banned from the MAS's forum while being Party President. So, after realizing nothing has changed since he started to play and how polarized and turbulent was the political scenario in the party and even in Chile, and writing a mea culpa[4] about his performance in the elections, Rach silently moved away from politics, waiting the end of his term to end his political career in Chile.

Once he left Chile forever, he became a Serbian citizen for life, developing his character there.

Rach, the soldier

Warrior Archangel

Rachsuchtig started being part of the Chilean Army, in the Inmortales de la Concepción division. But, since there were no war-games during leanix's governments, he enrolled in the Archangels, former Angels Unit, a Chilean-Serbian paramilitary unit created in December 2009 by Akasuna Itachi (formerly known as Marko Krsmanovic), Serbian player. Since then, he moved to Brazil to work for Archangels Iron Division. He also worked in Archangels as a Spanish translator in almost all the articles.

After being an active member of the Archangels Unit, and as a reward for his work, Marko Krsmanovic offered him to become the Archangels Chilean Battalion Commander. He accepted, and since then, "Rach" was the principal link between Chileans and Serbian Archangels, after Marko.

In late March, "Rach" left the Unit. He is very grateful for everything Marko and Archangels did for him, since he grew up in Archangels. Rach stated that after being with Archangels, part of his soul remained in Serbia.

Chile-Peru war

Under Gonzalo Medina's government, Chile attacked Peru in order to colonize them and gaining oil resources located in northern Peru. Rach, as the others, had to fight against Peruvians and Polish takeovers which had taken control of Peru. It took almost a week to conquer Peru, thanks to the disciplined Chilean Army and the powerful Chilean Visa-players dragon_azul_05 and rangoso.

During the Chile-Peru War, he fought bravely against the Peruvian and Polish soldiers, as well against Romanian and Peruvian multies, and hired tanks known worldwide, like Durruti or fanasimpson. His courage earned him his first Battle Hero medal. He was proud to fight for the Chilean Army and the country's interests.

The rise of the Vengeful soldier

After months without real action, the Government of Chile, under the presidency of Jean90, decided to become the new Terra member[5], granting Chile the chance to prove itself in the real military world.

On the other hand, rangoso, a prestigious Chilean soldier and businessman, decided to create his own Military Unit, called Unidad militar de Rangoso. Rach joined this unit, and since then he raised his strength and power, becoming one of the strongest soldiers in his country by the time. His efforts were rewarded when he won his 1st Mercenary Medal. Months later, and thanks to his hardworking personality, Rach achieved the National Force rank, as well his 2nd Mercenary Medal.

As time passed, Rach achieved his second BH medal fighting for Ukraine, and fought hard against New Zealand in the Chile-New Zealand War II.

Hell in South America: Chile-Argentina War

After the Chile-New Zealand War II, Chile was expelled from Terra[6], in such a dark and confusing scenario. This triggered a couple of months later the Chile-Argentina War, which involved the whole ONE and TEDEN alliances. By that time, Rachsuchtig was the MAS Party President, and member of the FAZ. Rach fought bravely against the Argentinian soldiers and their allies in order to keep his country free. In the first phase, Argentina conquered Chile, but lost all of its colonies in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Rach battled in the RW to free his country, and then to wipe partially out Argentina. He also raised the spirit of his fellow soldiers, by giving them speeches of hope and courage in the IRC channels, achieving a great positive influence in the FAZ soldiers.

Mercenary career

Rach not only moved away from politics by the time he left the MAS party. He also started to fight on his own, no matter what MU he belonged to. Thanks that, he achieved his third Mercenary Medal, and was travelling through the New World in order to gain experience in different battles and working hard to get a more distinguished Mercenary status. During this time, Rach achieved his fourth BH medal fighting for Switzerland.

On day 1698, Rach achieved the World Class Force rank, one of his short-term goals. He felt very satisfied, and this successful event inspired him to be a better soldier.

After months without a permanent military unit, Rach became a member of the Legija Stranaca Elite Military Unit. Under its orders, Rach earned his first BH medal fighting for Serbia. While in Legija Stranaca Elite MU, Rach makes his way through the competitive Serbian community, climbing almost 100 positions in the national ranking in less than a month. Moreover, and after a long time fighting and travelling around the New World, Rach achieved the God of War rank on day 1976, almost 3 years and a half playing eRepublik.

Under LSE, Rach achieved every pole position available in the Weekly Challenges, in both damage and kills categories.

Back to the trenches

Due to the apparent hibernation status of Legija Stranaca Elite, Rach decided to change the course of its military career. He joined Garda, one of the elite MU in Serbia, as a challenge to himself. Since then, he has become more active in-game, attending daily gatherings in order to fight together with his brothers-in-arms, and experiencing the heat of the battle like he never had. Under Garda, Rach achieved and shared the 1st place in Damage Dealt in the III MU Tournament, together with the Division 4 of Garda.

In June 2014 achieved one of his goals for this year: earn the God of War** rank. Besides, he started to find his place in Serbia's top 1500, after several months in a passive playing mode due to commitments in RL.

Rach, the teacher

Rachsuchtig goes to College!

Long time after he travelled to Brazil to become stronger with the Archangels Unit, Rachsuchtig was contacted by Raax, eCEI's Principal (eCentro de Educación e Investigación, Investigation and Education eCenter), and offered him to become the new Rector of the University of eChile. Rach accepted, and he started to rebuild the Institution working together with Patch Katz, and Farraday. The University began to teach once again and was fully operative. Rachsuchtig, as Rector, created links with others Universities and countries in South America and Spain; besides, this project was aimed to involve the English speakers in the future.

However, after the Admin published that the whole game was about to change, the University of eChile stopped his classes, until the new module was fully operative. But the time passed and changes were not well received by the community, which turned in a new version of eRepublik. This misfortune and the notice stating organizations would be deleted, ended the University project. The organization was dissolved by Rachsuchtig.

Education for everyone who needs it

Anyway, Rach followed teaching. Violeta Hash, a Chilean feminist leader, contacted him to teach about military and political subjects in FEM, the Feminist Latin American Alliance, in the IPRODEF Institute (Instituto Profesional de Desarrollo Femenino, Professional Institute for Female Development)[7]. He hasn't worked on Education like a teacher since FEM is inactive.

Rachsuchtig became Minister of Education during September 2010, where he followed cultivating his passion for Education and Culture, helping the Chilean government to keep their citizens constantly informed about Chile and the New World. Unfortunately, Admin started to change the whole game, which hampered the work of this Ministry. So, nothing could be done.

Rach, the forum administrator

eRepublik Chile Forums

In December 2011, Rach asked to the Administrators in eRepublik Chile Forums to became Global Moderator. He actually was a kind of moderator in some sub-forums, but he thought he could handle the whole Forum. So, Administrators gave him the chance and make him Super Moderator, and he proved once again what is he made of, by keeping the order and organizing the members in an efficient way.

Thanks to his effort and hard work, he became eRepublik Chile Forums Administrator the next month. Day after day, he performed his duties with joy, administrating groups, assisting and helping members, and make of the Forum a better place to be. However, after being disappointed about some aspects of the Chilean community, Rach asked for the removal of his administrative privileges and the deletion of his Forum account in early May. While he was Administrator, the bots were eradicated from the eRepublik Chile Forums, validation queue was reduced, some administrative tools were translated and security was improved.

Legija Stranaca Forums

In September 2012, Rachsuchtig applied in Legija Stranaca to become Super Moderator, being accepted days later. He was supposed to be in charge of the management and moderation, but the forum was then under construction.


  • Rachsuchtig was F.J.M. Checkers Champions in Chile, tournament organized by F.J.M. (Federación de Juegos de Mesa) in that country.[8]
  • He was F.J.M. Chess Vice-champion in Chile, by the F.J.M., after losing the decisive match against the player hschlosser.[9]
  • Hours before the 8.8 Earthquake in Chile[10], Rach released an article titled "Cuando pase el temblor..."[11], like a song by Soda Stereo[12], to analyze the behavior of the Chilean society. Because of that title, some players called him Rach, the prophet or eNostradamus the following days. He changed the title to Análisis de la realidad chilena (Analysis about the Chilean reality) for a time, to show respect to the victims; once the months passed, he wrote the original title again.
  • Rach became an Húsar de la Muerte (a former elite unit of Chile) just for one day, after reaching the max hit needed those days (+1200). However, the next day, Jean90 modified this requirement, increasing it to +1800.
  • He has adopted a "Not Buying Gold" policy since mid-2013.
  • Rachsuchtig earned his ninth BH medal fighting against Croatia in Federation of BiH, after helping to turn the battle around for Division 3. They managed to stop Croatian score at 1700 as Serbia scored ~600 points.

Achievements and Awards

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x5)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x61)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x13)
Last awarded: Day 1558 of the New World
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x11)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x159)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x13)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x25)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x3)
for Movimiento Americano Social
Icon achievement Alianza Latino Americana on.gif
ALA soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Terra on.gif
Terra soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Order of New EWorld on.gif
ONE soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement The World is Ours on.gif
TWO soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Wiki on.gif
Wiki Rewards* (x1)
January 2014

  • Highest all-time reputation in Chilean Forum (155-Excellent). (by the time he left Chile)
  • Chilean Forum User Rating: 5/5 stars. (by the time he left Chile)
  • 3rd place in the Second Military Units Tournament, in Legija Stranaca Elite (#12 National Ranking, #206 World Ranking)
  • National Ranking 1556 in National Shield event, in Serbia (#66 Country Ranking)
  • National Ranking 1726 in Epic Warfare event, in Serbia (#36 Country Ranking)
  • National Ranking 628 in New World Cup - The Final, in Serbia (#33 Country Ranking, #3 Finalists)