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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
Date of birth 15 September 2008 - Day 300
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper Obcasny obcasnik
Congress member of Czech Republic
President of Czech Republic
6 March 2009 – 5 May 2009
Preceded by Red Duck
Succeeded by Franz Kafka
Party president of Czech-croatian rights organisation
18 October 2008 – November 2008
Party president of Czech Right Union
November 2008 – December 2008
February 2009 – March 2009
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Radim was citizen of Czech Republic. He was elected Country President in March and April 2009. He was a very important member of Czech politics for a long time.


Radim was born on 15th September 2008. It was in a beta and radim came in the first day to United Slavs party. But this party had another ideas than radim and, one day radim joined former Czech-croatian rights organisation (CCRO). It was a small right wing party. When party president of CCRO janjordy resigned (18 October 2008), radim became a new party president. Radim didn't have enough experience in these times. He had never been in a congress and the party was inactive. Radim renamed party to Czech Right Union (CRU) and together with gordan_g they started reforms in this party until CRU became one of the strongest parties of the Czech Republic. For the first time, elections weren´t very successful. In congress, Czech Right Union received only 7% of the vote and three members of congress (radim, ferrariboy and Eliska). Radim also was a candidate for president, even though he knew he didn't have enough support.

But radim together with gordan_g invited many new active members to party (for example: Daronel, Moshe Fisher, GFkoCZ and Vaclav). In that times, Czech politics was controlled by Civil Reform Party (Parrot, shanethe13 etc...). They wanted to destroy Czech Republic by joining Germany, and they destroyed relations with other countries. Only Czech Right Union and United Slavs were against CRP steps. Next congress elections were very successful for Czech Right Union, they got 42% of the Congress. Parrot and shanethe13 knew they lost and they tried to quickly destroy Czech Republic. They wanted to start a "fake war" against Germany and quickly lose it. They also wanted to bring Slovakia into the war by MPP. But Czech Right Union and United Slavs had majority in congress and they were able to stop it.

Under radim´s leadership, the Czech Right Union won their first presidential elections and Vaclav became president again (he was once the President of Czech Republic from United Slavs). Radim got the seat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Vaclav. They started to establish good relations with other countries. Radim´s leadership was very successful, but gordan_g became the new party president of Czech Right Union. Radim had been the first Vice-President of CRU.

Next president of Czech Republic was Red Duck. He gave Minister of Finances seat to radim. They started important economic reforms together. Radim was one of the closest collaborators of Red Duck. Radim was again elected as party president of Czech Right Union.


Radim supported Red Duck for president, but Red Duck announced that he will not candidate again. Only one to candidate was the former President Ivan Hat from United Slavs. He was extremely left winger oriented and radim and many people hated his policies. So, radim announced his presidential candidacy. In the beginning, most of the people didn't believe he could win. Radim showed his policies clearly. He supported continuing with Red Duck´s reforms and support of free market. The campaign was very dirty. But radim won.

When radim won, many people were very angry and they left Czech Republic. Radim had been against our current neutral position and he made closer alliances with many countries (Israel, Serbia, USA, Germany). Radim was the president in one of the hardest terms of countries history. Under his leadership Czech Republic had problems with several takeovers. He successfully used help from allies.

In the second term, radim´s Minister of Defense Jan Khysl ran against radim. He supported the restoration of Czech neutrality. It was a very hard fight and radim got 23 votes and Jan Khysl got 21 votes. The results were close, but radim won and again cooperated with Jan Khysl.

In the next elections on May 2009 radim again ran for the presidential seat. His Minister of Justice Franz Kafka was a candidate against him. Both candidates were good and both did many good things for Czech Republic. Franz Kafka won and radim was his new Minister of Social Welfare.


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