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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 118
Date of birth 12 September 2008
Day 297
Residence Svealand
Sex Male
Political party Antiplatoniterna MSAP
Faith Doesn't believe in any
Congress member of Sweden
Chairman of MSAP
16 December 2008 – 16 January 2009
Preceded by Vectoor
Succeeded by The Herminator
President of Sweden
21 July 2010 – 6 August 2010
Preceded by Per-Otto
Succeeded by St00r
6 October 2014 – 6 November 2014
Preceded by Dalze
Succeeded by Jock Cranley
Military unit The Ref Dealership
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Radsoc is a Icon-Sweden.png Swedish citizen. He has currently served 106 terms in the Congress of Sweden.

Following the coup of MSAP, he enlisted with the Workers' Militia and actively participated in the global anti-imperialist effort. A few months later the coupers were defeated and MSAP reformed as Folketm and later taken back its old name MSAP. In total Radsoc was elected 7 times party president of MSAP.

Sometime in 2015, party was renamed to Antiplatoniterna MSAP and Radsoc become Commander of Arbetarmilisen. In Antiplatoniterna MSAP he was spokesman in June 2015 and later on become party president.



Radsoc worked for:

  • The World Revolution.

World wide liberation has to be achieved through any means possible.

  • Increased freedom through state-owned companies.

The state needs an increased role in the economy and production. There has to be state production of houses, and all other goods. Today the pro-private business government dislikes the idea of having increased competition on the market. They don't want to give people the choice to work for a private owner or for the state.

  • Increased freedom through worker-owned companies.

The state has to grant loans to people who want to start workers' self-managed companies, where no private owners and thus no profits exist. Which means that the workers receive higher wages and the prices are lower, as no single person takes any money away for his own benefit. Working for worker-owned companies adds a new choice, i.e. increased freedom, to the player. Since the success of Arbetarkooperativet, a cooperative started in V1 by MSAP, the Swedish Labour Union, Christian Klar, Eskil and Radsoc, a number of independent cooperatives popped up in Sweden. The Swedish state also supports the founding of new cooperatives by handing out substantial gold-grants.

  • A home for all.

The market has failed to make houses affordable for all. The state has to enter the market and produce houses that are affordable for all. Of course, with the current government, this is impossible as the congressmen who own housing companies would make huge losses. Houses for all would vastly increase wellness for the population and therefore increase Swedish productivity. This secures our position in the world as a strong independent nation.

  • Rapidly increased production of hospitals and defence systems.

The current Swedish hospitals have a too low quality level. This means that our defence isn't as good as it could be. The state has to increase the quality of the hospitals as fast as possible. Same goes for defence systems, where production is extremely low today.

  • A strong anti-imperialist defence.

There have to be defence systems, hospitals at the highest quality levels in this country. Weapon-, moving-, and gift- stashes as well as an increased budget for the military forces is required in order to make Sweden the independent powerhouse we want it to be.

  • An independent workers militia.

The party of the working class must create its own military force, a workers militia, that isn't subordinated the bourgeois government. The goal is not to be tools of the corporate thugs of FBS who neglect the economy just to make a profit. A Workers' Militia has been created, and has participated in a number of conflicts around the world.

  • A parallel exercise of power.

A parallel base of power is required. The bourgeois government can be outmaneuvered by creating a strong labour union, many worker-owned companies and its own armed force. By doing this, the party can gain an increased presence in society, which will help the working class get more members of Congress. The workers will also have the possibility to virtually control the country without being part of the congress majority.

  • Full employment.

When people are unemployed, especially newbies, a lot of potential goes to waste and new players might quit. It's essential that the state guarantees work for all. Unemployment is a waste.

  • Abolished Starvation

Wages must at least cover the food expenses needed to increase wellness. Otherwise, productivity will drop over time and people starve.

  • A government that only represents the interests of the majority, the working class.

The government has to consist of the working class rather than the minority of rich company owners. Today many bourgeois congressmen try to maximize their own profit rather than working for the benefit of the country.

  • Increased international cooperation and boundless support for socialist movements around the world.

Sweden must support international liberation struggles around the world. We have to be a nation that feels no obstacles from freeing the world from nationalist and capitalist tyranny.

  • Leaving all imperialist alliances and creating a new Global Socialist Alliance.

EDEN, PEACE etc are nationalist and imperialist alliances that force countries to unnecessary wars at huge costs. They might very well fight socialists and other liberation movements if they see fit.

For more information on my policies, see the newspaper Revolution.

Congress Motions


Only available information from 2010 is:

  • 2 Jun - Transfer funds from the Swedish State to the Workers' Militia. - PASSED[1]


  • 21 Nov - Transfer funds from the Swedish State to the Workers' Militia. [2]
  • 30 Oct - Appoint a committee to create a framework for state loans or funds for cooperatives. [3]
  • 1 May - Send regular troops to liberate South Africa, and fund their cause. [4]
  • 29 Jan - Call for leaving the imperialist anti-socialist alliance ATLANTIS. [5]
  • 17 Feb - Transfer funds from the Swedish State to the Workers' Militia.[6]


  • 26 Dec - Call for a declaration of war against Icon-Romania.png Romania for declaring war on Icon-Russia.png Russia. [7]
  • 19 Dec - Call for leaving the imperialist anti-socialist alliance Atlantis. [8]
  • 6 Dec - Call for a withdrawal of the decision of stopping Icon-Germany.png German independence. [9]
  • 11 Nov - Call for an immediate stop of the illegal Swedish military anti-socialist intervention in Russia. [10][11]
  • 2 Nov - Call for a motion of no confidence against the finance minister and national bank governor Karl Holm. [12][13]
Purpose: The finance minister and governor of the national bank of Sweden Karl Holm used his position to adjust market rates for personal gain. He did also show signs of incompetence unsuitable for his role.
The national bank should act for the good of the nation rather than for the benefit of private interests. A new finance minister/national bank governor must be elected who doesn't have split economic interests.
Radsoc considered Karl Holm to be guilty of massive corruption and unduly acquirement of state property in connection with monetary market trade.
  • 17 Oct - Support Russian Resistance[14]
Purpose: Gold and guns for the revolutionaries in Russia.
  • 9 Oct - Guarantee German Independence / Defence Pact with Germany[15]
Purpose: To make sure Germany isn't conquered again after gaining independence from Sweden.
  • 3 Oct - New Housing Policies of the State[16]
Purpose: A majority of the Swedish population is homeless.

Congressman vote history


  • 3-4 Oct - Yes, to income tax cuts on all products to battle the threat of deflation.
  • 6 Oct - Yes, to increase the eRepublik.se citizen payment by ten SEK. Forum membership should be promoted.
  • 10 Oct - Yes, on the preliminary vote, to free all German provinces.
  • 11 Oct - No, to the printing of half a million SEK. To keep inflation low.


  • 14 Oct - Yes, to set the minimum wage to 1 SEK. To begin with, to keep inflation low[17].
  • 14 Oct - No, to set the citizen fee to 20 SEK. Because of increasing inflation[18].
  • 17 Oct - Yes, to set the citizen fee to 15 SEK[19].
  • 22 Oct - Yes, to transact 10 000 SEK and ~5000 Gold to Riksbanken[20].
  • 22 Oct - No, to buy a Q1 hospital for 99 999 SEK for Mazuria & Mecklenburg[21].
  • 30 Oct - Yes, to improve all Q4 hospitals to Q5. [22]
  • 1 Nov - No, to increase the food income taxes due to deflation[23].
  • 2 Nov - No, to increase the gift income taxes due to deflation[24].
  • 2 Nov - No, to increase the weapon income taxes due to deflation[25].
  • 3 Nov - No, to the proposal appointing new FBS ministers[26].
  • 3 Nov - Yes, to increase the minimum wage by 1 SEK to reduce deflation[27].
  • 3 Nov - No, to increase the house income tax from 1% to 15%, to stop deflation getting worse[28].
  • 4 Nov - Yes, to increase the import tax on grain from 0% to 99%, to stop deflation[29].
  • 4 Nov - Yes, to complete freedom for Germany and guaranteed independence[30].
  • 5 Nov - No, to paying the President and other ministers as proposed by congressman bumbe (FBS)[31].
  • 11 Nov - Yes, to halt the Swedish military intervention in Russia[32].
  • 17 Nov - No, to the war budget proposed for the Icon-Argentina.png Argentina conflict[33].
  • 20 Nov - Yes, to increase income taxes on all products in order to battle the rapidly increasing inflation[34].
  • 25 Nov - Yes, to decrease income taxes on all products in order to battle the rapidly increasing deflation[35].
  • 2 Dec - No, to the suggested rules for the duties of the ministry of defence[36].
  • 2 Dec - No, to the suggested halting of German independence[37].
  • 2 Dec - Yes, to Icon-Denmark.png Danish independence[38].
  • 4 Dec - Yes, to impeaching the president for authoritarian behaviour[39].
  • 6 Dec - No, to the declaration of war against Icon-France.png France[40].
  • 7 Dec - Yes, to buying a hospital for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg[41].
  • 13 Dec - No, to a mutual protection pact with Romania[42].
  • 15 Dec - No, to a mutual protection pact with Icon-USA.png USA[43].
  • 16 Dec - No, to buying a hospital for war-scene Franche-comte[44].
  • 17 Dec - Yes, to increasing the minimum wage from 1 SEK to 1.5 SEK[45].
  • 20 Dec - Yes, to increasing the minimum wage from 1 SEK to 1.5 SEK[46].
  • 21 Dec - No, to increasing the citizen fee from 15 SEK to 20 SEK[47].
  • 22 Dec - Yes, to changing taxes on defense sytems[48].
  • 26 Dec - Yes, to buying a Q5 hospital for Svealand[49].
  • 26 Dec - Yes, to increasing the minimum wage from 1 SEK to 1.5 SEK[50].
  • 27 Dec - Yes, to impeaching the president[51].
  • 28 Dec - Yes, to peace with France[52].
  • 6 Jan - Yes to donating 1500 SEK to the Workers' Militia[53].
  • 8 Jan - Yes, to impeaching the president[54].
  • 11 Jan - No, to buying a Q5 Defence to Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg during the war situation[55].
  • 11 Jan - Yes, to liberating Hovedstaden from Denmark[56].
  • 29 Jan - Yes, to constructing a Q5 Hospital in Gotaland[57].
  • 16 Feb - Yes, to impeaching the president[58].
  • 17 Feb - Yes, to donating 2000 SEK to the Workers' Militia[59].
  • Jan-Feb - No, to everything else.
  • March - Yes, to peace with France.
  • April - Yes, to import tax reductions. Yes, to peace with Hungary.
  • May - Yes, to donating 2500 SEK to the Workers' Militia.
  • June- Yes, to donating 2500 SEK to the Workers' Militia

Editor of Revolution

Radsoc is an internationalist and also the editor of the newspaper Antiplatoniten, formerly known as Revolution.

Essays on Economics

  • "Why the (beta) inflation meter is wrong and how to fix it"[60]
  • "Economics 2: International Trade"[61]
  • "Economics 1: Alternative Company Models"[62]
  • "Introduction to Economics"[63]


Military offices
New title Commander of Workers' Militia
27 December 2008 – 05 February 2009
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Commander of Workers' Militia
19 May 2009 – Unknown
Succeeded by