Ralph Ericson

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Ralph Ericson

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 484
Residence Minnesota, USA
Sex Male
Political party E Pluribus Unum
Military unit Easy Company
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 5.png Flight Lieutenant*****

Ralph Ericson is a citizen of the USA.

Notable Information

Previous Positions

  • General US Cavalry
  • Secretary of Defense April 2012
  • NSC Director February 2012
  • Deputy NSC Chairman January February 2012
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense January 2012
  • Department of Media Assistant January 2012
  • XO of Alpha 1 USAF Special Forces
  • CO of some platoon in US Marines.
  • Cavalry Deputy Commanding General
  • S-1 (Personnel) Section Commander
  • Cavalry Executive officer
  • Commanding officer 4th Division, AGE
  • Commanding officer of AGE RECBN
  • Executive officer AGE RECBN
  • Army S-1A
  • Drill Sergeant of Army Dog Squad
  • US Army 5th Division, 3rd Platoon
  • Training Division, 2nd Division, 10th Platoon
  • Party member of American Military Party
Military offices
Preceded by
Commander, 4th (US) Infantry Division 4th Division deactivated
Redesigned 3rd Cavalry Regiment
New title
U.S. Cavalry is formed
Deputy Executive Officer of the United States Cavalry Succeeded by
MG Mainegreen
Preceded by
LTG Mainegreen
Executive Officer of the United States Cavalry Succeeded by
LTG Ethix
Preceded by
GEN Gannonus
Commanding General of the United States Cavalry Succeeded by
Cavalry Disbanded
Preceded by
Executive Officer Alpha 1 Special Forces Succeeded by
Sgt. Jean90
Preceded by
2LT franciscodemiranda
Commanding Officer Alpha 1 Special Forces Succeeded by
Preceded by
National Security Council Director Succeeded by
Preceded by
United States Secretary of Defense Succeeded by
Preceded by
Artela's VP
United States Vice president Succeeded by
Preceded by
Position Created
Rogue Squadron Green Squad CO Succeeded by