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The RAMROD Coalition

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation RAMROD
Colors Brown, Gold
Dissolved December 2008
President Kyle321n
Congress Occupancy 0/51 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Nationalist Party
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

RAMROD or Real Americans Making Real Outstanding Decisions is a political coalition consisting of members from different parties within the United States of America. It was created by three politicians, William Shafer, Nathan Woods, and Rod Farva, in November 2008.

The ideals of RAMROD

RAMROD follows a Pro-War (Pro-Rawr) policy. RAMROD accepts no zombies or Robots. It seeks to abolish zombies and robots from this great nation, as zombies and robots aren't real Americans. RAMROD is a right-wing coalition, and believes America is the greatest nation on Earth and will do anything to protect its fellow Americans. RAMROD believes in a fair-tax system and doesn't favor high-taxes for Americans.

Name Change

RAMROD was changed and became the Nationalist Party. After several months Rod Farva decided to bring RAMROD back as a small party for his own, where he could hold the RAMROD values unchanged by outsider opinion.


When asked in a questionnaire about the values of his party Rod Farva. On Day 455 of the New World he answered this way:

1. What does your party stand for in terms of foreign policy, business policy, defense policy, and tax policy?

Foreign Policy/Defense Policy- I believe we need to act before we are acted against, militarily. We should always be on the offensive, and never find ourselves backed into a corner. The best defense is a good offense. We should always fund our marines 100% with weapons, and we should try to get to the point where we are funding the army 100% with weapons too. The National Guard is for training and if we have a training battle they should be funded, but in "real" wars we shouldn't fund them unless our cup runneth over with money.

Business Policy: Strict Free Market Capitalism. If the Government says that they aren't buying anything under Q5 constructions, then the Q4s should try to find somewhere else to sell or close business. I believe the government should contract with weapons companies to stockpile weapons, but they shouldn't start subsidizing them or start creating their own weapons companies, unless the need is so great that the US market can't hold enough weapons for the military.

Tax Policy- I believe we need a comprehensive tax plan that allows for us to fund the marines and army with weapons, purchase 2 construction purchases a month (hospital or DS) and be able to stock pile some money for a "rainy day" (I'd say 300-500 GOLD a month). I believe the import tax should be about 10-15% higher than the VAT we decide on.

2. What does your party's economic orientation mean to you?

Far Right- Well I'm a self proclaimed nut job, so I figured why not make my party a right-wing nut job party. I'm pretty conservative in here and RL, so I figured a right leaning party fits me. I'd describe myself as more center right if anything.

3. What does your party's social orientation mean to you?

Libertarian- I guess it fits me best? If there was a Social Conservative I'd choose that, but there isn't one. I'm not an anarchist, totalitarian, or authoritarian, so Libertarian is best.

4. Where do you see America going, and do you want to go there?

I am a little concerned at the direction America is going right now. The Military is good right now, we are strong, well organized, and ready for combat, but we don't have funding in place for weapons. I also feel there can be a little bit better organization, but when you have a country of 4000 active citizens there's some organizational problems that you are bound to encounter.

The bickering that's going on in congress is extremely troublesome. We have some who want to bring RL concepts and automatically assume that they will work. Many don't seem to realize that this game isn't an exact duplications of RL and that some capitalism ideals and some socialism ideals just won't work. There needs to be a compromise between the 2 groups of fiscal conservatives and liberals.