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General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Colors Blue and Green
Founded February, 2011
Dissolved May, 2014
President Vacant
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Kiwi Social Democrats
Succeeded By Maori Party
Orientation center-left
Ideology Libertarian

Ranginiu (February 2011 - May 2014) was a centre-left political party formerly active in New Zealand. The party was originally formed as the political wing of the Slovenian militia the Angry Angels. It had a robust history and had consistent representation in the NZ Parliament from its founding to around late 2014.

The party had a vibrant history of being politically engaged in NZ but by mid-2014 it had suffered defections as a number of leading members left NZ, the Slovenian members returned to their home region and the party simply wilted away to nothing. It was dissolved in 2014 when Moon King arrived and launched a new party.


For a full history of the party please visit History of Ranginui.

Angry Angels

Ranginui was the first political parties in NZ to officially become the political-wing of a military unit. During much of NZ's early history, parties avoided affiliation with MU's and instead sought to integrate all fighters in the New Zealand Defense Forces. Ranginui sought to end this when it's members left the NZDF and affiliated all joined the Slovenian Angry Angels.

During much of its history, MU members ran for Congress under only the Ranginui banner and most members who joined the party typically sought entrance into the MU. By ensuring it had a political voice in NZ, the Angels also ensured their interests were protected and represented within the government.

This relationship has continued with time, as most members joined the MU and fought with it in countless engagements around the New World. However, occasional members have joined other MU's, notably the NZDF. Because most Angry Angels members eventually left NZ, the remaining members are now split between various MU's around the world.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
February, 2011 Jockaye Party Founder and former KSD PP
March, 2011 DonRizla/KrMa Don resigned after April 5th and KrMA took over
April, 2011 polycom29 Suspected PTO
May, 2011 KrMa Second term as PP
June, 2011 Jockaye Second term as PP
July, August 2011 KrMa/Srnica Third term as PP. Succeeded by Srnica half-way through both terms.
September, October, November 2011 Ava-imperator/Srnica 3x PP. Succeeded by Srnica half-way through 1st term.
December, 2011 Jockaye Third term as PP.