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I, malta_1990, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Rayf Drayson, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Rayf Drayson

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth August 4th 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence London, UK
6th President of UK
October 2, 2008 – November 6, 2008
Preceded by KIA Sneak
Succeeded by Dishmcds
Minister of Finance of UK
October 31, 2008 – January 1, 2009
Served under Dishmcds
Preceded by Bremer
Succeeded by Hassan Pesaran
Congress member of South West of England
November 26, 2008 – January 26, 2009
Congress member of UK
September 2, 2008 – October 2, 2008
Member of House of Lords
February 1, 2009 – March 28, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Rayf Drayson was a citizen of the UK. He was formerly the Prime Minister of the UK, and then the Minister of Finance.

Political Career

Rayf Drayson had been a member of the UK Reform Party since his birth in early August 2008, and quickly worked his way up the ranks of its active members, serving as its Press Secretary and its Vice President before being elected its Party president. Rayf began his political career running for mayor of his native Bristol (South West of England) in August 2008, and helped his opponent Keitarour found the Bristol Council shortly after losing that election. Rayf was voted into Congress in September 2008 and was appointed the Apprentice Minister of Work and selected as the Ambassador to the United States of America.

In the October 2008 General Elections, Rayf ran for Prime Minister (President) of the UK and won, barely edging out his opponent widdows9000. Rayf immediately launched into his work, appointing a Cabinet quickly and setting to work with Congress in preparing for V1. Due to the heavy workload of the office of Prime Minister, Rayf decided not to run for re-election in October 2008 as Party president of the UK Reform party, opting to let others run and take up the reigns of leadership.

Real life intruded, however, and Rayf was forced to reconsider the amount of time he could devote to eRepublik. Thus, Rayf chose not to run for re-election as Prime Minister, and to instead go into semi-retirement. While still Prime Minister, Rayf was forced to take over control of the Bank of England and act as the Minister of Finance. Due to his wealth of experience and insight, he was named to the House of Lords. He was the Minister of Finance from last October through the end of 2008, and ran for election to the House of Commons in late November 2008. He was one of the two Congressmen from the South West of England, so he temporarily stepped down from active participation in the House of Lords.

Rayf ran for re-election to the House of Commons in late December 2008 and won. He chose to resign from the Ministry of Finance to have time for real-life commitments, but served out his second consecutive term in the Commons. He retired into the House of Lords, and resigned from the UK Reform party, opting to go politically independent.

In late March 2009, Rayf took a leave from the House of Lords and moved from the UK to Mexico in order to take a break from things. He then moved to the Philippines, Romania, the USA, Spain, Indonesia, Hungary, France, Argentina, and Russia. At the end he returned to the UK.

Positions Held

Previous Positions


Economic Stats

As of Day 961

New Stats:

Old Stats:

  • Manufacturing: 15.00
  • Land: 4.34
  • Construction: 0

Economic Career

Rayf Drayson started out as a weapons worker. He was an experienced manufacturing worker who had worked his way up through the quality levels to work for one of the top two weapons manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Rayf was also a strong supporter of the trade unions. He joined the Weapons Industry Union during its founding, and took over for Nick Appleton as the General-Secretary of the WIU after Nick's disappearance.

In early October, 2008, Rayf entered into a business partnership with funky44 and eadie, creating the SO REF Holdings. This partnership's first company was Great Grains, a grain company in London established after the release of V1. This business partnership dissolved with the sale of Great Grains in mid December 2008.

With the release of V1, Rayf shifted into working for Great Grains, a Q2 grain company. To aid that company once it breached the max productivity barrier, Rayf quit and went to work for Grain Company, another Q2 grain producer. After working in several Raw Materials companies, he has returned to manufacturing.

Employment History

Rayf worked in several companies during his life. Past Employers:


As of Day 961

New Stats:

  • Rank: Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
  • Icon skill artillery.pngArtillery: Veteran 10

Old Stats:

  • Strength: 26.00
  • Fights: 910
  • Damage: 122,216

Military Career

Rayf had focused on politics, but he enlisted in the UK Reserves as soon as he was eligible. He was then promoted to Sergeant and placed in command of Squad D. He was promoted to Major and placed in command of the 2nd Division of the UK Reserves, and was also the deputy CO of the UK Reserves. For a few brief days, he was the CO of the Reserves, until real-life duties called him away from the game during a time of war. He resigned from the Reserves and left active military service for the UK.

After moving out of the United Kingdom, Rayf fought in several wars in the USA, Romania, Spain, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Hungary, and resistance wars in India, China and Greece, gaining promotion to the rank of General. He considered himself more of an itinerant soldier than anything else, moving around the world to fight in wars.

In early June 2009, Rayf joined the UK Special Forces, also known as the Paratroopers. Unfortunately, due to the nation's neutrality, he was unable to serve in any campaigns as a Paratrooper until mid July, when he participated in the Sweden-Hungary War, the Latvia-Finland War, the UK-Hungary War Games, and the PEACE Invasion of North America. While a Paratrooper, he gained promotion to the rank of Field Marshal.

In the middle of September 2009, Rayf retired from the Special Forces, and from active military life. He is now retired.


Royal Guard.png UK Territorial Army:

United Kingdom Special Forces.jpg UK Special Forces:

Icon private soldier.gif Private Soldier:

Honours & Achievements


UK Military Decorations:

Royal Guard/Reserves/Territorial Army Service Medal Territorial Army Service Medal
Ribbon - Royal Parachute Regiment Service Medal.png Special Forces Service Medal
French Toast Campaign Medal "French Toast" Campaign Medal
North Atlantic Campaign Medal North Atlantic Campaign Medal
Government offices
Preceded by
KIA Sneak
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2nd October 2008 - 1st November, 2008 (1st Term)
Succeeded by