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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth December 14, 2008
Date of death 2015 (est)
Residence Sumadija
Sex Male
Newspaper Drugi pogled
Congress member of Czech Republic
May 2010 – 2010
Deputy Minister of Economy of Czech Republic
June 2010 – July 2010
Served under Red_Baxter
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Czech Republic

Work outside the Czech Republic

We don't know anything about Re_Niew's first steps in eRepublik. He died and he was reborn in April 2010. Thanks to his roots, he went to the Czech Republic, he got citizenship as everybody knew his relative, TeknosBeka21. He started to build his career there.

Political career in the Czech Republic

On the 14th of May, he got the Jsem Czech party presidents' seat and he started his big work. He renamed the party to Czech Independency Party as he fights for independence against Slovakia. On the 25th of May, he got elected to Congress for the first time.

He started recruiting and he took part in the government. On the 5th of June, he supported Red_Baxter's as the presidential candidate and he won. As managing the party and taking care of new players needed a lot of his time, he only accepted the position of the deputy minister of the economy. In this month, the Czech Independency Party became the most popular party in the Czech Republic. He won the party president elections and he got into congress for the second time.

Military moves

On the 5th of July, his candidate was FutureMillenium who got almost 70% of all votes. Soon, Re_Niew left the Congress to be able to heal himself in Hungary in the Battle of Moravia. He wasn't successful as Czechs lost Moravia, but he became the Battle Hero with 10422 damage done.

After this battle and with the start of eRepublik Rising, he decided to take a little break due to RL.

Summer 2010

Re_Niew returned from his retirement and he is ready to help his beloved country again. He posted his candidacy for the congressional elections held on the 25th of July. He opened the Czech Independency Party organization (CIP_org) and he also created a party newspaper. The reason for these acts is simple. He realized that they don't have good infrastructure in the party and he knew he would need these infrastructural things to keep on maintaining the current performance.

Re_Niew candidate himself for the congressional elections in July. He got 40 votes and he was the first to get into the Congress. On the 28th of July, palas the great, PP of Czech Pirate Party nominated him as a presidential candidacy and he accepted it, however, the nomination was revoked.


Re_Niew moved to Serbia in 2011 and joined party Srpska Narodna Odbrana and enlisted in Serbian Special Forces, White Eagles unit. Later, he moved to Vukovi military unit.