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Speech balloon.png Reincarnation

This citizen has been reincarnated as Red.Fox

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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvian
Date of birth Apr 03, 2009
Date of death Jun 10, 2009
Residence Vidzeme
Newspaper Latvian Observer
Finance Minister of Latvia
6 May 2009 – 6 June 2009
President of Latvia
7 June 2009 – 10 June 2009
Preceded by Namejs
Congress member of Latvia
25 May 2009 – 7 June 2009
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant***

red-fox was a citizen of Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia.


Started the game on day 500 of the New World in Kaliningrad. Shortly after the creation of Latvia, red-fox moved to the country and actively worked in RL Latvian community. One of the founders of the party Par Dzimteni. Did not get into Congress during the first Congress elections.

When Par Dzimteni won the presidential elections and got access to a presidential fund of Flag-Latvia.jpg 50.000 LVL, red-fox became Finance Minister of Latvia. He founded Central Bank of Latvia and until second Congress Elections tried to keep LVL stable and above Icon - Gold.gif 0.01 GOLD.

After second Congress Elections, red-fox chose the plan "Low LVL = Stable LVL" and lowered value of LVL to 0.006. That created some additional amount of gold. Coupled with medal gold from Congress, it allowed investing money in improving companies.

red-fox, a runner-up in June presidential elections as a "safety candidate" from PD in front of United Latvian Socialist Party, became the President of Latvia after Namejs was banned and impeached[1]. He served for around a couple of days before being banned. It is unsure who took over as red-fox was never impeached.



Latvian Observer is the newspaper owned and published by red-fox.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 1x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 1x Congress Member