Red Cat Army

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Red Cat Army

Red Cat Army v2.jpg

RCA - Dogs have their masters, cats - servants!

General Information
Founded 23 August 2009
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Total Soldiers 9
Commanded by Don Camillo Corleone
2nd Commander Kruk83, Graculka
1st Regiment Captain stemic, Cwirkovsky

Red Cat Army is a military group from Poland.

RCA Chain of Command

Supreme Commander: Kruk83, previous Don Camillo Corleone, Kruk83, grzegm, MISI, and aniakk.

Former and current Captains: Kruk83, Graculka, stemic, Cwirkovsky

Popular members of the RCA

New Changes 2018

In June 2018 player Don Camillo Corleone returned, who decided to take over the former militia from the so-called double clicks and try to expand it. The first step he did was to kick all inactive accounts; there are only 9 people left. As well, New Commander changed the motto and avatar of the old Red Cat Army.

Red Cat Army.jpg

Old motto

 RCA - Just try to pet us! 

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