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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Red Croissant
Logo of Red Croissant
Owner Sandtux
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Founded 12th June 2008
Founder Abdul Yusuf

Red Croissant was an Organization (SO) established in Gandhinagar by Abdul Yusuf at 12th June, 2008.

Following the trend of the moment, it was intended to be used to run companies by their owners allowing General managers at the same time to work, fight, and travel without fear of losing them. It is with that purpose that Abdul Yusuf transferred the remnants of Ms. Shazia's Harem to the SO, being founded Pharmapak. Not long from that, owner deceased and control of the entity was inherited by Sandtux.

But, due to the fast development of that organizations, soon many more uses where found for them, and in this particular case Red Croissant was the first SO to handle a national public health system.

Operating in Karnataka, Indonesia.

Health Program

Abdul Yusuf's dream of a nation where no one brother in sand could suffer pain or illness, realization of the ideal of a country enlightened by His Divine Majesty Dio Brando, finally took shape by the implementation of the most important public Health Care Program in whole eRepublik, which it is even nowadays an example for many nations of a proper system to maintain population with high Health and, therefore, better productivity and military performance.

The instructions are to donate to Red Croissant 6 PKR ONCE a day, to get +10 Wellness points PER day (game limitation).

The mechanics of the Program were very simple. Any Pakistani with low wellness could apply for 10 wellness points a day, which were offered by Red Croissant by giving gifts to petitioner until he receives the ten of wellness points. No more wellness points could be given in a day because of game limitation.

The way to apply for that wellness increase was by donating to Red Croissant 6 PKR each day that is wanted receiving the ten of wellness points. Donating more than once a day does not enable to receive more than the daily ten of wellness points because the game does not allow to give more than 10 wellness points a day with gifts.