Red Demons

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Red Demons

Red Demons.png

We are independent, we are the Red Demons!

General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Region Ruse
Total Soldiers 67
Commanded by Demon Lee
2nd Ivan Nedelchev7
Commanders B.Atanasov
1st Regiment Captain Todor Konstantinov Todorov

Red Demons are a military unit located in Bulgaria. They were founded on 22 March 2010. Originally a member of the Bulgarian Army. In late 2010 he left the army and became fully independent. Since then fight for Bulgaria and its allies.

The Story

In 2010, sometime in April start at modern history of the Red Demons. Then the squad called "The falcons" belonging to the 4th Division of the Bulgarian Army. Number under which it is named was 418 or 18 in short. The commander was Ivan Mihov. With the appointment of the assistant commander Khan Su, changes have begun.

Many inactive people were removed from the unit, while some big names joined: Filivan, WarriorD, ivan4o17, Gregor Kerchev, Dimitrina Velikova, Chudomir Grigorov, TripBg, Danail Borisov, The Capitalist.

After a month, members of the unit decided to change unit name to "Red Demons". Khan Su was promoted to Commander, while Ivan Mihov became deputy and assistant.

Soon, however, he transmits his position to Filivan, which helps in the leadership of the squad by the end of 2010. By November 2010 squad continues to fulfill its obligations to the Bulgarian Army. Then it become independent. During the period from July to November it was reported to be more inactive due to summer and full employment of the commander.

In February 2011 started the revival of the unit. The commander became WarriorD, who lead the unit until March 2012. Meanwhile unit obtained Q5 tank company, and later Q6. These companies supported the members of the Red Demons, better known were: BuKuHkacamop, Hellraiizer, Mario Georgiev Radev, Ivan Nedelchev7, ellybaby, Ilian4yYy, family Kolevi, VESELIN STOYKOV, Petar Ivanov6, Antagonista, jimbeamsl and Ina.

In 2012 unit, which was led again by Khan Su squad for the autumn left the Mario Georgiev Radev. In this year, again a big drop in activity was reported. Mostly because of the abolition of the old players from the game and them becoming 2-Clicker players. At the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 the official leader of the squad become Hellraiizer.

In the summer 2013 Demon Lee took back the Commander role in Red Demons and unit got stronger with new comrades: Fakirchev and B.Atanasov. In June 2013 after Captain elections, new Captain of Red Demons Regiment 1 was elected: Fakirchev.

Till end of 2013 and the whole next year Fakirchev was Commander of Red Demons, as former commander Demon Lee got inactive. During that time the squad grow up to 50 members. In late December of 2014 Son of Tangra was chosen for the new commander of the unit.

Mission Statement

The mission of the squad has always been to fight against injustice and protect the morals and values ​​that fought Bulgaria.

Always defending the victims in a conflict and fought for their integrity. Were not always of the same opinion to the governing staff of the country.

This is because the squad defending its own position and the right to opinion. Its independence is the most important part of his mission.

Unit does not confess racist ideologies and discrimination. Protects the right to equality and the opinion of each of its member and friend. Unit has always tried to provide assistance to each from its members and overall financial balance of the squad.


From the side of achievements squad have nothing much to be proud of, but in contrast, always tolerate the social aspect of the game and the relationships among the players.

Unit was always available tables for reporting. Reporting is done regularly previous years. Now there is no need. As for the orders until now look to be sufficiently precisely placed and distributed.

In earlier times was squads sorted the willing to enter into it through the sifting of the weak. But to date, everyone is welcome.

Avatars of Red Demons

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Red Demons New Avatar Catalog May 2013

Examples: Example1RD.jpgRedDemonsSkull2013.jpgForDeam2.png

Red Demons New Avatar Catalog March 2015

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More Avatars:

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