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I. Republican Party Mission Statement

The Republican Party stands for a fiscally responsible government, with minimal government interference, a strong national defense, and the promotion of personal responsibility for welfare programs while withholding the virtues of our conservative fathers and taking into account game mechanics.

II. Executive Board

All executive board members, with the exception of the President, are appointed by the President for his term in office.

a. President

The President shall be chosen by the members of the party in the official erepublik party presidential election. An in-forum primary vote will take place. The top two candidates in the Party Presidential elections will continue with their campaign; All candidates who lose the primary vote shall be requested to resign from the election and if done shall be compensated two gold for election fees. The Executive Board is listed in their chain-of-Command from Highest to lowest.

The Presidential Powers shall include:

  • Shall act as the primary spokesperson of the party and its related organizations.
  • Shall appoint members of the party executive board.
  • Shall designate official party candidates of the US Congress and designate an official party candidate of the Republican Party for President of the United States or endorse another party candidate for President of the United States.
  • Shall monitor the official party budget and all other official party organizations and accounts.
  • Shall from time to time issue a "State of the Party" speech.
  • Shall declare a state of emergency for the party in times of need. (ex. GF Day)
  • Shall be the Commander-in-chief of the Republican Party militia.
  • Shall do whatever may be necessary and proper to pursue the purpose and goals of the Republican Party as written in this Charter.

b. Vice President

The Vice President shall act as the second in command of the Republican Party. He or she shall be elected to the office as a running mate of the Party president.

The Vice Presidential Powers shall include:

  • Shall assist the party president in the day to day operations of the party.
  • Shall be designated Chairman of the Leadership Council
  • Shall be the Vice Commander-in-chief of the party militia.
  • Shall become acting President if the president becomes incapacitated, resigns, is impeached, receives a ban, or dies.
  • Shall assist in managing the official party budget and all other official party organizations and accounts.

c. Communications Director

The Communications Director shall be a member of the executive board who is in charge of the public relations of the party.

The Communications Director Powers shall include:

  • Publishing articles on the party newspaper.
  • Holding Q&A press conferences on IRC.
  • Increasing party awareness in the United States.
  • cooperating with the Recruitment Director on creating advertisements for the party.

d. Business & Wellness Director

The B & W director is responsible for providing statistics on the average wellness of the party, as well as coordinating with the Director of Fundraising on business transactions.

The B & W Director powers shall include:

  • Providing business advice for the rest of the Executive Board.
  • Purchase wellness raising items with funds allocated by the Financial Director in his monthly budget.
  • In charge of running the party company (s), and is responsible for all funds invested in them. If funds are missing, the B & W Director will be impeached from the office and reported to the admin.
  • issuing official business statements for the party companies.

e. Director of Fundraising

The Fundraising Director is responsible for raising the funds for the treasury and the party companies and organizations.

f. Recruitment Director

The Recruitment Director is responsible for recruiting citizens to the party.

The Recruitment Director Powers shall Include:

  • Sending mass PMs to potential members of the party.
  • Cooperating with the communications director to create advertisements for the party.
  • President of the Young Republicans

g. Legal Department Director

The Legal Department Director shall be the Executive Board member in charge of any and all legal matters regarding the Republican Party. Powers shall include:

  • Shall organize and coordinate the Legal Department staff.
  • Shall manage and maintain any escrow accounts administered by the Republican Party.
  • Shall give advice on contracts and arbitration to Republican Party members.
  • Shall represent the Republican Party in any legal matter.
  • Shall be the Republican Party Parliamentarian.

h. Party Statistician

The Party Statistician is responsible for compiling statistics on its members and relaying the information to the President and Vice President.

III. Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is the legislative branch of the Republican Party and shall serve as the check on the Executive Board. The Leadership Council will be elected by the people of the party in the designated polling place in-forums, at the same time of the Party Presidential elections any member may run, but all candidates are to be screened by the acting Executive Board.

The Leadership Council consists of:

  • Vice President ( The Chairman )
  • Five elected delegates
  • select admins on the party forum

The Leadership Council's duties shall include:

  • Voting on impeachment trials; as well as conducting them in the courts
  • Overruling a Presidential or Vice Presidential State of Emergency (by a vote of the simple majority)
  • Offering recommendations to the executive board
  • Overseeing party elections are completed fairly, and kindly\
  • Investigate allegations of members deemed as a threat to the party, and take proper action as seen fit.

IV. Elections

All non-Presidential elections (excluding a special presidential primary) shall be conducted on the official party forum. Members of the party deemed as a threat will lose their voting rights. The overseeing of the elections shall be conducted by the Leadership Council. In the case of a tie, there shall be a runoff election. All elections last two days. All elections will require a 51% majority; unless stated otherwise by the charter. In the case of the 5 seats on the Leadership Council the 5 top candidates will become the Leadership Council; if there is not a distinct top 5 the acting Executive Board will decide the remaining seats.

V. Impeachment

Any officer of the Republican Party may be impeached. For a impeachment to succeed it must have a 66% approval by the Leadership Council.

An elected official may be impeached for the following:

  • Being permanently banned by the erepublik admin
  • Stealing from the party treasury or tampering with party organizations
  • Voter fraud
  • Public disgrace
  • Conduct unbecoming of a Party Officer
  • A vote of no confidence

The Leadership Council must also vote as to whether the impeached individual will be allowed to hold future offices in the Republican Party.

VI. Appeals of impeachment

All impeached officers have the right to a single appeal of which they may present their evidence to the Executive Board, if passed by a 66% vote in the Executive Board the impeached officer must appeal to the Party President to issue a Presidential Pardon, if granted the officer may return to his/her post or resign. If at any point in the appeal process the appellant is denied his/her appeal the process ends, and the impeachment is complete.

VII. Charter Amendments

An amendment to the Charter must be submitted by a member of the Leadership Council with the written support of five councilmen. If the amendment is passed by the Leadership Council then the amendment moves to the Executive Board; in the Executive Board the amendment must be passed by a 66% majority.

This Document will not be Ratified without a 66% majority of votes cast.

Chater in effect

This party charter was signed and created by:

This Charter was officially put into effect by a 5-1 executive board vote and was signed into effect by Party President Darrel Anderson 2.