Republican Party of Australia (2010)

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Republican Party of Australia

Party-Republican Party of Australia.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation RPA
Colors Red, White and Blue
Founded January 16, 2010
Dissolved June 16, 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By The Stonecutters
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Conservative

The Republican Party of Australia was one of the minor contemporary political parties in Australia. Founded by William Archibald Collins in 2009, it is often called the RPA for short. The party's platform is generally considered center-right of in the Australian political spectrum. The original party suffered a political takeover shortly after being founded, and now goes by the name "The Order of the Knight's Techlar".

Political takeover

During the January Party president elections, the party was swamped with new members who voted for Tecchi, a recent member. It is believed that Tecchi bribed these people in order to establish his own party, "The Order of the Knight's Techlar". The party died soon after he took control.

Rebirth of the RPA

On February 6 2010, action began to reinstall the Republican Party of Australia, with Comrade Robb as PP and William Archibald Collins as deputy. However, due to an advertising war and unavailability of votes, current PP Tecchi won the election by two votes on February 15, 2010 (Day 819).

However, the party re-assembled in a new location later that same day.

During the March Party President elections, Frymonmon was elected as the Reconstruction Leader to fully implement new ideas into the system and to completely re-build the party from it's hiatus.


As of February 25 (Day 828) there were only 8 members in the party, but Vice-PP Comrade Robb and Finance Minister Comrade_Callum began an intensive recruiting campaign the next day. In March, 2010, the party had 18 members with intention to grow further after PP elections. After the March PP elections, Frymonmon was elected the new leader of the RPA. Within two days a critical reform took place and a manifesto for the party was written. The party is continuing to grow under Frymonmon's leadership.


The RPA's core policies center around a strong stance against Australia's enemies, such as Indonesia, Brazil all other members of PHOENIX. They also believe that universal healthcare should be available for all Australians, as well as having efficient border security to help deter any another invasion.

Former Party President Collins was quoted in "The Australian Frontier" as saying:

 We believe that it is every eAustralian's right to be able to have decent healthcare available to them, whether they be in Northern Territory or New South Wales... (on defense) We're one of the few countries lucky enough to only have two fronts to defend and two enemies close by to defend them from. 

The RPA also hopes to do something about wages for new comers to the game, or possibly providing some form of grant, in order to support new players so they aren't put off the game.