Republican Party of Osterreich

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Republican Party of Osterreich

Party-Republican Party of Osterreich.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Abbreviation RPÖ
Colors Red, White, Black
Founded Summer 2011
Dissolved January 2013 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Austrian Communist Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Republican Party of Österreich (RPO, RPÖ; English: Austrian Republican Party) was a center-right party which was active in Icon-Austria.png Austria. Party was created by Patar333.


Before Patar333 took hold of the party, it was first created as a PTO party, led by Franz Joseph II.

Franz run the party solely to run for Country President and to control everything in Austria by doing that. During the June election, Patar333 stepped in and won the election by popular vote. He than changed the party's name by popular vote of the people in the party at that time and made it to Republican Party of Osterreich. From than on, the number of party members in 2 months increased from 6 to 20 members, which made RPO 2nd largest party in Austria.

Party Presidents

Term Citizen name
June 2011 Patar333
July 2011 Patar333
August 2011 Luis Grindl
September 2011 Patar333
October 2011 Yhamilitz
November 2011 wolfwien
December 2011 Patar333
January 2012 Zack Fitz
February 2012 Zack Fitz
March 2012 Prince of Austria
April 2012 Prince of Austria
May 2012 crisul
June 2012 Prince of Austria
July 2012 Prince of Austria
August 2012 Goonrider
September 2012 Prince of Austria
October 2012 nitch08
November 2012 Cyberkoc
December 2012 Cyberkoc