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General Information
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Abbreviation RB
Forum [1]
Founded February 2010
Dissolved Spring 2018 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /30 seats, 0%
Succeeds Belgian Revolutionary Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Res Belgica was the first largest political party in Belgium which was trying to be a neutral moderating element in a highly ATO/PTO polarized country right after its independence. The party is known for its pluralistic attitude to judge people based on their actions and not on their RL background, and for its preparedness to engage in constructive dialogue with all sides. Leaning towards the left wing of the political spectrum, Res Belgica is also dedicated to the ideals of solidarity and social assistance for those in need.

The party was taken over by shadowukcs early 2011 and was used in an attempt to bring more "lulz" to Belgian politics, and didn't return until Xgentis Lempereur, a former Res Belgica party member, restored the party to its former glory.
In January 2014 the party was PTO'ed by Aries Sun who was part of a group who was trying to PTO Belgium. The party was restored on November 2014 by nogex1 who took over Be Free party and renamed it to Res Belgica.


UK BRP period

After Party President Manong Rizal left the Belgian Revolutionary Party and Belgium altogether at the beginning of December 2009, Kheops became the new front-man as the highest ranked member and he started reorganizing the internal party structure right away. At that point, the BRP had about 10 active members. Shortly thereafter Belgium was conquered by the UK, and the BRP became part of its political landscape, seeking actively to gather young Belgian players who were now born in the regions of Brussels and Flanders under the British flag (Wallonia was still in the eUNl). This is also the period when the Social Department of the party was created with the purpose to support young Belgian players during their first days in eRepublik. A small influx of Flemish students was organized by Commissioner for Health & Social Services Aldous Zamiatin, and the small community became more numerous and more active, reaching a peak of about 45 members in early January 2010. In the meantime, all Belgian regions were in the possession of eUK.

Back in Belgium - NDF

In January 2010, Belgium reappeared on the map after a successful resistance war in Brussels. The man who had started the Resistance war as a personal project and with personal funds was a Romanian player unualibro, who claimed he only wanted to see Belgium become an independent and democratic nation, and he created the National Democratic Front party to achieve these ideals. Although many older Belgian players feared a Political Takeover, especially when literally hundreds of foreign players came to Belgium for the free citizenships, unualibro managed to gain the confidence of the BRP leaders by giving them key positions as a sign of his good intentions (he made NicknameFromRonny NDF's official candidate for Country Presidency and stepped aside to let uaithne become the Party President, leaving full control of the party in the hands of real Belgians), and most BRP members joined this new Belgian party. NDF managed to convince the general Belgian population that it had the best interests of Belgium in mind, and it was the only Belgian party in the Congressional elections on the 25th of January which had no support of foreign tactical voters.

Res Belgica

After the elections, which were decided by hundreds of tactical foreign voters, the old BRP core decided to open a new chapter in its history by renaming the party to Res Belgica in the early February of 2010, continuing its traditions of honest constructive dialogue, love of neutrality and special care for new citizens through social support. This has earned the party general respect from the representatives of other Belgian parties, and the activity and commitment of Res Belgica's leading members in Congress and in governmental positions has often been set as an example for others. Since February 2010 the party has almost always had representation in Congress, and in April 2010 Ragoth was elected by a landslide to lead Belgium as the first President from Res Belgica. Later Res Belgica's own MaryamQ and Sammy Tanghe held that position, shaping the nation in accordance with their views.

Role in Belgian Government

Res Belgica has had a large in Belgian Government since the parties beginning. But as of now, February 2012, Res Belgica has played a vital role in government. Res Belgica has the majority in Congress as of January 2012. They have had back-to-back-to-back presidents. Res Belgica also has been helping our young ones through MoHA, Minister of Home Affairs, and through the Belgian Training Academy by its Commander Nohjis and its 2nd Commander Bert_en_Ernie. Aldous Zamiathin has been running the Belgian Civilian Army as Commander for a while. Sammy Tanghe is the Commander of Belgium's newest MU, Belgian Foreign Legion. All these fine players have been playing a vital role in the Belgian Government for a long time.

2013 Situation

Res Belgica is still one of the biggest party's in Belgium and under the party presidency of Lily Jayne Summers the party slowly gained activity. Hand in hand the old veterans of Res Belgica and the new players worked on new ideas to get the party more active. Res Belgica changed the official forum and plays an important role in the politics of the country. With the recent upcoming of other party's Res Belgica lost his first place although it seems still the most active one. For the February 2013 Congress elections, being 3rd largest by size they came out first by the number of elected Congressman, seems that the renewed campaign for the elections paid off. For the March 2013 elections, some members of the other party became members and are tried to become PP, and they lost with only 4 votes.
May 2013: the new logo is presented and the party page gets changed.
July 2013: El1teBE puts a "Res Belgica Council" in place. Their first job will be choosing the candidates for the Congress in a specific order, following a new, more democratic system of points and votes[2].

The End

Res Belgica was dissolved in August 2018, when its last member and longtime party president boer jan died. As the party was only a shadow of its past self and only have a member of two, it got dissolved on the same occasion as it's longtime president boer jan died.

Party Ideals

Res Belgica, a party for the people

In this document, we will try to explain what this party stands for and what our plans for the future are.

The most important thing is Res Belgica is a party for the people that want to contribute something useful to this country and its citizens. We encourage our members to take responsibilities but only when they are certain they will be able to invest the right amount of time in it. We believe in the initiative, you don’t need tons of experience to work for your country, doing something is the best way of gaining that experience. Of course, we do not believe youthly enthusiasm is all you need, we have more than enough experienced players to provide information and help when it is needed. Thus, the most important points of our party are initiative and activity.

A good organization needs good communication. Whether it’s the government, a company or a party communication is a foundation for every action. Therefore we at Res Belgica believe in openness in our official messages. Every citizen has the right to know what is going on so he or she can make a funded opinion about the welfare of our country. Keeping secrets is not a good way to govern, it will only lead to mistrust and hostility and that are two things we are better without.

Ever since the rebirth of this nation, it has been tainted by dirty politics and people spreading hate for others. We have never joined those actions, we don’t believe in winning the people for us by spreading hate about others, we try to win citizens for our cause by being fair and working hard for it. That should be the core of every government. This leads us to the third important milestone of this party: Integrity. We stand for fair politics with the cooperation and without hate. This way we will do what is best for our country and not only what’s best for us. In Res Belgica, you will not find any secret moves, but only openness and contribution by everyone.

Our last milestone is our social work. This party has always done everything it could to help those in need. Even when Belgium wasn’t on the map yet we did our best to support young Belgian players in this game and we have never stopped doing it. Our social program is there to distribute food to those in wellness trouble and providing basic information to new players so they have the chance to grow in this game. On top of that, we have our own company whose task is to allow new players to work at a very nice wage for a low skill level: Fair trade Food. The social program will always be an important part of this party and we will never abandon it to free recourses for personal success. New players deserve every help they can get.

Apart from all those political milestones, we at Res Belgica don’t forget we are playing a game. Therefore we promote one thing above all: making a lot of fun and I sincerely believe we are succeeding in that.

Created by Rithulme, former party president of Res Belgica.

Party Structure

previus logo of R.B. which was lastly used
Second logo of R.B. which was used in 2012/2013

List of Party Presidents

Avatars Term Party President Notes
Citizen1703943.jpg November 2009 Manong Rizal BRP in Belgium
Citizen118082.jpg December 2009 Kheops BRP in eUK
Citizen2187792.jpg January 2010 Aldous Zamiatin BRP in eUK; Observing PP due to Kheops's inactivity
Citizen1287044.jpg January 2010 unualibro NDF; stepped down in favour of uaithne
Citizen1208067.jpg January 2010 uaithne NDF renamed to Res Belgica
Citizen2187792.jpg February 2010 Aldous Zamiatin
Citizen2060553.jpg March 2010 Ragoth
Citizen2332460.jpg April 2010 Rithulme
Citizen2187792.jpg May 2010 Aldous Zamiatin
Citizen2439881.jpg June 2010 Reaussou
Citizen2060553.jpg July 2010 Ragoth
Abrivianius.jpg August 2010 Habraka Abrivianius
Citizen2450521.jpg September 2010 Mike Wooldridge
Citizen2589147.jpg October 2010 Helviro
Citizen3282720.jpg November 2010 Xgentis Lempereur
December 2010
January 2011
Citizen2065699 v3.jpg February 2011 MaryamQ
Citizen3282720.jpg August 2011 Xgentis Lempereur First Party president to revive the party
Citizen2414726.jpg September 2011 Mikhail Alexander
Citizen3016314.jpg October 2011 Jacob van Artevelde
Citizen2187792.jpg November 2011 Aldous Zamiatin
December 2011
Citizen2686043.jpg January 2012 mudduck95 Brought party to #1
February 2012 Kept party at number #1, First month of Party Secretary
Citizen3190072.jpg March 2012 Bert_en_Ernie
April 2012
Citizen2940729.jpg May 2012 AndreasC
Citizen2361081.jpg June 2012 NLSP
Citizen5225140.jpg July 2012 Lily Jayne Summers
August 2012
Citizen2361081.jpg September 2012 NLSP
October 2012
Citizen6239890.jpg November 2012 p0lluxx
Citizen6050755.jpg December 2012 MCKitkat
Citizen5469143.jpg January 2013 Kiyonori Dragnier
Citizen5411591 v2.jpg February 2013 boer jan
Citizen6847002.jpg March 2013 Nihil.sine.deo
Citizen5077722.jpg April 2013 Director9 Resigned shorthly after being elected, MaryamQ took over
Citizen6847002.jpg May 2013 Nihil.sine.deo
Citizen244112 v2.jpg June 2013 Konrad Neumann Resigned from PP and CM, MaryamQ took over
Citizen3954766.jpg July 2013 El1teBE First month of RB Council. New, more democratic system
of creating CM candidates list.
August 2013
Citizen5411591 v2.jpg September 2013 boer jan
Citizen2361081.jpg October 2013 NLSP
Citizen244112 v3.jpg November 2013 Konrad Neumann
Citizen2065699 v2.jpg December 2013 MaryamQ
Citizen6546935.jpg January 2014 Aries Sun Res Belgica was PTO'ed and renamed to No Hope - No Pope
Citizen2036581 v2.jpg February 2014 The Valeyard Renamed the party back to Res Belgica. Resigned after 25 days.
Citizen2075847.jpg February 2014 Jofroi Party President for 1 days before resigning
Citizen3954766.jpg February 2014 El1teBE Party President for the remainder of the term
March 2014
April 2014 Res Belgica falls out of the top 5 parties
Citizen2940729.jpg May 2014 AndreasC
Citizen7359153.jpg June 2014 Trito Fisher
Citizen2589147.jpg July 2014 Helviro
Citizen2940729.jpg August 2014 AndreasC
Citizen8453240.jpg September 2014 xarcus93
Unknown Person.jpg October 2014 N/A
Unknown Person.jpg November 2014 nogex1 Res Belgica restarted under new ID from Be Free party.
December 2014
January 2015
Unknown Person.jpg February 2015 Princess Rapunzel BE
March 2015
Unknown Person.jpg April 2015 nogex1
Unknown Person.jpg May 2015 Princess Rapunzel BE
Unknown Person.jpg June 2015 N/A No elections held
Unknown Person.jpg July 2015 Princess Rapunzel BE
Unknown Person.jpg August 2015 clarence88
September 2015
October 2015
Unknown Person.jpg November 2015 N/A No elections held
Citizen5411591 v2.jpg December 2015 boer jan No elections held, but it was detected that
boer jan is the PP; 2 members in the party
January 2016
February 2016 Tie (1-1) with nogex1
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016 Tie (1-1) with Cowboy Chris
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
Unknown Person.jpg April 2017 nogex1
Citizen5411591 v2.jpg 2018 boer jan

List of Congress Members

Term # elected percentage congress members
January-February 2012 11 40% mudduck95, El1teBE, NLSP, MaryamQ, Ray Captain, Ernest Bogdansson, Oleksandr, Jacob van Artevelde, Helviro, Bert_en_Ernie, Xgentis Lempereur, AndreasC
February-March 2012 14 41% NLSP, Ernest Bogdansson, Oleksandr, El1teBE, Jacob van Artevelde, Bert_en_Ernie, Helviro, MaryamQ, Djonydjo, Johny English A, KeukenRoll, mudduck95, Bri2048, AndreasC, Lisa van Neste
March-April 2012 4 43% Nohjis, Backwards, mudduck95, NLSP
April-May 2012 3 21% Xgentis Lempereur, Jacob van Artevelde, Bert_en_Ernie
May-June 2012 6 24% Helviro, boer jan, NLSP, Bri2048, Sammy Tanghe, Critically
June-July 2012 2 27% NLSP, mittekemuis
July-August 2012 11 32% boer jan, Lily Jayne Summers, Facebookator, AndreasC, Jacob van Artevelde, SX80, Jens Leupe, NLSP, Pieter557, Primians, Sammy Tanghe
August-September 2012 9 33% Prince de Belgique, boer jan, Pieter557, Garth Lidlington, NLSP, AndreasC, Lily Jayne Summers, Backwards, Veruvia
September-October 2012 12 41% NLSP, MCKitkat, Lily Jayne Summers, boer jan, p0lluxx, Stijn Puttemans, Backwards, SX80, Phil84, AndreasC, Jacob van Artevelde, Pieter557
October-November 2012 10 33% p0lluxx, Lily Jayne Summers, Kiyonori Dragnier, Kevork Pamboukian, Stijn Puttemans, MCKitkat, Phil84, SX80, boer jan, Primians
November-December 2012 9 29% NLSP, Stijn Puttemans, Kiyonori Dragnier, MCKitkat, p0lluxx, boer jan, HePanda, Jacob van Artevelde, Primians
December-January 2012/2013 9 30% Jeff Sweaters, Nihil.sine.deo, Stijn Puttemans, Kiyonori Dragnier, p0lluxx, Phil84, boer jan, AndreasC, MCKitkat
January-February 2013 9 30% Kiyonori Dragnier, Stijn Puttemans, Jofroi, boer jan, Risette, Kylero, p0lluxx, Nihil.sine.deo, Kevork Pamboukian
February-March 2013 8 27% Kiyonori Dragnier, Jofroi, Stijn Puttemans, MCKitkat, AndreasC, Nihil.sine.deo, p0lluxx, Kylero
March-April 2013 8 27% Kiyonori Dragnier, Jofroi, Stijn Puttemans, MaryamQ, Pieter557, Viridi, p0lluxx, Director9
April-May 2013 11 28% Kiyonori Dragnier, Jofroi, Stijn Puttemans, MaryamQ, Helviro, Critically, Medrolke, MCKitkat, Nihil.sine.deo, Djonydjo, Val3s OBrien
May-June 2013 8 27% Nihil.sine.deo, Jofroi, Stijn Puttemans, Konrad Neumann, MCKitkat, El1teBE, MaryamQ, Kiyonori Dragnier
June-July 2013 7 24% Stijn Puttemans, El1teBE, Ekfant, MaryamQ, Nihil.sine.deo, Konrad Neumann, AndreasC
July-August 2013 8 27% Stijn Puttemans, El1teBE, Trito Fisher, MaryamQ, AndreasC, Jofroi, Tango & Cash, Kevork Pamboukian
August-September 2013 8 26% Stijn Puttemans, Nihil.sine.deo, Jofroi, boer jan, MaryamQ, AndreasC, Adrianna Oyen, Trito Fisher
September-October 2013 7 24% Mr. Wonka, Jofroi, AndreasC, boer jan, Critically, Anders Nielsen, Phil84
October-February 2014 0 0% Wiped due to PTO threat

President from Res Belgica

Avatar Term President
Citizen2060553.jpg April 2010 - May 2010 Ragoth
Citizen2065699 v3.jpg October 2010 - November 2010 MaryamQ
Citizen2990820.jpg January 2011 - February 2011 Sammy Tanghe
Citizen3924.jpg February 2011 - March 2011 Shadowukcs (De-Facto)
Citizen2065699 v3.jpg December 2011 - January 2012 MaryamQ
Citizen5043585.jpg January 2012 - March 2012 Nohjis
Citizen3991316.jpg May 2012 - June 2012 mittekemuis
Citizen2361081.jpg October 2012 - November 2012 NLSP
Citizen5225140.jpg November 2012 - December 2012 Lily Jayne Summers
Citizen5411591 v2.jpg March 2013 - April 2013 boer jan
Citizen2065699 v2.jpg October 2013 - November 2013 MaryamQ
Citizen2361081.jpg November 2013 - December 2013 NLSP
Citizen2036581 v2.jpg December 2013 - February 2014 The Valeyard
Citizen2075847.jpg March 2013 - April 2014 Jofroi

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