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Resistance wars are wars started by citizens who want to free regions from occupation.

Starting a resistance war

You can support a resistance war by clicking the "Support" button. This interface is only shown if you're able to start a resistance.

The tools to organize a resistance war ("RW") appear for all citizens who are located in a conquered region.

You and nine other citizens can support a resistance war. You all receive the Resistance hero achievement if the region is liberated.

You can only support and start a resistance war if:

  • you are located in the region you wish to liberate;
  • you are at least level 25;
  • you have 1000 currency;
  • ten (10) citizens support the resistance war;
  • the region was conquered more than 24 hours ago;
  • the resistance force of the country is not currently fighting a resistance war in another region in the same conquering country.

The resistance war starts automatically when the tenth citizen supports the resistance war.

If the region's original country reconquers the region (by normal war or natural enemy) before the resistance war begins, the citizens that supported the resistance war will receive their 1000 citizen currency back. You will need to wait 24 hours until you can support the resistance movement in the same region again.
(For example, South Australia is occupied by Indonesia. Eight people support a resistance war so it has not yet started. If Australia, the original region owner, conquers the region by a traditional battle, the eight citizens that gave 1000 citizen currency (AUD in this case) to starting the resistance war get their money back).

Since day 4,605 the following modification was brought to the Resistance wars:
Resistance Wars will be added to the battle queue of the region once the number of supporters is gathered, and it will start unless the region returns to the original owner. Citizens will now be able to support a Resistance War in any region if at least 24 hours have passed since the original owner has lost control over it.

If the resistance war fails (ie, occupier successfully defends the region), the citizens that supported the resistance war will not be able to support another resistance war for next seven days. They will see the Support button, but when they click on it they will receive a message that explains why they can't support the resistance war.

Additionally, citizens can show their approval of a resistance war by voting for it at no cost. These votes do not count as support. If you voted for or supported the resistance, you will be informed when the resistance war starts via an alert (in the System tab).

If a country starts a Resistance War against an invader and loses the battle, the resistance force will have to wait 24 hours before starting a new Resistance War against the same invader.

This cool down period will be applied to all the original regions of the countries under the occupation of that invader.

Please note: The cost of supporting a resistance war is NOT refundable after a resistance war starts. The only exception is when a citizen supports a resistance war in a conquered region of country A, but a resistance war is launched in another region of country A, in such cases the sum of 1000 currency is returned to the citizen's account.

Fighting in a resistance war

Main article: Fight

To fight you must reside in the country that owns the region where resistance war is active. The fight process is the same as in normal battles. The only difference is that you must choose a side you want to battle for. The side is chosen from the war page:

Choose the side by pressing corresponding choice. The resistance is in the left and the defender (region's owner) is in the right hand side. The name of the region is in the middle.


Main article: Determination

Since eRepublik's 6th Anniversary (Day 2192), when a region is kept under foreign occupation, the people’s determination to overthrow the oppressors increases over time. This leads to a determination bonus that multiplies the influence in battles against the oppressor.

For example, if Finland liberates Lapland from Swedish occupation of 200 days, and Sweden attacks the region a few days later, Finland and its allies will still have a high determination bonus when defending. If, however, Sweden conquers the region back despite the high determination bonus, the determination is then set to 0.

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