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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 44
Date of birth 28 May 2012
Residence Tokyo, Kanto
Sex Male
Political party Imperial Sun Party
Newspaper Oda News,
earlier known as:
El Fax
Hoods On Peregrine
Chief of staff of USA
5 November 2012 – 5 December 2012
Preceded by Molly Emma
Secretary of State of USA
5 September 2012 – 5 November 2012
Preceded by Alexander Auctoritas
Succeeded by Israel_Stevens
Secretary of Education of USA
5 August 2012 – 5 September 2012
Preceded by Dennis McVicker
Succeeded by Emdoublegee
Party president of American Military Party
15 February 2013 – 15 April 2013
Preceded by Haliman
Succeeded by George S. Patton Jr
Chief of staff of American Military Party
15 December 2012 – 15 January 2013
Preceded by George S. Patton Jr
Succeeded by Crimsonninja
Legal Director of American Military Party
15 July 2012 – 15 August 2012
Preceded by Brad Gwatney
Succeeded by Cerb
Legal Deputy Director of American Military Party
15 June 2012 – 15 July 2012
Retention Director of American Military Party
15 August 2012 – 15 September 2012
Preceded by John Killah
Succeeded by Turquoissesque
Ambassador to Portugal of USA
June 2012 – August 2012
Succeeded by Grim23
Communications Director of USA
June 2012 – 5 August 2012
Succeeded by Omar Dandan
Congress member of USA
Immigration Enforcement Service Director of US Congress
November 13th 2012 – February 26th 2013
Preceded by Slade Cash
Succeeded by Blondeninja
Secretary of Homeland Security of USA
5 February 2013 – 5 March 2013
Preceded by Tiacha
Recruitment Director of Federalist Party
15 September 2013 – 15 October 2013
Preceded by Donovan
President of Pakistan
6 February 2016 – 5 March 2016
Preceded by Scorpion King
Succeeded by Ahsan
Military unit Japan Self-Defence Forces
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 4.png Chief Master Sergeant****

Nohime, formerly known as Rico Mc.Rico, Wooky Jack, 5am Saint, Dr Luis Sentieiro and Luis Nordmann, was a politician of USA, who later switched citizenship several times.


American Military Party

Dr Luis Sentieiro was born on 28th of May 2012 in the Icon-USA.png USA and joined the American Military Party. A few days later, asked the Party President Haliman to work as a staffer in any of the Party Departments. A job in the Communications department was given and Dr Luis Sentieiro made part of the Mass Messaging team working with HellasUberAlles. In June 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro found an interest for the Legal Department of AMP and started working as Legal Deputy under the Mentorship of the old Legal Director Brad Gwatney. On 15th of July 2012, he was invited to be part of the AMP Leadership and sat on the Legal Director seat, during this time, Dr Luis Sentieiro was responsible for several amends on the party constitution, with the contribution of Brad Gwatney and Rixx. Following that, Dr Luis Sentieiro is back a Legal Deputy supporting the actual Legal Director Cerb in his duties for the party, also Dr Luis Sentieiro was invited to lead the AMP Retention Department, working on a betting system for AMP, creating the AMP Mentors program and managing the AMP Goodwill program. Dr Luis Sentieiro took Turquoissesque as his Deputy Retention Director.

Dr Luis Sentieiro resumed his post as AMP Legal Deputy under the Party Presidency of Cerb. During the primary elections for CP endorsement of November 2012, Dr Luis waived the constitution under the exception of National Security, making the primary earlier than the usual so AMP could show its support towards a Unity candidate.

In December 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro agreed to serve the AMP as Chief of Staff under the presidency of Emdoublegee. He was also responsible for the creation of the AMP Radio under Haliman's Presidency (after losing his 2nd race for Party President by 2 votes in January) for which he was the host.

In February 2013, Dr Luis Sentieiro was elected AMP Party President unopposed, and on 15th of March 2013 won the 2nd term as AMP Party President. Following reforms have been achieved:

  • Revision of the AMP Party Statute and Policies making them easier to understand.
  • Creation of the AMP Media Department and radio show.
  • Creation of an AMP Congressional quiz and mentor programs for newer players.
  • Inter-Party poker tourney and IRC debates in order to boost activity.
  • New and more professional forum.
  • Recruitment reformed with the inclusion of statistics.
  • Project of the AMP Military Unit in the first creation.

American Politics

US Ambassador to Portugal

During the term of June, Dr Luis Sentieiro signed the US ambassadors program and became the US ambassador to Portugal. Since then he has been a well known figure inside the Portuguese community. The United States Ambassador was the bridge of a few deals between the US Government and the Portuguese Government. Dr Luis Sentieiro resigned from the position of ambassador to Portugal to become the new Secretary of State.

Department of Education

DoE Communications Department

Due to the efficiency showed in American Military Party Communications, Dr Luis Sentieiro was invited to be part of the new comms department DoE was creating to Mass Message the new citizens by Emdoublegee (Deputy of Education) and Dennis McVicker (June Secretary of Education). He was placed in charge of the communications department and was given a staff to work with. Later on the term, Dr Luis Sentieiro would assign Omar Dandan as his Deputy Director and would change the whole structure of Department of Education Communications.

1st Attempt to run to Congress in Gulf of Mexico

Dr Luis Sentieiro was assigned by AMP Political Action Department the state of Gulf of Mexico to run for Congress. Dr Luis Sentieiro lost the election against the candidate of the USWP named Molumze. The loss was for around 10 votes.

Secretary of Education

After the 5th August elections, Glove was elected president and asked Dr Luis Sentieiro for a government position in the Department of Education. Dr Luis Sentieiro accepted to be part of the Executive and work as the new Secretary of Education under Glove Administration. President Glove requested a project: a DoE wiki-page, the page was fully coded by Dr Luis Sentieiro, it's content is still being reviewed by the Department of Education staff and shall be updated soon. Dr Luis Sentieiro is also responsible for the creation of the "American University Project" which is currently approved by the Congress and changes on the Communications Department. The American University is going to be kept by the next Secretary of Education Emdoublegee. In DoE Comms Direction, Dr Luis Sentieiro promoted Omar Dandan to take his old place.

Victory in New Jersey

During 25th of August 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro ran as an official candidate for AMP in the state of New Jersey, despite the rival being from USWP and been always catching up in a number of votes, Dr Luis Sentieiro kept a safe vote margin during a while. During the last election hours, the INCI party attempted to overcome Dr Luis Sentieiro efforts to win and take over one more seat, fortunately and since INCI was winning by one mere vote, the AMP has sniped the place for Dr Luis Sentieiro making him a winner and a current Senator representing the state of New Jersey during the 57th US Congress.

Dr Luis Sentieiro wins once more and is part of the 58th Congress once again for New Jersey.

Secretary of State and CTRL

During the 2nd Administration of President Israel Stevens, Dr Luis worked during the month of October 2012 for the creation of an alliance named CTRL to which the following countries were gathered: USA, Brazil, Poland and Spain as core, later joined as ALT members by Pakistan and Venezuela. The alliance started well and despite many problems, it still worked in the beginning. This was the peak of Dr Luis career after showing such dedication to his home country diplomacy. However during Pfeiffer Administration next month, to which Dr Luis would be again invited to be Secretary of State, internal conflicts between USA and Poland lead to CTRL dissolution on 31st October 2012.

Secretary of Homeland Security and IES

After the sudden resignation of Slade Cash, Dr Luis Sentieiro was elected the new Immigration Enforcement Service Director, handling this way with the citizenship approvals in the country.

During February, Dr Luis Sentieiro was appointed by President John Killah to be the new Secretary of Homeland Security, the DHS is doing a good job protecting the nation against threats under the leadership of Dr Luis.

Last known postings in the USA

His last party membership was with Socialist Freedom Party and with Federalist Party. With latter, Dr. Luis, known then as Wooky Jack and later as Rico Mc.Rico, served as a member of Congress on several occasions.


In February 2016, Rico became President of Pakistan as a member of Stardust Crusaders political party.

Military Career

US Boot Camp

Dr Luis Sentieiro joined the United States Air Force Boot Camp during the last days of may. Officer Emdoublegee took care of the Military recruitment process. 2 weeks later, Dr Luis Sentieiro would reach the in-game rank of Major and be considered "graduated" from boot camp and moved to the main corp of the Air Force.

US Air Force

Dr Luis Sentieiro served the Air Force Fighter Wing until the first days of August in which he'd reach the requirements to be moved to Bomber Wing and be promoted to the rank of E4-Corporal.

In the day of 1752 in erepublik, Dr Luis Sentieiro was promoted to the USAF Delta Force Wing 3rd Platoon and promoted to the rank of E5-Sergeant.

During the day 1758, the Air Force senior officers, unhappy with the measures proposed by the US Government, left the Air Force and created a private Military United called Black Sheep. This protest of the military caused the Air Force to be out of Leadership for a certain time. The Government named, after that Creitzell as the new General of the Air Force, the new Lieutenant Generals are Emdoublegee and Dr Luis Sentieiro. Dr Luis Sentieiro is commanding the Air Force Delta Wing with the rank of O9-Lt General.

General Creitzell promised he would make the Officer corp of Air Force be in shape so someone could step into his shoes. After a whole month fixing up Air Force, General Creitzell retired and left the responsibility to Emdoublegee, the new General of Air Force. Emdoublegee kept Dr Luis Sentieiro as his 2nd in command and Lieutenant General of the Air Force. However, some changes were done on the Command chain.

After some months with Emdoublegee at the top of the Air Force Command Chain, the General decided to retire from the military and promoted Dr Luis to be the new US Air Force General. Since then Dr Luis is dealing with all sorts of issues the MU is facing and conducting it through the wars the country and its allies are facing.

Bear Cavalry

During his stay in SFP, Dr. Luis joined the SFP Bear Cavalry where he served as a soldier.


Dr Luis Sentieiro is the Press director of the newspaper Hoods On Peregrine, formerly known as "The drunk Donkey" and "The New York Daily News". He was also writter for the Department of Education "Education Today" Newspaper. During the month of July 2012, Dr Luis Sentieiro became a Media Mogul.

During the day 1771, Dr Luis Sentieiro participated in his first "on air" interview hosted in eNPR, the topics were the PTOs and the American War with FYROM.

Dr Luis became, during Pfeiffer administration very mediatic and well known in the community. Known in America has Dr Luis Sexy Times he kept his role leading USA diplomacy, bashing PTOs and trolling.

Created the AMP Radio show (eAMPR) during the AMP Party Presidency of Haliman in January 2013.