Rinascita eItaliana

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Rinascita eItaliana

Party-Rinascita eItaliana.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation REI
Newspaper BlackStormChR Foundation
Organization BlackStormChR Foundation
Colors The Italian flag on the background (green, white and red) with a pic of the country and a particular of "The Creation of Adam" painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti
Founded 22 October 2012
Dissolved 18 April 2020
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds ChaosCommunity Party
Succeeded By Old Italian Order
Ideology Libertarian

Party-Rinascita eItaliana v2.png


Rinascita eItaliana (abbr. ReI) was one of the largest Italian political parties, founded on October 22nd in 2012. On the 18th of April 2020, Rinascita eItaliana, Aquila et Gladius and Bastardi Senza Gloria decided to merge into a new political party - Old Italian Order[1]. Old Italian Order continued under ReI's ID number.

Statute of Rinascita eItaliana

Foreword: The new party is the result of ideals and projects, converging from the Italian party Giustizia e Libertà and a group of citizens, led by s.l.y and neorux, whose purpose was changing the Italian country. Special thanks to IncazzatoNero, who contributed a lot to the conception and drafting of this Statute.

Founding Principles:

  • Respect → The generating principle.
  • Honesty → The requirement.
  • Freedom → All the members are free to express themselves.
  • Love → For the Italian country and its Flag.
  • Justice → We work to overcome injustice in Italy.

Fundamental laws:

  1. The name of the party is Rinascita eItaliana and has no political orientation that can be referred to Real Life.
  2. Legislative and decision-making powers, with regard to domestic matters, lie in the members' community;
  3. The executive power is entrusted to the Party President;
  4. The party is open to every kind of internal and national reform and renovation; anyone who wants to contribute to the growth of our movement is welcome.
  5. Modifications to the Statute must be approved by a majority of ⅔ of the voters; any changes should be debated on the official forum through a 72 hours discussion and followed by a 48 hours duration survey.
  6. The emblem of the party cannot be changed by anyone but a ⅗ majority of the voters.
  7. If a member of the party, in fulfilling its public mandate, acts against law or morality, they are remitted to the judgment of Assembly members. It's PP's duty to start a discussion on the forum, if this wasn't done yet by any party member.

Internal organisation:

  1. Party Chairman, the executive body of the party; is elected according to in-game rules.
  2. Deputy Party Chairman, appointed by the President; shall assist the Chairman in their duties. In case of temporary absence holds all the President's tasks; in case of public commitment of the President, takes charge of the party lead.
  3. Secretary, designated by the President; assists the President in internal management; in particular, they mind the official forum and remind the PP of all deadlines set by the Statute, as well as all party initiatives and commitments.
  4. Advisor, appointed by the President, is a multi-purpose figure; every Party President is felt to charge the Advisor with specific tasks.
  5. Spokesperson, nominated by the President, is responsible for all party-external environment relations and, in particular, coordinates the party propaganda and information.
  6. Assembly members, open to all members. Any member may propose internal or national measures, through the use of a specific section on the forum. The decisions are taken by the same assembly by majority rule. In case of a tie, a new debate (and subsequent vote) will be held; in case of inability to agree, the matter will be resolved by the Party President.
  7. More bodies and additional offices may be disposed by the PP, on the recommendation of the Assembly, too.
  8. Management Board: Each newly elected PP must start a new topic in the " Political management " section ( Party forum ) where any interested member may request the right to participate in the deliberations of the Board. Such discussions will be held via PM. The Board is the executive body of the Members Assembly's instructions; it also is in charge of assisting the PP. The Board also has the opportunity to discuss the matters listed below and to take measures, subordinated to the control of the Assembly: - Alliance with other parties; - Internal organisation; - Plans and ideas to be developed; - Internal and external matters, of PP exclusive competence, that the President themselves decide to bring to the attention of the Board. The composition of the Board is replaced every month. The applications to be part of the board are to be submitted within 72 hours after the related thread is started. Until a new Board is set up, the previous one still remains in charge. The Board may vary its composition in complete autonomy, during the month.

Declaration of Intent

  1. Rinascita eItaliana's primary objective is to help new members, with all the means it has at its disposal;
  2. Rinascita eItaliana is committed to fostering renovation within the Italian ruling class, through the gradual inclusion of the most promising youngsters in the state structures;
  3. Rinascita eItaliana aims to increase the level of democracy in our country, through every licit and possible means;
  4. Rinascita eItaliana aims to improve the functionality of the public system, simplifying and rationalising it;
  5. Rinascita eItaliana is based on respect and cooperation among its members and toward all external stakeholders;
  6. Rinascita eItaliana funds its business on transparency and honesty, especially intellectual ones. It hereby declares itself contrary to recruit members of other parties, as well as to attempt to manipulate people;
  7. Rinascita eItaliana organises its internal structure according to three criteria: democracy, equality and meritocracy;
  8. Rinascita eItaliana is independent. No coercion may come from external actions or will. In the same way, the party protects its members' freedom, in every aspect;
  9. Rinascita eItaliana recognises the sovereignty of the majority. All members, themselves, are morally obliged to accept the decisions taken by the majority;
  10. Rinascita eItaliana poses no constraints on foreign policy but the safeguard of national interests;
  11. Rinascita eItaliana aims for cooperation among all the community hearts. In particular, increasing cooperation among Military Units is considered a notable purpose;
  12. Rinascita eItaliana thinks a restraint of public expenditure is fundamental; the ultimate goal is a balanced budget;
  13. Rinascita eItaliana recognises equal importance to both public and private welfare, considering them as basic instruments of growth for new players and for the Country itself;
  14. Rinascita eItaliana considers the development of public information to be essential, in any possible way;
  15. Rinascita eItaliana works to create the conditions to free, one day, the national territory from invaders.

Handy rules for Elections

Party President Elections

By the 12th of each month ( 23:59 ) it is necessary to present the programme and the team, to let all the members know the candidates and their goals. No poll is planned. Only those who presents the programme and their team is considered Official candidate.

Congressional elections

Two polls are held; one (expert) for all those who, at least once, have been elected Congress Members and have proved to be active users(Experts), and the other one is aimed at players who have never been CM (Youths) and experts who haven't been running for Congress for more than six consecutive months. Being part of the Board at least once in the previous three months is the only requirement to run for Congress elections.

On the 24th of each month, the PP will sort the candidates list, according to this schematic:

1st: Expert who had the most votes 2nd: Youth who had the most votes 3rd: Expert placed second 4th: Youth placed second 5th: Expert placed third 6th: Youth placed third 7th: Expert placed fourth

and so on

The elected candidates will choose a group leader, who will ease contacts among all Congress Members and the Congress itself. The party reserves the right to join a parliamentary group based on political alliances made before voting.

The application deadline is on the 20th of each month. By the 23rd of each month, all the polls should be ended (48 hours for each poll)

Country President Elections

By the 26th of each month, you can submit your application as Country President, exposing the government team and programme. The poll, which lasts 48 hours, will always be held, even if there is just a single candidate, and must include the following possibilities of choice: " conscience vote " and " external support ".


If there is only one candidate, the poll will be:

  1. ReI Candidate
  2. Support an external candidate
  3. Conscience vote

If there is more than one candidate:

  1. First ReI Candidate
  2. 2nd ReI Candidate (etc.)
  3. Support an external candidate
  4. Conscience vote

The poll should be over by the 29th of each month (28th for non-leap year Februaries).

Any existent agreement (dealt with the party) providing a different way to choose the official candidate can relinquish such protocol.

Note: To be allowed to apply you must submit a formal application on the party forum. The requirement for the application is an active participation in the party life!

Icon position party president.gif History of Party President

Month President Vice President Secretary General Councillor Spokesman
October 2012 Nick Auditore C14uz neorux Innocenti mattia.k
November 2012 Innocenti neorux faugnero C14uz BlackForceItaly
December 2012 BlackStormChR Reynas Lino Brusce InvictusJ IncazzatoNero
January 2013 Lino Brusce Reynas faugnero BlackStormChR Cicciarello
February 2013 InvictusJ Cicciarello Reynas mattia.k Lino Brusce
March 2013 Cicciarello (HeRmeS 82) BlackStormChR Reynas Innocenti Lino Brusce
April 2013 Innocenti mattia.k TheBest86 HeRmeS82 Reynas
May 2013 InvictusJ Reynas Innocenti Robby1906 BlackStormChR
June 2013 mattia.k Robby1906 Innocenti Papa Francesc0 BlackStormChR
July 2013 TheBest86 Innocenti Lino Brusce HeRmEs 82 BlackStormChR
August 2013 Papa Francesc0 Lino Brusce XnagatoX Marius Monti BlackStormChR
September 2013 Innocenti Emanuele Lavia Papa Francesc0 Reynas Lino Brusce
October 2013 Reynas XnagatoX pakkiotto Borgomastro InvictusJ
November 2013 Lorenzo Santarelli Chedipe.NMAM TheBest86 Papa Francesc0 Innocenti
December 2013 HeRmEs82 Innocenti Papa Francesc0 Reynas Lino Brusce
January 2014 HeRmEs82 Corol TheBest86 Innocenti XnagatoX
February 2014 Corol lorenzo978 Lord Fenice Innocenti Buddhismo
March 2014 Innocenti Polipolipo Lord Fenice TheBest86 Ermes Massignani
April 2014 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu Innocenti Ermes Massignani Corol Lorenzo Santarelli
May 2014 TheBest86 Steradon Lord Fenice Innocenti Buddhismo
June 2014 Matteo Tommasi Federico Fato Buddhismo Belo Horizontee Klaudiostifler Vercetti
July 2014 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu steradon Vox Awesome Ermess Massignani Matteo Tommasi
August 2014 Steradon TheBest86 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu Federico Fato Klaudiostifler Vercetti
September 2014 Federico Fato Ruthergnol Matteo Tommasi TheBest86 Lorenzo Santarelli
October 2014 Ruthergnol
November 2014 Ermes Massignani
December 2014 Ermes Massignani
January 2015 Buddhismo
February 2015 Innocenti
March 2015 Peter Panno
April 2015 Dominikkino
May 2015 Ermes Massignani
June 2015 Matteo Tommasi
July 2015 Ermes Massignani
August 2015 Ermes Massignani
September 2015 Ermes Massignani
October 2015 Raymond Aubrac
November 2015 Ermes Massignani
December 2015 Lord Fenice
January 2016 Ermes Massignani
February 2016 Buddhismo
March 2016 Buddhismo
April 2016 TheBest86
May 2016 TheBest86
June 2016 cap. drake
July 2016 Endgame
August 2016 Endgame
September 2016 Buddhismo
October 2016 Bick1988
November 2016 cap. drake
December 2016 ditrast
January 2017 Innocenti
February 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
March 2017 TheBest86
April 2017 Innocenti
May 2017 BlackStormChR
June 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
July 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
August 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
September 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
October 2017 TheBest86
November 2017 ThinKing19
December 2017 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
January 2018 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
February 2018 TheBest86
March 2018 TheBest86
April 2018 TheBest86
May 2018 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
June 2018 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
July 2018 Innocenti
August 2018 BlackStormChR
September 2018 BlackStormChR
October 2018 BlackStormChR
November 2018 BlackStormChR
December 2018 Innocenti
January 2019 TheBest86
February 2019 TheBest86
March 2019 TheBest86
April 2019 Innocenti
May 2019 TheBest86
June 2019 TheBest86
July 2019 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
August 2019 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
September 2019 TheBest86
October 2019 TheBest86
November 2019 BlackStormChR
December 2019 Innocenti
January 2020 AngeloDellaMorteTarokiu
February 2020 BlackStormChR
March 2020 Innocenti
April 2020 Innocenti