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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

  1. Can I use a hospital if I am within range of an enemy's hospital?
    No. Hospitals are only able to be used if they are controlled by your team. However, hospitals can be captured by your team.
  2. What happens if I fight a unit of the same type?
    The result will be determined randomly based upon the unit's strengths and selected boosters (if any).
  3. How do I increase my fight damage?
    On the battlefield by using Unit-versus-Unit and Terrain Bonuses and Attack and Defence Boosters, and off the battlefield by buying a weapon that deals more damage and training your military skills. Your military rank also increases your chance of a critical hit and thus doubling your damage when you hit.
  4. What terrain will I be most effective on?
    For Infantry: Forests. For Tanks: Hills. For Air Units: Plains. For Artillery: Cities. (See Military formulas for more information)
  5. How do I capture tiles?
    You can capture a tile by moving your unit to an undefended tile and waiting for the end of the round, or by defeating all of the units on the tile in battle.
  6. How is the battle determined?
    It will be determined by the country that controls 75% of the tiles and the capital region after the 24 hour time period of a battle is completed.
  7. How can I see who has the most number of enemy kills so far in a battle?
    By clicking the info icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, will give you information about how many kills each player has done.
  8. What are the different ranks for each skill type?
    The ranks are as follows: 1. Greenhorn 2. Rookie 3. Hotshot 4. Marksman 5. Sharp Shooter 6. Professional 7. Expert 8. Ranger 9. Nemesis 10. Veteran 11. Veteran * (and so on). See military skills for details about the experience required for each level.
  9. How do I see the different type of ranks for deployed units?
    You can find this information by clicking on the tile and clicking "More Info".
  10. Which type of unit is the best?
    None. They all have equal advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the tactics that are used on the battlefield that will determine which types are the most effective.
  11. What is "berserking"?
    Berserking is where a person chooses to fight multiple enemies, and keeps fighting enemies on a particular tile until he or she loses a fight.
  12. How is this different to fighting normally?
    When you berserk, you get placed into a berserk queue (if you click "go berserk"), you will start to fight with the enemies on that tile. If you do not lose the 5 health that you would normally lose for fighting a single opponent, then the health loss for fighting will equal the amount of damage inflicted upon you by the opponents. As per normal fighting rules, if all of the fighters have been defeated by other players, you will gain +2 skill points and +2 rank points, and 5 health loss.
  13. How many times can I buy a health kit on a battlefield?
    You can buy a total of 99 health kits a day.
  14. How many times will my health be restored to forty each day when I lose a battle?
    You can have your health restored each day back to forty (40) health points three times each day. (This will soon be changed to 70).
  15. How much health does a health kit provide?
    Each health kit that you buy restores 20 health points
  16. What happens if I lose a battle, and I have no more health kits available?
    You will be withdrawn from the battle (it will count as a loss in your statistics), and your health will be below 20. Depending on the damage that the enemy does on the last hit against you will determine your final health. For instance, if you have 23 Health left, and their last hit does 7 damage, you will end the fight with 16 health. If their last hit does 16 damage, you will end the battle with 7 Health left.
  17. How do I use the hospitals?
    You automatically use the hospitals at the end of ever turn if you are within the area of effect of a hospital.
  18. I have been training in one skill type, and do not like fighting with this. Can I train up another skill type?
    Yes, you can choose to train a different type from the training grounds.
  19. Can I fight with any skill type, even one I have not trained in?
    Yes, but it is advisable that you not do this where possible, because you will have a significantly lower chance of winning a battle.
  20. What happens if I don't have a weapon selected?
    If you do not have a weapon selected, your unit type changes to "Unarmed", and you have reduced attributes than if you fought with a weapon.
  21. How often can I use boosters?
    You can select to use a booster every turn - both during the attacking phase and during the defending phase.
  22. Do I need to use a Moving ticket in order to fight overseas?
    No. As long as there is an activated Alliance between your nation and another nation that is currently involved in a battle (you can view this from the "Military" section of the Country Information page) then you can fight in that battle. The flag above your tile, however, will only show your allies' flag, not your own.
  23. What happens if I have not equipped a weapon? Can I still fight?
    Yes, you can still fight even if you have not selected a weapon to fight with. Your unit type info box will show up as "Unarmed", and you will have the following attributes: Damage: 1, Attack: 10, Defence: 10, and Durability: 100.
  24. What happens if I choose a booster in the "defense" phase, and no enemy attacks me?
    If this occurs, then the gold that was spent using a booster will be returned to you. Boosters are only activated if they are used.
  25. How can I view a list of the nations defending a particular tile?
    You can view this by clicking on a tile, and clicking on More Info
  26. If more players attack the same tile which has only 1 enemy, how is it decided which one is the attacker?
    When multiple attackers target a tile upon which only one citizen is deployed, the attacker is chosen randomly.[1]

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