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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

The eRepublik Chat Alpha was officially implemented to the community on November 13, 2009. This feature allows users to chat using eRepublik.

Be a Chat room owner

Chat created example.jpg

The top section of this page will list the chat rooms that you own. For most people, you will have the message: Having your own chat room allows you to administrate the discussions, assign moderators and provide an environment where citizens can socialize, interact and discuss upon the interesting topics of the New World.

After creating a chat room, this section shows a link to the chatroom, its title, description and number of people who have selected the room as their favorite.

  • Clicking the Edit button allows the room owner to edit the details given when creating the room.

For more information about creating a chat room, see Create a Chat Room below.

Country of the chat room

The country associated with a chat room is selected to be the same as the citizenship of the creator. This associated country cannot be changed after the creation.

My Favorite Rooms

My favorite rooms.jpg

At first, this section will be blank with the message: Once you join a room and click the "add as favorite" icon, that specific room will be added to the list of favorite chat rooms. This way it will be easier for you to access a specific room you are interested in.

This user is interested in the wiki and has selected the Wiki chat as a favorite. The Chat owner, Room name, and description is displayed.

  • Click the Join button to join the chat at any time.
  • Click the Remove button to remove a chat from your list.

This section also has the Check Rankings button. This will open the Top Chat Rooms list where you can see the top ranked rooms in eRepublik.

Featured Rooms

Featured rooms.jpg

The featured rooms list will default to the two featured rooms for your country, National and Beginner. You will also see a drop-down with the other country rooms listed.

Join a Room

When you join a room, a new window will appear with the chat room. You can have more than one chat room open at a time.

Create a Chat Room

Create Chat Room.jpg

Users can also create their own chat room.
To create a room you must have:

Complete the fields:

  • Enter a Chat room name
  • Enter a description
  • Select if it is Public or Private
    • If you select Private, you will be asked to enter and then confirm a password for the chat
  • Click Create Room
  • Watch your room soar in the rankings!


Q: What happens to me and my moderators if my room becomes "national chat room". Will I still be admin? What happens to my moderators? Will they be replaced by the congressman?
A: Nothing unusual happens to your chat room. You will still be owner/administrator of it. The moderators will remain the same. The moderators will not be replaced by the Congress Members of your country.

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